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Big Brother 17 – Dog Days Of Summer Live Blogging

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bb17-w9-megHappy Monday, everyone!  It’s the power of veto meeting day, which means Vanessa’s brief reign of power will mercifully come to an end this afternoon. You see, throughout the day yesterday, Vanessa made sure to have one-on-one’s with so many people, my head started spinning. She said she wanted to know if she should use the PoV, but the reality is she was just digging for a reason to be able to use it and have James be the replacement nominee.

Vanessa suggested to Austin that he put James up numerous times, but Austin wants to stick to the alliance he made about a week ago. He completely ruled out nominating Meg or James in the first place, and now doesn’t want to put either of them up as a replacement nominee. I don’t really understand the move, but then again, I don’t really understand Austin’s game to begin with. He is, and has been, playing for the worst possible place to finish: 3rd place.

Why is that the worst?  Well, the first few evicted members get to go home and enjoy their summer. They can do the publicity tour while the season is still going on, and get on different BB talk shows to promote the crap out of themselves. Each jury member means they’re guaranteed about 1k/week for the rest of the summer while they relax in a beautiful big house in LA. While they don’t get to enjoy their summer with family, I’m sure early jury members are enjoying being able to watch movies and relax all day instead of going back to work.

Then,  you have 3rd place. The person who gets to enjoy the full amount of stress from the Big Brother house all summer with the same financial reward as someone lounging by a pool. Sure, BB members lounge by a pool, but they’re also being watched 24/7 and are constantly paranoid about other members figuratively slicing their throats. They don’t get to step foot in the jury house, and are often forgotten by any non super BB fan. At least second place gets a decent sized reward for all of that stress.


Wow, I’m rambling. I’ll start with the feed updates:

  • 9:30am – Wakeup call
  • 10:45am – The house is awake. Sorry for the delay between updates. Battery died in my car.  Anyway, time to see what’s going on….
    • The twins and Austin are getting ready for the ceremony, while Vanessa is alone in another room thinking.
    • The girls are really pissed at Steve. Last night, he went and told Meg/James about how he is worried about the Twins, Austin and Vanessa. BBN wrote up a good recap of exactly what happened, so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel and explain it. They did a wonderful job, read it here.
  • 10:55am – Steve, Meg, James, and Vanessa were sitting around the bedroom.  Steve says ‘Vanessa?’ getting her attention, and she said ‘Don’t talk to me’ and walked away real quick.  Wow.. tension.   Anyway, remember when Vanessa was upset when Becky did that to her?
  • 11:00am – Austin, Liz and Vanessa are in the side room alone. Steve comes in to try to talk. Vanessa kicks him out.  Wow
    • Meanwhile, Meg and James are happy because it’s unlikely the veto will be used
    • Austin talks to Vanessa for a bit, then she leaves and Steve comes in. I guess Austin called out Steve in front of James and Meg today
  • 11:15am – Vanessa to DR. Veto meeting
  • 12:15pm – Feeds back. John heads outside while a few sit around kitchen. I’ll tell you if the veto was used (it likely wasn’t) shortly
    • Nominations remained the same
    • Johnny stirred up some crap before the meeting. He told Vanessa about the 5-person alliance. Liz asks him why he did it. He figured may as well since he feels he was leaving the house soon
  • 12:30pm – Austin and twins are in the HoH room…
    • Austin is saying how Vanessa really wants Steve out. Liz is talking about she is pushing for John. The funny part of this week is most of the drama will come from people voting, rather than people campaigning.
    • Austin goes outside to talk to John
    • He is saying he isn’t really as mad as people think
    • John is saying he has to do something, like win an HoH. Yes, you do, John.
  • 1:00pm – Vanessa and a twin (I still can’t tell them apart, unless they’re with Austin) are outside having a good bash session on John and Steve
  • 5:00pm – Took a little break. Feeds consist of Austin/Liz sleeping, and Steve putting together a candy bar pyramid.
  • 6:30pm – John and Steve playing pool. Everyone else pretty much sleeping

Check back for updates

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