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Big Brother 16 – Veto Day Live Feeds

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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  I know it’s Monday, but do you hear that sound?  No, it’s not a person on a megaphone yelling at me for asking for donations, it’s the sound of a school bus! Two bittersweet endings to summer: The start of football season, and school starting.  I kid.. I love my soon-to-be stepdaughter. There is just so many times you can hear ‘I’m bored’ though.

Random thought of the day… Whatever happened to the activity trackers?  That stunt faded quicker than my own motivation to work out.  Speaking of havenots (since the trackers picked them one week), why even have that in it’s current form?  It seems like such an unnecessary and random punishment for the show. Not that I’m against punishments, but it would be cool to see some thought into it. Like, if they have the HoH choose, maybe havenots gain an advantage in the veto comp, so the HoH is more likely to put up his buddies instead of appear to kick nominees while they’re down.  Just a thought.

(note, I know the trackers are still being used, but they seem forgotten. Maybe at the end of the season they’ll give someone a bonus)


Ok, feed updates…

  • 11:05am – Feeds just went down for the veto meeting. I don’t expect Cody to use it
  • 11:50am – Feeds return, Cody did not use the PoV. Nicole or Donny (hint: Donny) will go to jury this Thursday night.  Watch with tissues handy
  • 11:59am – Victoria is outside telling Nicole about Julie calling Christine out during the live show (about doing so poorly at the BoB comp).
  • 12:15pm – Christine is telling Cody that this week likely won’t be double eviction based on last year.
  • 12:30pm – Donny is outside telling Christine and Nicole about his personal life. His parents, etc. Pretty interesting stories. Derrick and Frankie are in the fire room chatting about the game. Frankie mentioned how Christine is super paranoid about anyone talking to Cody.
  • 1:00pm – Donny, Nicole and Victoria in the kitchen making lunch.
  • 2:45pm – Very boring afternoon inside the house.  May be a long, long week. I hope BB has a twist coming.
  • 4:29pm – Derrick and Frankie are in the backyard chatting about Team America.  It sounds like they’re going to talk a bit more later about flipping Caleb to keep Donny.
  • Derrick “You want a show, America? You got a show”
  • Derrick is worried that Donny will end up putting up one of the two
  • Frankie “I don’t think America would do that to us. I don’t think they would put us with a monster”… Frankie is right, Donny is as genuine as he appears
  • 4:48pm – Frankie is talking about how much he hates Nicole.
  • The talk breaks up and goes to Donny, Cody and Christine chatting about the season, then Derrick comes over to pull Cody for some pool and Christine gets all excited about watching.  Weird.
  • They’re still playing pool, and I am so jealous. I haven’t played in a long time
  • Random thought – Derrick has a serious Aaryn-throat going on. Seriously bro, clear your throat, it’s disgusting.
  • 6:19pm – Donny and Nicole talking about pooping on the slop diet.  Awesome.
  • 7:00pm – Derrick and Christine spent a good chunk talking about the finale situation. Who would win, who has a better chance, etc.  They also think it will be an endurance competition this week (hope so)
  • Christine said Derrick is the only one she’d have a remote chance at beating in the finals.  She’s probably right, she has no chance at beating anyone
  • 9:50pm – Took a break to watch the Emmy’s. Not bad.  Much deserved wins to Breaking Bad crew.
  • Ok, so while I was gone, Derrick and Frankie did have their talk they continued from this morning.  Frankie has floated the idea of voting out Nicole to Caleb and Christine.  As I type this, Caleb is now talking to Derrick about the conversation he had with Frankie.  Derrick brilliantly takes the baton from Frankie and ‘agrees’ with the things Frankie told Caleb.
  • Caleb is worried about Nicole possibly putting them on the block should she stay and Derrick replies “It’s possible, she aint putting up Cody”.  Caleb thinks Nicole would definitely put up Frankie. Derrick said she’s close with Cody and fighting with Christine over him.
  • Caleb – “This game is coming to a legit end” Derrick – “Yup, 27 days”  Caleb – “Yea, 3 weeks” …
  • Derrick – “If Christine was in the jury, she would vote for her idol Cody”. Caleb however thinks Christine would actually vote for him


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