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Big Brother 17 – House Update

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This certainly isn’t my last post of the season, but I wanted to clear something up for the final week of the season – nothing happens. So, I am not going to be posting feed update threads any more this season, but I will certainly be posting if anything happens, or if there is anything else to talk about.  I don’t want people to think I’m neglecting anyone, but the only thing that will happen between now and Wednesday night is that round 2 of the HoH competition will happen. We will then find out who will square off during the live finale for the final HoH spot.

While it’s slow, I want to thank everyone for the fantastic season and another great summer. I certainly want to thank people for the outpouring of support when CBS notified me of the trip I won to attend a taping of Big Brother this season. Between donations, moral support, and the understanding of slow updates during that period, you guys were fantastic. It was my first time flying, and the news happened just after we finished our yearly mountain summer vacation.  Funds were low, I was more nervous than I have been in a long time, yet you guys pulled through on both accounts.  In addition to the donations I received (I needed tip, food, spending money), I also received a ton of great flying tips that helped me get through it. The trip was fantastic, and we were briefly on TV!  You can read about my trip here, and another whole post about the live show here.  Definitely a summer to remember.

Enough about me, let’s talk about Big Brother 17 for a moment. If this is your first season, let me explain how the final HoH competition goes. They play 3 rounds of competitions. The first is the endurance competition that took place on Thursday night.  The winner of that gets a free pass to round 3.  The second competition is between the two losers of endurance, and the winner of that goes on to round 3.  The third round is played during the live finale episode, and it’s a basic trivia style competition.  The winner of that comp is the final HoH, and they choose who to go to the final 2 with.  Yes, they are forced to look at two people and guarantee one of them at least $50k, and the other gets nothing.  Rough.


Round 1 was a long, long competition (finally). It took nearly 4 hours to finish, but Vanessa emerged victorious shortly after Steve fell.  Once he fell, she quickly convinced Liz to drop and she’ll guarantee her final 2 if she wins round 3. Will she keep that promise?  Possibly, but at this point she’s not going to stress because she also has a final 2 deal with Steve.  And, the person getting evicted becomes the final juror, but it happens Wednesday, so they have no time to tell the other jury members how bad Vanessa screwed them.

Round 2 should happen either today or tomorrow, and it will be Steve versus Liz in a physical/mental competition.  It is typically a comp where they need to climb something quickly, but also arrange a puzzle of evicted houseguests. The winner of that will face Vanessa on Wednesday night to determine who gets to lose to Vanessa.

I kid… sort of.

Reality is, she will definitely beat Liz, and more than likely beat Steve (although it’s more of a coin flip). Vanessa is extremely intelligent and observant. The final HoH competition is catered to those skills, so Vanessa will have an advantage.

As far as CBS, there will only be one more episode before the finale, and that is Sunday night. It will likely only cover the endurance competition, as I don’t remember if they have time to squeeze round 2 in there as well. After that, it is finale night and we settle in for another long winter.

I will still be updating throughout the week, especially after the second round, so keep checking in

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