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I miss Liz

Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Live Updates

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I miss Liz
I miss Liz

Another Friday in the Big Brother house, more nominations who will likely still be in the house come Thursday evening after eviction. 3 out of the 4 evictions so far have been backdoors, so I would not be surprised to see another this week. Who will it be?  Right now, my money is on Austin, but at this time last week, I felt Audrey was 100% safe. The period between nominations and PoV is usually a while one where anything can happen.

The house had an early wakeup call today, so I expect nominations sometime pretty soon (it’s 9:30am in the house), so I’ll get right into it…

Before I begin – shameless plug of the day/week:
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  • 9:30am – Jackie and Vanessa have been talking quite a bit this morning. Vanessa is still trying to reinforce her decision to get rid of Jeff was more of a last minute and personal thing.
  • 9:40am – Well, feeds down for Jeff loops. Nomination time already?
  • 12:00pm – Sorry for the delay, had to bring the wife somewhere and it took a lot longer than expected.  Anyway, nomination results:
    • Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay
    • Jackie nominated Liz and James
  • So, the plan to get Austin is well underway, and he still doesn’t realize it. He pretty much expected Liz to be in trouble at some point, so he probably thinks he needs to win the veto to save her.  The funny part is, if they are both in the finals for the veto, he’d likely throw it to her even though it’s much smarter to win it so they both have safety.
  • The plan to put Becky and Clay up is they’re both pretty strong and smart, so they have a better chance at beating Liz and James. Why James went up and not John is probably because they didn’t want to make it obvious that Liz/Austin is the actual target.  I did find it odd that Vanessa asked again now that the dust settled whether or not James threw that veto comp (the fashion one).  He still denied it which I think sealed his spot as just a weak player who should be up next to Liz.  Pretty smart moves overall
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa and Jackie are in the HoH going over strategy.
  • Vanessa is telling Shelli that Austin voted for Audrey to frame Clay
  • Vanessa and Shelli have figured out that Austin is the saboteur this season!  Well done, ladies.  Who knows, based on the how they BBTakeovered the BBTakeover (yes, it’s a verb now), maybe Julie forgot to tell us about this twist.
  • 1:15pm – Shelli is done her bash session with Austin. Vanessa is doing a really good job making him out to be the bad guy already. She’s even talking about his weirdass alter ego ‘Judas’ and how she should have figured he was a villain from the start. She’s good.
  • People are now quiet and some are napping before the botb
  • 3:15pm – John is sitting alone, while Austin is roaming the house. Most still sleeping. Botb shouldn’t be very long now
  • 3:30pm – Liz and Austin are taking. She realizes Clay is on the block to win botb. Liz came back in the house, so he’s catching her up on the situation. Austin thinks people believe Steve was the kinky vote, but Vanessa is certain that vote was Austin
  • Liz’s face when Austin told her what he told Jason
  • 4:30pm – Jackie and Vanessa are in the HoH room chatting. Guess what the other feeds are on…… yes, Austin and Liz!
  • Austin “Why was Julia hitting on Johnny Mack? She’s spending so much time with him, it’s weird!” – Yea, bro. It is weird. Like you and Liz.
  • Austin “The target is Steve. It’s no big deal. Why would they want me to be mad going for HoH next week?” – He’s in for a shock when he won’t be there to compete
  • Meg is called into DR. Botb likely starting shortly
  • 4:49pm – Feeds down for botb
  • 6:23pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:56pm – Feeds back up
    • James and Liz won the Botb.  Liz is safe and Julia will enter the house this Thursday
  • Vanessa and Shelli need to tell Liz at some point about Austin’s plan on trying to get Julia out, but they want to wait a few days
  • Vanessa said Austin is suspicious because James tried to throw it, and is acting pissed
  • 7:45pm – Vanessa is re-telling the Austin being pissed to Meg and Jason
  • I guess Austin made a big reaction when Liz won, so the three of them are chatting about their showmance.
  • 8:45pm – A few people are having a steak dinner outside tonight, I guess part of the botb competition. It sounds like both teams will be there because they are telling James he may be asked why he seemed so sad about winning.  I am going to go away for a bit, be back later!
  • 10:45pm – Took a small break, Clay, Vanessa, and Jackie are talking about the botb competition. I forgot to report that Jackie is not wearing a bra, and the camera guy clearly enjoyed that.
  • 11:30pm – Off to bed, PoV tomorrow!


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