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Big Brother 17 – Finale Update Thread

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Well, here’s to the end of another season of Big Brother. There are many different opinions on how this season went. Some felt it was great. Some felt it was awful. I felt it was just weird. Almost like they forgot they had a show halfway through the season and just kind of let things play out.  I mean seriously, the Big Brother Takeover? That had so much potential, but ended up with one good twist (that could have been done w/o the takeover), one decent twist which was badly mishandled by Da’Vonne, and … a party.

I do believe this cast was solid, and also had a lot of potential for a very fun summer. As I’ve said for weeks now, the biggest issue was that all the fun and/or interesting people were gone way too early. Jace, Da’Vonne, Audrey, and Jason sticking around for a few more weeks could have changed the season. Instead, we had Becky. While she seems like an extreme sweetheart, she’s not really reality show material.  The sad part about her is that despite the boring persona, she was the only player who had the courage to really go after Vanessa.  What does that say about the rest of the cast?

Anyway, it took longer than I expected to boot my laptop (it’s getting old. Maybe I’ll get a new one next season), so I should wrap this up and get ready to do some live updates…


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Alright, here we go….

  • 6:25pm – Survivor is just about to end. I DVR’d it, so I have no clue who is going to be evicted. Despite not watching the last few seasons, I always like the concept of losers returning for a second shot. Even though every other season of Survivor seems to be returning players, it’s still always fun.
  • 6:30pm – Here we go!!!
    • They begin with a recap of the season
    • Showing the clip of Meg and Clay makes me wish they went deeper with that. Would have been fun TV to see him play both Shelli and Meg
  • 6:35pm – Ugh, I saw Frankie’s pink hair in the audience. Why wasn’t I invited to this show?  I’m far more important than he is.
    • Anyway, Julie comes on to lead us into the endurance competition which seemed to happen 3 months ago. I almost forgot about this comp
    • This would have been an epic endurance competition if not for.. well, the final 3.
    • And then they show Vanessa easily convincing Liz to drop.
  • 6:45pm – HoH Part 2. It’s a climbing / puzzle thing, as expected.
    • Steve is narrating how crossword puzzles work.  Thanks, buddy.
    • Scores: Steve: 28:27.  Liz: 31:11.  Surprisingly close considering how absolutely amazing Steve said he was at crossword puzzles
  • 6:50pm – Jury discussion….
    • Austin is still butthurt about being evicted by Vanessa
    • Will asks ‘how many are here because of Vanessa’s influence’.. most raise their arm. Austin says ‘I’m here because of Vanessa’… umm, yea.
    • Shelli and James praise Vanessa’s game
    • Meg thinks Vanessa wasn’t fooling people, she was just winning… umm, yea, she was fooling people.
    • Becky is upset that Vanessa was swearing on anything and everything to get people to believe
    • James said Steve made it so far because everyone took each other out.
    • Shelli said as soon as Steve needed to get blood on his hands, he threw it. When he needed to win, he won (that’s good gameplay).  John comes out and calls Steve a rat
    • Julia jumps in and backs that up. She said Steve lost himself after the double eviction.
    • Jackie praises Liz for having the bulls eye.
    • John comes straight out and said Liz shouldn’t win the game. Austin is shocked, but John said she didn’t do anything for herself. She made moves others said.
    • Interview over. I wish it was longer
  • 7:02pm – Time to crown the final HoH….
    • Steve versus Vanessa for all the marbles. I believe the winner of this wins BB17.
    • Most points at the end of 8 rounds.. 1 point per round
    • Round 1 – Steve 1-0
    • Round 2 – Steve 1-0 still
    • Round 3 – Steve 2-1
    • Round 4 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 5 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 6 – Steve 4-3
    • Round 7 – Tie 4-4
    • Round 8 – Steve wins!
  • (Note: Can people please drop the ‘fix’ rumor that happens to every season. There is no fix)
  • 7:14pm – Eviction time….
    • (Vanessa does not look happy. Liz does)
    • Steve said Vanessa is the strongest female player the game has ever seen. He can’t justify taking the strongest player. He has to evict her.
    • Vanessa is evicted from the Big Brother 17 house
    • Liz thanks Steve
    • Vanessa’s brief interview, she said she wouldn’t have taken Steve to the finals, so she doesn’t blame him.
    • Kudos to Vanessa – Brilliant season.  Sucks it came down to a guessing competition.
  • 7:22pm – We’re back. Time to bring in the jury
    • Austin cheers that Vanessa got evicted.
    • Questions for the finalists…..
      • John – Why did you rely on him or Vanessa for moves?
      • Steve said he wasn’t tailing off either of them. He also took credit for breaking up the twins
      • Becky – Liz, when it came to game talk, people thought it was all Austin.
      • Liz said she came in with a huge target on her back. She held her own and did her own campaigning… basically not answering the question
      • James – Steve, you floated through half the game, why do you deserve to win
      • Steve said he didn’t float through the game. He built layers of protection.
      • Julia – Other than winning comps, what was your biggest game move?
      • Liz said her biggest move was aligning with strong players – duh
      • Jackie – People on jury feel your biggest function was votes… prove us wrong
      • Steve keeps mentioning the scamper squad
      • Austin – Liz, why do you deserve to win the money?
      • Liz said she deserves to win because she came in with a huge disadvantage
  • Commercial break then final statement before votes
  • 7:34pm – We’re back….
    • Speech time
    • Liz – I came in with a twin, we survived 85 days and now I’m here. I won a bunch of comps, great attitude, etc
    • Steve – Zingbot insulted me. Liz spent a bunch of weeks in a hotel while he played the game. I just got out Vanessa. I made my own moves, and won more competitions
  • Votes: We won’t know ….. just comments
    • Shelli – Voting with her heart
    • Jackie – Vote going to person who dreamed of this (Steve)
    • Becky – May the best man or woman win
    • Meg – Credit to big moves
    • James – He is letting Jesus take the wheel like Carrie Underwood…
    • Julia – My vote is obvious (Liz)
    • Austin – Liz I love you. Steve I’m proud of you. Voting with the heart (Liz)
    • John – Choose between the worst alliance member ever or Liz
    • Vanessa – Votes for the person who represented the season the most
  • Up next, evicted people. Hopefully there is a bucket under Shelli for when Clay comes out
  • 7:45pm – Non jury members are out. Audrey is not in her blanket
    • Da’Vonne asks where Judas was. He was supposed to take over the season.
    • Vanessa reveals that she’s actually a pro poker player
    • Jason said Vanessa ‘Dr. Will’d it, Dan’d it, Derrick’d it’. But, she didn’t own it.
    • Audrey is having the time of her life. She feels like a winner because she changed lives
  • Back to commercial break. Up next is the winner….
  • 7:52pm – And we’re back… here are the votes.
    • Vanessa – Liz
    • John – Steve
    • Austin – Liz
    • Julia – Liz
    • James – Steve
    • Meg – Steve
    • Becky – Steve
    • Jackie – Steve (Steve wins Big Brother 17)
    • Shelli – Steve
  • America’s Favorite – JAMES

That’s it for the season, everyone.  Thanks for the the wonderful summer.  Anyone have a warm place I can hibernate this winter?

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