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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Reign Of Shelli/Becky Begins

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The first live show of the season is over, and we have two new HoH’s. One thing I’ll be able to guarantee, the remaining HoH will be a girl. With Jace leaving and a girl in control this week, they could get a pretty big upper hand, unless they stay with the Audrey decision. I root for the girls because a) guys are boring and b) guys are boring.


I have my coffee in me and ready to check out the feeds for the night, so here are the updates…

  • 7:45pm – The house is still stirring after the HoH competition. They’re mostly in the living room and kitchen.  Audrey doesn’t look very happy, but let’s hope she can pull something off. The last thing I was is the two main drama people gone early. It will be like BB16 all over again.
  • Day and Jeff are convinced Austin voted for Jace to stay, James suggests Audrey.  Nobody seems to really care
  • It may be time to scrap the havenot situation. The house is talking about who should be the havenots for the week, and who will volunteer to ‘get it out of the way’. Someone suggests ‘well, what if you volunteer and then you’re put on it next week’, and everyone agreed that would  make the HoH a target for being a dick.  Umm, that’s the purpose of have-not.
  • 8:14pm – Austin is working Clay already about Audrey.  He knows it’s not in his own best interest to see another potential vote walk out the door.
  • Jeff is trying to clear some air with Audrey.  I guess people are realizing making a target before the HoH comp is not a good idea.  Now, Audrey still may go  home, but it’s not a sure thing with Shelli/Becky.
  • Clay joins the conversation, and asks her about something she said today. Audrey said she’s been basically programmed to not trust Jeff, so she was paranoid about his relationship with Clay/Shelli
  • 8:50pm – Shelli and Becky are finally able to talk alone. Shelli is saying she’s a bit hurt by Audrey, but on a personal level, she doesn’t want to hurt her.
  • Becky is pretty neutral on Audrey, although she is upset because 3 different times, Audrey called Becky a racist bigot. This has to do again with Becky’s parents refusing to sign consent (and feeds cut).
  • Shelli is definitely considering Steve as an option
  • 9:15pm – Feeds have been down for about 15 minutes now. This is frustrating, just as Becky and Shelli were talking about good stuff
  • Meg, James, Jason, Steve are havenot volunteers
  • Becky’s target is Audrey and backup James
  • Shelli thinks Becky is just being a puppet for Da’Vonne.
  • 9:30pm – So, this is interesting.  Becky wants Audrey out. Clay is pushing to get Da’Vonne out.
  • Clay is offering to be a pawn, Shelli is refusing. He wants to go up with Da’Vonne and throw it (maybe he didn’t see last year)
  • Vanessa is pushing Shelli to put Audrey up (or at least help get her out) for some reason yet to be determined.
  • Shelli – Liz is the only person who didn’t say a word to me after I won, but she’s kind of on our side
  • 9:45pm – HoH’s called to DR
  • HoH reveal time
  • 10:15pm – Austin is upstairs talking to Shelli. They are trying to figure out who to put up with Da’Vonne as a pawn.  They want someone who can lose the competition (or throw it) because they definitely want her gone.
  • Shelli has a brief talk with Meg, and is now on Jackie.  She assures her that she’s safe
  • Becky is putting up Steve and Jason
  • 10:40pm – Shelli is now talking to Jeff and Becky is talking to Steve.  I am watching Shelli-Cam, but switching to Becky-Cam for a bit.
  • Meanwhile, back to Shelli. She, Jeff and Clay are talking to John.  They have to keep shush’ing him because he gets loud. John is a funny dude.
  • John is ok with throwing it. So it looks like John and Da’Vonne from Shelli

Check back for more updates

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