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Big Brother 17 – Monday Feeds, Veto Meeting

"A secret alliance in Big Brother controlling the house? Never!"
“A secret alliance in Big Brother controlling the house? Never!”

Every season on Big Brother, there is the have-not room to punish a few people for whatever various reason. What that room symbolizes, however, is what really goes on in the house. The real situation is that regardless of what you’re forced to eat, typically by this time in the Big Brother game, you’re either a have or a have-not.


Right now, there are the ‘haves’ of Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Julia and the ‘have-nots’ of everyone else. The ‘haves’ are controlling the house and very easily manipulating the ‘have-nots’ until they’re evicted one by one. There was no better example of that than yesterday when one of the fringe ‘have’ people (Audrey) exposed the group to the have-nots of the house.  Instead of rallying around this information, they sat back and were told it was a ridiculous idea. Most believed it, and all calmed down.

Now, some of the have-nots will be lucky enough to be strung along for the sake of numbers. Think of Porsche, Adam, Spencer, etc. All bad players who were brought to the end because it’s much easier to win when you’re competing against a weak person than a strong one.  There are a few this season who will likely fill that role from Meg to (and I hate to say it) John, but the reality is, barring any major changes in the house, one of those 6, and more realistically, one of the 4 (minus the twins) will win Big Brother 17 (I put Liz/Julia in the Porsche group instead of Adam group).


Before I begin spending the day with the feeds, shameless plug time…
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Feed Updates  –

  • 8:45am – House is sleeping.  There will probably be a wake-up call in 15 minutes.
  • 10:10am – The feeds look to be 30 minutes behind, but they did the wake-up call. The feeds are up and down, so nothing to report yet
  • Jason and John are talking about how Audrey was crying to Vanessa and she is also worried about getting crap when she’s out of the house.
  • John went to DR, out comes Clay. Jason starts talking to him about Audrey. Apparently (and I haven’t confirmed), she has been pulling the transgender card. Before people get worked up, they’re not bashing her for it, nor does it sound like she’s trying real hard to play the card. It sounds like she’s mostly hinting around right now. I mean, Da’Vonne did say she thinks that’s the reason why they’re not voting her out, so perhaps there is something to it. I can’t listen to every single conversation.
  • 11:45am – I am a bit concerned for Audrey. I am beginning to wonder if she’s going to self-evict if she’s nominated. She had a massive panic attack last night, was apparently in the DR for 4 hours, and has been tucked away from the house since the blow up. One aspect of Big Brother I don’t like are situations like this when someone KNOWS they’re going home, and they’re being ignored, yet they’re forced to stick it out.  Hopefully Audrey just accepts it, opens up and enjoys her last few days in the house.
  • Btw, feeds have been down for 10 minutes or so. Could be PoV. Not Jeff-Loops, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.
  • 12:00pm – Feeds back, no PoV
  • 12:30pm – Everyone minus Vanessa and Audrey are sitting around the living room waiting for POV. Vanessa is sleeping, and Audrey is off-camera probably in HN room
  • Note – I  just realized that I started playing Candy Crush while having the live feeds on 2 summers ago. I maxed both the dream world and regular world (about 1800 total levels). #bloglifeproblems
  • 2:00pm – People are starting to wonder what is going on. Audrey has been in the DR now for a long time now. She was in there for almost 4 hours last night, and we’re approaching about 3 hours now. That is why the PoV meeting has been delayed. She is losing it, unfortunately.  (which means my post at 12:30pm was wrong about her being in HN room. She was in DR then as well)
  • James is upset he can’t go rub one out.  Oh, James.
  • Austin is outside with Vanessa and said “She can really be ruining this whole season” (about Audrey).
  • Vanessa is speculating that Audrey really is having a break down.  She said Audrey had problems at home leaving the house at times, and put in this environment could be rough on her.  Van is right, and I know first hand because I’ve dealt with that type of anxiety. It’s a bitch. I feel really bad for Audrey if she is going through it right now
  • Jason is saying Audrey apparently escaped from a serial killer, and they’re speculating that she had mental flags but her story was too good so they brought her in. A lot of speculation
  • 3:00pm – Austin says they’re probably talking her off the ledge (of walking), and feeds cut.
  • Austin thinks they (Liz/Julia) both hate Jeff.  Umm, he’ll be surprised. I think they’re more into Jeff than Austin.
  • 3:30pm – Still no Audrey update
  • Julia on Survivor “What do they do about food?  What if they get no food and die”. lol
  • She also won’t do the show “Naked and Afraid”.. don’t worry, Julia, they won’t be calling you. Survivor is summer camp compared to Naked and Afraid.
  • 4:00pm – No update. Going to run to McD’s for a not-so-healthy dinner, be back shortly
  • (note, my time and feed time are off because the feeds are crazy today. Audrey emerged on the feeds at 3:51pm, so I not a slacker)
  • Here is Julia’s reaction to Audrey going into the DR and shutting off the lights…
  • bb17-w4-liz-shocked
  • I should note, the feeds went down shortly after the Julia face, and have been down since (4:34pm). The house is really, really weird today
  • 5:10pm – Feeds still down. I am so curious what is going on.
  • 5:20pm – Feeds back, the house is wondering what happens if Audrey remains in the room all week.
  • Apparently the PoV meeting happened but Audrey did not attend.
  • Everyone is jokingly making deals with John promising their vote for safety knowing everyone is actually voting out Audrey
  • 5:30pm – James and Steve are doing laps around the back yard. They think it may be endurance comp this week. I hope so. If it’s next week, that’s going to suck
  • 6:30pm – Liz is back in the house. Austin is already with her. I am going to step away from PC for a bit, but I will be near twitter if anything happens.
  • 8:42pm – Back from a break. Had to watch a Lifetime Movie.  Austin is outside up Liz’s ass. Clay joins the conversation.
  • Liz mentions how she was stuck in the car for about 4 hours during the delay. I wonder where the jury house is, I bet that’s where they swap out. I want to drive by
  • I love you, Liz. Maybe we can double date with Julia and Judas
    I love you, Liz. Maybe we can double date with Julia and Judas

Off to bed, post tomorrow!

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