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Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates – Wild Wednesday?

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Good afternoon, everyone. The house is up early today as they were put on an outdoor lockdown for a bit. It’s probably nothing, just some regular maintenance, but we’ll keep an eye on any changes when the lockdown is over. I don’t know when the weekly taveover is happening, but if not today, then I guess it will happen on the live episodes.

As I write this (10:55am), Jace is outside on the hammock talking to Vanessa about a plan he has worked up.  He is going to wake people up at 4am tomorrow to meet in private and discuss it. Perhaps I’ll make it an early night so I can live blog that if/when it happens, but that’s wishful thinking.

To talk about Jace’s bullying of Steve yesterday, he admitted to Vanessa that he lied about what people are saying about it. While they indeed have an alliance that doesn’t involve Steve, Jace fluffed it up and made it sound like the house talks bad about him. Jace said he regrets saying it, but it’s what he feels he has to do.  If he does leave, he said he’ll hug Steve and tell him the truth before he leaves.

  • 10:55am – The house is all sitting outside, most are half asleep. Jace is still chatting with Vanessa while everyone else is trying to stay awake.
  • 10:59am – Outdoor lockdown is over, nothing seems to have changed.  Indoor lockdown begins until likely after the live show tomorrow.
  • Jace is in the pantry begging Clay to stay. He is offering to be Clay’s ammo, gun, weapon, anything. He’ll take any fall for him. He’ll protect him.  Jace is really trying
  • 11:28am – James and Jeff are talking about the possibility of getting rid of Shelli sooner rather than later to get Clay’s head back in the game
  • Both say Shelli’s game is about floating.  They also talk about how McCrae was lost without Amanda
  • Jeff and James get pissed because production told them to stop obstructing mic. They then start going off on how production messes with players games by doing that, or by constantly calling certain people to the DR.  Feeds cut

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  • Feeds back, the two decide to go to sleep (James in bed, Jeff on couch)
  • 12:00pm – Austin and Liz are in the lounge chatting about future options. Mentioning how Clay and Shelli are possible to go home because they work both sides of the house.
  • Austin has given up on the idea of Jace.  He said during the meeting, Jace wants him to speak up on his behalf, but Austin doesn’t want to stick his neck out at this point
  • Austin thinks the HoH competition after this one, many people will throw it.  He thinks Audrey will likely go next week (barring any vetoes), but after that it may be a relatively easy win.
  • 12:30pm – House is extremely boring right now, so I’m going to step away from computer for a little bit
  • 3:30pm – Quick check in, feeds have been up and down, but nothing exciting happening in the house so far.  Give it a few more hours when they get some food in them and start going stir crazy
  • 6:00pm – Ok, time for some night time blogging.  Just watched the CBS episode. I love the DR sessions. Meg is pretty funny.   I will find out if Jace is still planning his 5am  meeting. Audrey is up in the HoH room talking to James, I’ll see what she is planning.
  • The reality is, the house is dividing pretty clearly.  Clay and Jeff are becoming buddies, and they come with attachments. Austin and Liz are super tight. After that, it’s a bunch of floaters trying to keep an alliance together for more than 6 hours.
  • Audrey is apparently working to keep Jace.  James is saying the whole house has to be on board, which is wrong as Audrey pointed out. They only need 7 votes.  James is not confident, and rightfully so. It will be tough to get 7 confirmed votes.
  • Audrey keeps asking James questions about what he knows in the house. Shockingly, he seems to know less than Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend.  “I don’t know… I don’t know”
  • 6:30pm – She is promising the world to James. Telling him they should have a secret alliance, and Jason/Day should be involved.  James does not seem very excited
  • Meanwhile, Austin is in the pantry working Jeff for the future.
  • 40 minutes after I said Jeff/Clay are tight, Jeff is now throwing him and Shelli under the bus to Austin.  He is saying Clay is acting different
  • 6:55pm – Audrey is still working James, meanwhile the others are downstairs blowing up condoms (as balloons) to prepare for their prom they’re going to have.
  • 7:15pm – Audrey is downstairs now quietly recapping her convo with James.
  • 7:30pm – James is now in the HN room chatting with Jace, will keep you updated
  • James is worried because Audrey told him that he is indeed a target shortly after Audrey.  Jace basically is telling him ‘I’m not going to help you because frankly, I don’t care‘.
  • That said, Jace is still working him and telling him that if James saves him, Jace will back him. He needs help, and they need to get Jackie out
  • Yea, they are definitely in James’ head tonight. I don’t know if he can actually do anything about it, but they’re in his head
  • Meet Stephan, Steve’s alter ego
  • 7:55pm – Jace tells Austin about the plan, who then turns and tells Vanessa. I still don’t think it will work, but Jace is pretty sure
  • 8:15pm – Ugh, eye strain.  Some notes over last few minutes is that James is now telling Jason and Day, and Austin mentioned there were sneakers in the pantry, so the HoH comp will be athletic
  • Day still has no interest in working with Audrey. She’ll only play along if Audrey wins HoH

Check back for more updates

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