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Big Brother 17 – Big Decisions For Steve

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Good afternoon, everyone!  As you know, the Big Brother double eviction episode left us hanging as to who would be the next HoH. That is pretty standard, as they don’t have enough time to squeeze in a second HoH competition into the episode. So, many of you are checking in today to see who won…

Well, Mr Steve pulled off a victory

Minus John, this is certainly an ideal HoH if you want the twins to be split up, and that may actually happen this week. Steve has already reported to his boss (Vanessa) and was told who to nominate. Despite originally going with the plan of the twins, it will likely be Austin and Liz on the block together. The boss has spoken! To be fair, this is the best move to split up the twins, as Julia is certainly the weakest player out of the trio. Had the twins been on the block together and Austin won PoV, he would save Liz and Steve would have no choice but to put up John or his boss. While the scenario still holds true if Julia wins, Austin does have a better chance of winning veto.  Does that mean Julia won’t?  No. We saw last night she can finally win a competition. But, she’s just the weakest of the 3.


Of course, Vanessa wouldn’t have to worry about the situation of being on the block had she not allowed a situation of 1/2 of the house consisting of one alliance, but that’s water under the bridge I suppose. She got herself in a pretty sticky situation, and I am actually really fascinated to see if she can pull herself out of it.

Anyway, as far as updates, I will keep this thread open. I will update periodically, especially after nominations, but don’t expect much. When it’s down to the final 6, the house gets even slower than it has been (if you can believe that). There will probably be some stuff after nominations, but once that settles, it will be quiet until veto.


  • 8:30am – Everyone still sleeping
  • 10:54am – Steve is telling Austin that he has to put him up with one of the twins (after he promised Austin he wouldn’t nominate him)
    • He kind of goes into brain shock when Austin asks him who the actual target is. Mumbles something.
    • Steve feels putting the two girls up is just ‘too much’ (good argument)
    • Steve keeps repeating the votes are there  (for him to stay), but won’t give details.  Austin should just skip the middle man and speak to the real HoH this week – Vanessa
    • Austin leaves, Liz enters.  He tells her that she won’t be going up with her sister
    • Talk ends. Liz is crying in the other room now with Austin because they’re going up together. Meanwhile, the boss is chatting to her two workers.
  • 11:30am – Liz is reporting to Julia now
    • Liz knows that Steve is with John and she said Julia has to play her hardest tomorrow because if Liz/Austin win, obviously Julia will replace them.
    • Julia is shocked Liz is the target and not Austin
    • Liz – Julia, look at me. It’s twins vs the rest of the house
    • Julia is surprised they’re the target and not Vanessa.  Oh Julia, you’ll see why in 3 weeks.
    • “If James were still here, he’d be so much of a bigger target” – Damn, too bad you evicted him, right?
    • Austin enters and tells Liz to talk to Steve, try to make him cry. Don’t be scared about crying herself. (not make him cry in a mean way, but a guilty way)
    • Julia about Steve “go sleep with your teddy bear”. Austin tells her to stop. It’s not helping. Did they think they’d never be nominated?
    • They again mention why Steve isn’t going after Vanessa
    • Austin – “It’s not bad. We got plenty of TV time. Did any of us actually think we’d win?”…. maybe next season you can stop casting people who are using this show as a launching pad for their careers
    • “If John won, Steve would have told him what to do” by Steve, you mean Vanessa
    • For now on, all the comps are going to be his (Steve’s) forte. Yes, well if only Liz had a chance to evict Steve or Vanessa earlier in the game. Too bad those opportunities never presented themselves (sarcasm)
  • 12:00pm – Running to eye doctor (again).  Noms happening soon
  • 2:15pm – Back. No noms yet. Liz is still stressing about the nominations and feels awkward around Steve now
  • 4:00pm – Surprisingly no nomination ceremony yet
  • 5:00pm – Nominations are in:
    • Austin and Liz
    • Not much of a surprise. It’s the plan Vanessa wanted, so it’s the plan Vanessa got. As I mentioned, if Steve wants to target the twins (which he should be), this is the best move to make.
    • Liz gets to play the ‘poor me’ routine this week.
  • 5:50pm – Steve is talking to Vanessa
    • Vanessa thinks they can possibly get Julia to throw the veto because they’ll convince her Liz is the target….  ok then
    • After more talking, the deal would be to keep Liz safe if Julia throws the PoV.  So, they convince her that Liz is indeed the target, but they’ll keep her safe if she throws the PoV
    • Now they’re scrapping that plan and saving that in the event Julia wins. Steve points out that she can use the PoV and save her sister anyway at that point (and she’ll still be safe).
    • Steve wants to leave. Vanessa wants to just talk, and Steve said ‘sure, in the living room so it’s less sketchy’.  Vanessa thinks he’s being too paranoid at this point.  It is indeed weird.
    • Liz comes in, Vanessa asks her if she’s down to play pop ball tonight.  Liz briefly says ‘No, I’m going to sleep’ and walks out. Yup, more lines are drawn. I don’t think Steve needs to worry about looking sketchy because he’s past that point.

Check back for more

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