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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Updates

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Good morning, everyone! I’m sure some of you are just checking in to work right now to see how the HoH competition went last night. Well, if you enjoy watching Austin and Liz laying in the HoH bed for a week, then you’ll be thrilled today!

As you watched last night, the competition was a track-style event where the entire house (minus Liz) lined up and sprinted for like 30 feet to hit a buzzer. The trick was, once they got in their 3-point stance, they had to wait until the screen said ‘Go’. This could take seconds, minutes, or even an hour.  Just kidding, not an hour. The whole competition was over in an hour. Gone are the days of the epic multi-hour endurance competitions late in the season. Each round, the last person to the buzzer was eliminated.

In the end, it came down to Austin and James who had an incredibly close finish, but Austin was the winner proving once again that Big Brother does not ‘fix’ these competitions. James wanted to go after Vanessa, which would have caused drama and ratings. Production easily could have just said James hit his buzzer first, but they didn’t. Austin won, and he’ll most likely be nominating and possibly evicting the fan (and production) favorite Johnny Mack.


With that, here are the updates today:

  • 8:30am – The house is still sleeping
  • 10:00am – The house is up. Austin has been talking to a few people.
    • Austin was floating around the idea to Meg of putting up Vanessa
    • He then goes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa
    • He is discussing putting her up against Johnny Mack using her as a pawn.  He said he can flip a coin between her and Steve as a pawn. She is ‘offended’ by it
    • She is telling him by putting her up, he risks her going home (duh) because Steve may flip and vote her out since he’s close with John
    • Austin doesn’t want to use Meg as a pawn because that starts a ‘pawn battle’ with that side of the house. He said they’d only be ok with her as a pawn if there is no other options.
    • He is going to have Liz talk to Steve and ‘soften’ him to the option of being a pawn. Austin wishes Vanessa was more willing
    • They said Julia heard John screaming in the DR. When they watch the show, they’ll realize that’s just his normal DR session
    • Vanessa mentions how she’s upset John didn’t want to be a pawn, yet she’s spent 30 minutes convincing Austin not to use her as a pawn
  • 10:30am – Conversation breaks up
  • 11:50am – Had to run out. I am back, and feeds down. Likely for HN, but could be nominations
  • 12:30pm – Feeds back. Smaller table, no havenots this week
  • Austin pulls Steve into the HoH room
    • Austin is floating some ideas by Steve
    • He says Vanessa told him that Austin’s gymnastic photo means for him to stick with the gay person (her)
    • Steve also can’t find the logic in Austin’s move. Nobody can
    • He said ‘don’t put me up next to Johnny. Put me up next to Vanessa’
    • Steve is saying there absolutely can’t be him vs John on the block.  He has to be next to one of Van, James, Meg
    • Steve keeps offering that by putting 1 of them up and sending Vanessa home, he guarantees 4 people fighting for Austin next week (Liz, John, Julia, Steve)
    • Austin promises he won’t put Steve up next to John. Austin said Steve better come through for him, and Steve said ‘Do you trust me over Vanessa on days’ (HoH competition)?  Vanessa thinks she’d crush Steve. Steve is looking forward to it.
  • 1:15pm – Steve leaves and Austin starts blaming Liz for not chiming in more and convincing Steve
    • Austin is thinking John and Vanessa. He refuses to put James or Meg up
    • Liz is saying Van / John.  Austin is wondering what to tell Vanessa. It will be hilarious when Vanessa convinces him otherwise
  • 1:30pm – They are still deciding who to put up. This is funny.  I am running to store, hopefully be back soon to update on nominations
  • 3:20pm – Back from the store. Nominations happened:
    • John and Steve are up
    • So, Austin broke his promise to Steve so he wouldn’t have to hear Vanessa all weekend.
    • Steve is pretending to not be mad, but this was so bad for Austin and so good for Vanessa. Austin broke a promise, so his word to Steve is crap now. This gives Steve another option instead of Vanessa as a target should Steve win HoH next week. There will only be 2 people sitting out of veto tomorrow, so odds are in Van’s favor to play and keep herself safe. That is why backdoor options are not as strong as they are in the beginning of the game because the point of the backdoor is to put someone up who didn’t have a chance to save themselves via veto.
  • 5:00pm – The house is sitting around the table eating and relaxing. Sounds like it might be another week like this, unless the veto is used
  • 7:00pm – Sorry for slow updates, but the house is that slow. I’ve been watching for two hours (from bed), and there is nothing going on. However, Austin and Liz are in bed talking….
    • Austin’s reasoning for today is Steve is less annoying to deal with. Plus, Vanessa is not guaranteed to play veto (though odds are in her favor).
    • Austin said ‘This is Big Brother, and if they (production) like Johnny Mack, he’ll win veto’ – yet he doesn’t see how he easily could have lost to James last night if production was rigging the game. Also, Johnny Mack got eliminated in a weird round where production came over the speakers and said not everyone hit their button. Again, they could have just said Austin didn’t hit his button. Dumb.
    • He ideally wants the nominations to remain the same, so he’s hoping ‘their side’ wins and doesn’t use veto
    • Anyway, Steve joins the conversation and says everyone else is sleeping.

Check back later for more

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