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Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Live Feeds

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jocasta-layingdownIt’s been that type of week

My girlfriend bought tickets for us to see Nick Swardson, except when she did, she forgot to check the day of the show. It is for a Thursday night, and not any Thursday night, but this Thursday night. Why is this Thursday night so important?  Well, every eviction night is important in the Big Brother house, but this has the potential to set up for a pretty epic endurance challenge – should they do it.  If and when Zach is eliminated, Frankie is going to fully realize he isn’t as secure in the house as he thought, and the dynamics of the alliances may shift. Granted, that is probably more wishful thinking than anything else, but if I can’t convince myself, how am I supposed to convince readers?

The house hasn’t had an endurance challenge since the taped competition for the 2-night premiere, and from what I hear, that was a pretty weak challenge. I’m pretty sure I heard Caleb talking about that competition when referring to endurance challenges. He wasn’t even sure he’d consider it one because I guess it was only 15 minutes long or something. Five evictions later, we’ve yet to have another and I’m not even sure we’ll have one this week. Why is an endurance challenge so important?  It’s one of the rare competitions in the game where anyone can win depending on how bad they want it.  They don’t have to putt a ball through a pinball machine and get lucky where it lands.  An endurance competition is one of the most memorable moments in Big Brother history when Dick Donato was up there for hours.

My point is, if I miss the show for an HoH competition that has no drama or excitement, I’m going to be sad! There, I had to get that out.


Edit: I just found out this week is a double eviction week. I feel like I should have known that sooner, but I missed the memo. It’s not endurance, but live eviction shows are usually good to watch, so I’ll take it. 

Ok, on to the live feed highlights:

  • 10:25am – Donny is outside doing the elliptical. Most are still sleeping. Not exactly a surprise this time of the day.
  • hayden-victoria
  • 12:10pm – Not much going on, except Victoria plucking Hayden’s eyebrows while he sings “I’m a man, doing man stuff… OWW”
  • 12:20pm – HoH picture time. Donny suggested a photo of Zach and Nicole with a box of fruit loops
  • 2:04pm – Christine asks Victoria if she knows how everyone is voting this week. This is the first time she doesn’t really have a solid vote. She said Jocasta is good to keep because she’ll always be on the block, but Zach is a big target people will always go after.  The ole pawn vs knight situation (I made that situation up, I’m not sure if it’s common in chess)
  • Victoria is worried about passing up a chance to get Zach out, while Christine said she fears going against the house. She is saying the house is voting for Zach to stay (they’re not, at least right now), so it would be funny if she voted for Jocasta to ‘stay with the house’ and was the only vote. Ideal situation but won’t happen. Would be entertaining though.
  • Victoria – Donny is for sure voting for Jocasta to stay.  Christine – I don’t think for sure, he’s told all of us he’d vote her out if he needed.  Vic – Who the heck is Donny working with?  (good question)
  • They still think there is an all-guy alliance in the house. (note – it’s weird hearing Victoria talk game)
  • Victoria said that Zach will blow up when he walks out the door.  She also admitted it would be a boring vote to get rid of Jocasta, and they’re a boring cast (they are).
  • Christine – “I hate Caleb so much. Torture. Torture. He is a horrendous human being”
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