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Big Brother 17 – New HoH Competition, Finally!

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Note – Someone in the comment section mentioned the NFL is taking over CBS in some parts of the east coast once again, so be sure to check your DVR’s

HoH Competition Updates:

HoH Update 1 (10:00pm est) – Meg was eliminated in the first round.

HoH Update 2 (10:20pm est) – Julia eliminated


HoH Update 3 (10:30pm est) – Vanessa eliminated

HoH Update 4 (10:38pm est) – John eliminated
Remaining: James, Steve, Austin

HoH Update 5 (10:54pm est) – Steve eliminated
Remaining: James vs Austin

HoH Update 6 – James eliminated

Austin is the new HoH

Look, I don’t want to say this week has been boring, but let’s just say if I had to re-watch the feeds this week or sit on a plane for another 5 hours, I’d pick the plane every time. Let’s summarize the week:  Becky and John were nominated. Austin is still cheating on his girlfriend (although likely ex soon), Liz still doesn’t seem to like him, yet has no problem doing whatever it is she does with him, and Becky’s foot may or may not fall off.


(the last one is a bit cryptic. To save you time, she has a staph infection in her toe)

The good news?  There will be a new HoH tonight!  The better news?  The house may actually try to go after a big target – Vanessa. While I can’t promise the latter, I can guarantee the former – although you won’t be able to watch it on CBS. Why?  It’s another endurance competition! This means the competition will run past the live show and into the feeds.  This also means you’re going to want to buy the feeds, seeing as you get a free trial and all.

How do you buy the feeds? Good question! Visit this site and register. It’s that simple.

And finally, while I have people here looking for show spoilers, follow me on Instagram (my personal IG). Or, follow Big Brother Junkies on Facebook or Twitter for site updates and spoilers.

Enough of that. Time for the updates of the live eviction show:

  • 6:00pm – Here we go!
    • A look in the jury house tonight!
  • Highlights into the last few days:
    • Austin and Liz talking about how Becky’s speech for PoV
    • James jokes to the cameras how he and Meg are getting engaged
    • Steve and John want to align with Austin and the twins because they’ll be the smaller threat opposed to Meg/James
  • 6:18pm – Commercial break over.
    • Julie checks in with the house and they all give a coordinated point to Julie
    • Julie shows the house clips of James and his pranks
    • Julie shows Meg a clip of her slamming her head down during veto
    • She finishes by asking Steve how he feels about missing his family which leads into a clip about his home life
    • The mayor of Steve’s town declared it Steve Moses day. I’m not even sure my city would care 🙁
    • They are happy to see him interacting and socializing with the house.
  • 6:28pm – Commercial break over.
    • Jury house time! I know where that is, I was going to drive by it when in LA but it was empty.
    • Jackie shows Shelli the clip of the double eviction
    • Shelli’s mind is blown.
    • Shelli says that Vanessa was going to backdoor Steve. So, she’s upset that the house didn’t target Vanessa. Even Shelli said that if they want any chance to win this game, they need to get her out. Jackie said she’s probably next (she’s not, obviously, and we’ll find out who it is now – spoiler: Becky)
    • John says keeping Becky would be dumb but he wants to stay. Everyone laughs.
  • Votes:
    • Steve: Becky
    • Vanessa: Becky
    • Meg: Becky
    • Austin: Becky
    • Julia: Becky
    • James: Becky
  • 6:40pm – Back from commercial. Interview with Becky time
    • Julie asks Becky about her alliance turning on her (by evicting Shelli)
    • She also asks if she regrets the way she handled Vanessa
    • Julie “Is Vanessa the best player right now?” – Becky “logically yes, but there are some who had a slow start. Steve is one”
    • If she gets the chance to go back in, will she befriend Vanessa or go after her?  Becky said she’d probably go after Liz
    • We get to see clips of zingbot as he’ll be appearing this week
  • 6:50pm – HoH time!
    • This is going to end after the show, so get your live feeds
    • Ok, this is weird. They have to get in position to race and wait for the sign to say ‘go’. They wait in place for an undetermined amount of time. Once the sign finally says ‘GO’, they race like 30 feet to hit a button. The last person to push the button is out. They’re also out if they false start (start going before it says GO).
    • Round 1 – Meg was eliminated.
    • Round 2 – Julia eliminated
    • Round 3 – Vanessa eliminated. All girls out

Check back for updates

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