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Big Brother 17 – Last Live Update Thread For A Few Days..

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If you’re brand new to the site, around this time tomorrow, my wife and I will be landing in LA as CBS is hooking us up with a trip to be in the audience for the live show this Thursday night! I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has donated to my LA trip fund. As I posted, this trip completely caught us off guard financially, but it was too good of an offer to turn down (once in a lifetime). You all have been so incredibly supportive with it, and I am absolutely humbled by the generosity. I will be writing up another thank you post when I return, as my wife would also like to contribute, but I wanted to do a brief one here.

What I plan on doing is this… tomorrow when we return to the hotel for the night (it may be late), I will try to write up a recap of the BB day from what I will be able to scrounge up. Honestly, I don’t expect it to be much unless Jason is able to pull off a miracle and flip the house, but we will see what happens.  I fully expect Jason to be sitting next to Julie Thursday night, and maybe he’ll be on my flight back to Boston on Friday 😉

Thursday, I will write up a post for the live show, and I will hand it off to someone who has offered to fill in. I would like readers to contribute updates via the comment section as well, as I would like it to be more of an ‘open thread’ style.  Finally, Friday at some point I will write about the new nominees, but I will also be creating a post detailing my trip for those who are interested.  I may actually be able to do the latter on the ride home, as it does have WiFi.


Enough rambling, time for the exciting feed updates…

  • 11:00am – Jason, Shelli and Clay are outside in mostly silence. John is wandering around the kitchen.  Jason is going to miss his little smoking corner.
  • 12:00pm – Becky is hanging out in the hottub.  It may be one of those days, which is good for me lol
  • 12:20pm – Others are starting to roll out of bed now.
  • 12:50pm – Vanessa is laying in bed in the HoH room while a few people are taking pics with the HoH camera
  • 1:50pm – Most of the house is hanging out outside near the pool getting some sun.
  • 4:00pm – Sorry for slow updates, a lot to do here. It’s pretty slow in the house anyway.  I am going to test out a new writer to help on this thread to see how they do
  • There is one bright spot, Jackie is finally starting to have things click that Vanessa is running things
  • 5:00pm- Vanessa and Clay are upstairs in the HOH room talking game, about who their next target is and who they need to keep around to help benefit themselves. Jackie, Jason, Meg, and James are outside also talking game and about trust issues.
  • 6:00pm- Its now 6 pm in the big brother house and nothing has really changed. Vanessa and Clay are still upstairs in the HOH room talking game. They’re wondering what will they do if the sixth sense alliance makes it to the end. Because obviously the twins will have each others backs no matter what. Jackie, Jason, Meg, and James are all still outside talking game also. Jackie is afraid that she’s their target next week.
  • 6:15pm- They changed up a little bit! Finally! Meg must of got bored with Jackie, James, and Jason. She went and joined Vanessa and Clay upstairs in the HOH room. Liz decided to go for a swim and of course the puppy dog he is Austin followed her. Meanwhile, Jason and Jackie have been joined by Steve. James is very bored and doesn’t know what to do with himself right now.
  • 7:15pm- So right now James and Steve just finished running laps. Becky and Meg had some questions for Vanessa about the twin twist but she didn’t say much. James, Jason, Clay, and Meg are all sitting outside just casually talking. Liz and Austin are outside exercising. Becky and Jackie are upstairs talking about votes tomorrow, I’m not sure who Jackie is gonna keep though because Jason and Becky are both her friends. Vanessa has just joined them their in the HOH room. Johnny Mac just joined the group outside.
  • 8:00pm- Currently, Becky is talking Jason and James. Meanwhile, Shelli and Vanessa are up in the HOH room talking and Shelli is saying she is worried about double eviction because she thinks they will target her and Clay.
  • 9:00pm- At the moment Johnny Mac, Austin, and James are at the table and Shelli and Liz are in the kitchen and they’re all just making conversation having funny conversations. Like right now their talking about teeth. Meanwhile, Jason and Becky are outside talking about whoever stays needs to pick a target and go them. Becky just went inside to get a drink and Jason is outside alone talking to an ant. Gotta love Jason! That’s really it.
  • 10:30pm- Hey there if your awake right now don’t forget to tune into Big Brother After Dark on the channel POP right now to watch Big Brother live! Right now Liz and Austin are in the hammock talking about everything that has happened in the game so far and what they need to do to move further. I don’t understand them. Meanwhile, in the kitchen is James, Meg, and Jason. Meg doesn’t even know how to cook an egg so they taught her. Jackie and Becky are in the bedroom talking cause Becky has some concerns with Thursday cause she’s still on the block and seriously worried.

I’m done for tonight I am tired so I will wake up and bring you more tomorrow morning! 🙂

FYI: I am Haley the one taking over while Steve is on vacation! 🙂



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