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Big Brother 16 – Winking Wednesday Live Feeds

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Yes the title is stupid, but it’s the best I can come up with when the cast gives me no material to work with.  You have Donny randomly winking = winking Wednesday.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll have Throw-Up Thursday Live Feeds.

As I pointed out in my previous thread, I don’t expect much to happen on the feeds today, at least not this afternoon. If you’re waiting for exciting news, just keep your phone handy and check facebook or twitter and I will re-update those places if and when anything happens.  On a positive note for me, this downtime allowed me to finish season 6 of True Blood so I can start watching the final season that’s on DVR.  No spoilers, but what a weird show it’s become over the seasons.  At the end of the season 7, we’ll finally see if all the side stories actually have their place, or if they’re just filler.

Speaking of shows, I have had this craving to start a Walking Dead blog, but would there be any interest?  I know there are forums and probably other blogs to discuss the show, but considering I’ve read all the comics and novels (ie the governor’s origin story), maybe I can start talk about each episode, each comic and try to predict where the show is going to go.  Again, just something I’ve been tossing around, but I don’t really know if there is an interest in a site like that.  Thoughts?


See what this slow week has me doing? I’m talking about other shows when people want their big brother spoilers…  Warning, updates will likely come every 30-60 minutes unless anything changes…

  • 12:30pm – Donny is sitting outside by himself.  Yesterday he told Nicole he spends about 6 hours a day sitting alone. This summer has to be tough on him. I hope he makes it pretty far, but I definitely hope he wins America’s Favorite.  If Frankie wins (because of Ariana), I will lose faith in humanity.
  • 2:15pm – Donny is still sitting outside, but Caleb has joined him.
  • 3:00pm – Caleb and Donny still the only ones awake, talking about nothing.
  • 4:15pm – Victoria approaches Derrick about the 5 person alliance Nicole told her about. Derrick squashes it and insists Nicole is the biggest liar in the house. Derrick said he’s done with her (Nicole)
  • Victoria leaves to go to the bathroom, I will leave to go make dinner real quick
  • Didn’t leave yet – Victoria returns and Derrick hammers home the point how Nicole is apparently a huge liar.
  • 6:30pm – Donny, Nicole, Victoria and Derrick are playing Jenga in the living room.  Gives me time to write the recap on the veto episode
  • 10:00pm – The get-along-gang is hanging out in the HoH room, and they’re telling jokes so we get to hear the Christine laugh every minutes. Ugh.
  • Donny is chatting a little game with Nicole while playing Jenga. They both know they’re screwed but wonder about how the get-along-gang will turn on each other
  • 10:06pm – Victoria joins Donny and Nicole in the living room, so the bashing stops.  It was fun listening to Donny call Cody dumb.
  • 10:14pm – Donny asks Nicole if there is a medical condition where people get stuck in a certain mental age. He is joking with the way Victoria acts at times.
  • Donny talks about how Christine’s laugh gets to him at times. Nicole said it’s made worse by not liking her now. They then go on to talk about how she’s rubbing her hand through Cody’s hair a lot. I will miss this catty chatter between the two.
  • Donny – They were sitting here up on the couch so close. I don’t even see 14 year olds acting like that (paraphrasing)
  • 10:19pm – Big Brother Voice – “Caleb, I recognize that English could be a difficult language to comprehend, but stop still means stop”
  • Donny (back on Christine) – “Is there a medical condition where someone laughs at everything”. Nicole – “There is, it’s called kissing butt”
  • Cody mocks Christine’s laugh and then Cody’s baby talk.  It’s hilarious to see Donny so wound up.
  • 10:31pm – Watched a 5 minute video of the gorilla Koko meeting Robin Williams years ago. She overheard someone talk about his death and mourned the loss.  It’s a good but sad read, you can read the article here.
    Anyway, came back and the two were still gossiping. They think the whole Christine-Cody thing is weird. Nicole wonders if that’s not even really her husband (in pics) and Christine is a saboteur.  She doesn’t even know if CBS is showing it because it’s bad. She’s married.  “They have a weird relationship. Weird. And people are OK with it”
  • Donny – “I’ve always noticed it but didn’t say anything”. Nicole – “And their dirty talk. They were down here all alone and she said something about so hard, and then whispered ‘soo hard’. Sooo weiiiiird”

Check back for more updates!

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