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Big Brother 17 – High School Romance Live Feeds

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If you read my morning blog post (and you should have!), you’d have learned that the Big Brother house is entering it’s high school phase of the season. It is where people have gone too long without sex, they haven’t seen any new person in over a month and people you wouldn’t normally be attracted to suddenly start looking better.  It’s nature’s beer goggles, basically.

Austin walked in on Jeff and Liz in bed last night (they were chatting), but was clearly upset. After that, he went around trying to guarantee Jeff go home this week, but in the meantime, he is clearly losing his cool over the situation. I am not going to summarize it much because I did it this morning, so I want to jump right into the feeds today:

  • 12:20pm – Austin is hanging out in bed with Vanessa talking about the girl situation in the house. It is fascinating, yet weird at the same time. He mentioned how he was upset at the Jeff / Liz thing last night because throughout life he has been let down and hurt by women quite a bit. In a way, he kind of felt that again last night, betrayed sort of, but obviously not completely seeing as Liz and he are not an item.
  • During the conversation, Austin starts talking about Jackie and how he thinks she may be starting to get into him a bit. He said that would be awkward if both she and Liz were into him and he had to decide on who to choose.  He also said it would be funny to tell Jeff on the way out that now he has both girls to himself.  Kind of petty stuff, but whatever.
  • Oh, and Austin apparently wrote his thesis on love/romance
  • Another thing, they also talked about the possibility of Liz going home and losing two people as a result. They are aware this whole situation is making their alliance weaker than it has to be, yet they are not stopping it. Ugh
  • 1:11pm – Now Austin and Vanessa are talking about the concept of 2+2=5. It is driving me crazy listening to them talking about it but not mentioning ‘1984’.
  • 1:55pm – Austin is still in session with Vanessa.  I changed feeds for awhile because I couldn’t take it any longer, but I guess I’ll listen in some more.
  • It sounds like he’s still psyching himself up to have a ‘conversation’ with Liz.  This could get interesting.
  • I think I heard Liz get called to the DR. They’re probably saving her and swapping her out.
  • 2:34pm – Uh oh, Austin/Liz conversation begins… and the feeds change to Steve and Vanessa talking.  Really?  Come ON
  • 2:54pm – Feeds back in the HoH room with Vanessa, Liz and Austin and they’re talking about random stuff.  I  guess we’ll have to listen to Austin’s re-tell later on
  • Some re-tells from Liz to Vanessa… “He said he came in and said he had a girlfriend but he didn’t think he’d meet a person like me. He also wanted to focus on the game”
  • His relationship when he left was meant to be kind of open when they left.  To be fair, they have only dated for a few months (from what I heard, though could be longer)
  • He didn’t say he likes her but it’s obvious based on that conversation.
  • Liz actually really did like Jace but she didn’t want to hook up with him on TV, so she is really unsure about Austin.  It is very unlikely they’ll do anything during the show if anything happens (hint: easy way to reject)
  • Liz is saying she came into the house with her sister and that is her goal.  Overall, she’s going to try to keep him along without making things awkward, but I don’t think that will be possible.
  • The talk goes to Steve having a crush on Liz, Audrey joins and then the conversation goes to game.
  • 3:50pm – Taking a dinner break.  Be back later!
  • 6:00pm – Back from dinner and watching the CBS episode. Johnny Mack is hilarious. I am totally rooting for him
  • Turning on the feeds, Austin was working on James to make a deal for safety. Of course, James was already safe, but may as well make a deal when you can. He is now re-telling to Liz
  • Jason said he watched the feeds before but they weren’t sleeping. What were they doing?  I’ll answer that: They were sleeping
  • 6:45pm – Austin is making rounds making sure Jeff is going home tomorrow.  He REALLY wants him gone
  • Clay is in the HN room chatting with Jeff.  Clay asked him straight up if he entertained the idea of getting him and/or Shelli out.  Jeff admitted to saying he wanted to split them up
  • 8:00pm – Truth or dare time. James kissed Meg, Clay kissed Shelli (on the cheek).
  • 8:30pm – Vanessa and Austin are setting up a table in the HoH room so he can have a dinner with Liz.  Shoot me
  • 9:30pm – Austin and Liz are on a date!  So romantic. The stories are about Liz partying and getting wassssteeedd allll nighhhttt
  • Austin is talking about his masters program and his thesis, I don’t think Liz is impressed

Anyway, this conversation has been boring, and it’s late. I’ve been blogging all day.  Time for bed.  In 2 weeks, I’ll be in LA! Just thought I’d throw that out there. Should I start begging for spending money?

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