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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds

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No recap from last night because nothing really happened.  The one thing I’m noticing is that Nicole will probably stay, despite Frankie and Derrick pretending they were going to work on flipping it. I’ve seen Derrick work harder on his tan than keeping Donny this week, so if he is going to make it happen, it has to be today (it won’t).

Note, personal stuff next, skip if uninterested …
I’ve been refraining from talking personal here but I kind of dropped a bomb last week and haven’t spoke much of it since.  I want to sincerely thank everyone for their concern.  It is shocking to see the amount of support I have received and it means the world to me (and my mother).  I have been trying to pretend it’s not real, but she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Because of her other health issues, she is still unfortunately waiting for clearance to schedule a surgery date, so we’re all in a holding pattern until the doctors get off their asses.  Again, thank you for your concerns and prayers.  Apologies for going off-topic

Back to the game.  Everyone is still sleeping, so I have some rambling time.  I think I may put up a post later on grading the remaining 8 players games so far this season. I was trying to be clever and create a formula to grade the players based on certain things like comp victories, nominated, saving themselves, etc but I am not smart enough for that. I am going to ask a friend for tips and if I come up with something I’ll post it. Should be fun.


Here are the updates….

  • 8:30am – Everyone is sleeping
  • 9:20am – Wakeup call. Donny is up and about.
  • 10:30am – Zzzzzzzzz
  • 11:15am – Christine and Donny are sitting outside on the couch not doing a whole lot of talking.  Donny looks so incredibly bored.
  • 12:25pm – People still sleeping, Nicole packing.
  • 1:22pm – Seriously, nothing is going on.  This is amazing. Aside from Nicole saying a small shoutout, I haven’t heard a word in about an hour now
  • 2:00pm – Feeds went down for a minute and the house said ‘Feel free to wake up’ Yes, finally. I’ve been sitting here for 5 1/2 hours listening to silence.
  • 5:15pm – Ran out for a bit. The house is building a stick figure thing on the kitchen table. Exciting stuff.
  • Caleb is once again talking about how famous he’s going to be once he leaves the house.  He has to be torture to live with.
  • 6:30pm – Derrick is in the fire room telling Donny he doesn’t think he has the votes. Frankie comes in all happy talking about the missing.  Julie is going to ask them “If you become a have-not, what food would you to request”. If she says yes, that means the mission was accomplished. Get your last minute votes in to tell them how STUPID their mission was.
  • Frankie is confident they’re going to get the reward, but they don’t deserve it. It was stupid. Screw the play. Save Donny!
  • Derrick is still working on breaking the news to Donny. I really hope Team America breaks up when Donny goes.  They don’t deserve to do any more missions.
  • Donny – If Nicole wasn’t here, I would understand it more, but because she’s been evicted before, I don’t understand it.  (We don’t either. It’s stupid and no way TA deserves money this week)
  • Derrick is in the fire room talking privately with Caleb discussing the options.  Caleb – “At the end of the day, Nicole is physical and mental. Donny is just mental”.  Both agree Donny is a good guy and want to see him stay, but they worry about being a target if they save him because Christine hates Donny.
  • Caleb – Do we go after principle or do we go after game. That’s the big question.
  • Caleb wonders if America is deciding the comps this year, which is why there have been more mental comps (to keep Donny).
  • Caleb thinks the comp may change based on who goes home.  Yes Caleb, they put up the competition in the 5 minutes after eviction
  • 7:15pm – Derrick heads to the bathroom and sees Frankie eating tofu on the way. While in the bathroom, Derrick talks to the camera “The havenots are eating tofu and he’s excited about it. Ass”
  • 7:30pm – Frankie comes into the room with Derrick and Donny after speaking to Caleb. He’s very excited because Caleb is having second thoughts about the vote tomorrow and is thinking of voting out Nicole now.
  • Caleb is now up in the HoH room telling Cody about the plan to possibly keep Donny.  Caleb is convinced Donny will go after Christine if he stays
  • Cody is shooting down the idea, while Frankie is upstairs in the HoH room now working it.
  • 7:40pm – This is frustrating to watch. Cody is really against keeping Donny while Caleb is hammering the point home that it may be a good idea to keep him.
  • Derrick joins the battle, let’s see how things turn out now.
  • I am nervous the way it’s going. Cody is not budging. Frankie and Derrick are not going to want to be exposed and Caleb is loyal. He’ll vote with the group.  I don’t think Frankie and Derrick will put their foot down on Donny.
  • They put votes…
  • Cody for Nicole. Frankie for Donny. Derrick is neutral and Caleb is Caleb
  • Scratch that, Caleb just flipped to voting Donny out and Derrick said ‘It’s done then’
  • 8:10pm – The conversation continues.  Caleb is flip flopping big time, but still leaning on voting out Donny.  Frankie is fighting the good fight.
  • 8:18pm – Derrick is in the bedroom talking to Frankie about it. Derrick is actually worried Donny could still flip even though they keep him.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb is destroying air drums again.  He’s made his decision, time to rock out!
  • Victoria has joined Derrick and Frankie so the conversation is over.
  • 8:45pm – Caleb is chatting with Derrick in the bedroom, while Cody let Christine now about people talking about the flip.
  • Ok taking a break, I may pass out, I will recap this night in the AM if I do

Check back for more!

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