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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Update Thread

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Last week, I joked numerous times about how dull Becky is, and then she goes ahead and wins HoH this week. This will be a very game-defining week for the Beckster. She was part of that weird 8 person alliance that was set to get out Shelli and Clay, she’s kind of in an alliance with James, Meg and Jackie yet doesn’t seem completely loyal, and she’s also pretty close with John.

After people finally left her HoH room last night, her medium alliance stuck around to discuss game. From the early sounds of it, Becky is going to nominate Shelli and someone like Steve with Vanessa as the backdoor option. Ultimately, Vanessa is the main target, but there is something about Becky I don’t quite trust and think she can be easily swayed. At this point, the only way I’ll believe either Shelli or Vanessa are going home this week is if they’re sitting next to each other after the veto ceremony on Monday. Other than that, she (Becky) is a pretty big wildcard who I feel can go in any direction.



  • 10:00am – It seems like half the house is sleeping, and the other is starting to begin their day. I’d guess nominations would be in 2 hours or so.
  • 11:00am – Vanessa sleeping on one feed, Becky chatting with Jackie and Austin on other
  • 11:50am – Meg is awake, and sore.  James is up. Things are finally stirring.
  • 12:05pm – Feeds cut to Jeff Loops, likely nomination time.
  • 12:40pm – Feeds back. Was just havenots.  It’s Meg, Jackie and James this week. Food: Sloppy joes. I would totally volunteer for that week.
  • Becky is in the HN room with her alliance chatting about how Vanessa wanted to make her a deal.
  • Becky is saying that nobody with Vanessa is safe, nobody against Vanessa is safe (because of how she put up Austin and quickly turned on Shay)
  • 1:00pm – Jackie is saying if Vanessa doesn’t end up on the block, they have to make sure Shelli is evicted.
  • James said his goodbye message to Clay said “you should have stayed home and went on Tinder”
  • 1:30pm – James is talking to Jackie and Meg about how awkward it has been around Shelli. They are encouraging him to talk to her
  • Jackie is upset how she was called a bully by Vanessa, Clay, etc
  • Vanessa apparently told Jackie ‘We’re in athletic gear, we’re going to be doing an endurance comp. Clay is going to win, are you smoking crack?” in regards to wanting to vote out Shelli.  They laugh because Shelli nearly won the last endurance comp
  • 1:56pm – Steve is in the pantry alone talking to the camera. He is saying he thinks the target may be Austin.  He wanted to kill Vanessa for saying ‘freaks and geeks’ to Shelli.  He wants Shelli to go home this week.
  • Meanwhile, feeds switch to Vanessa talking to Shelli. They expect their faces to be on the wall (nominated), but Vanessa also said she thinks a backdoor plan could be in play.  She knows her talk with Becky didn’t go well as she (Becky) refused to make a deal
  • Vanessa said if she’s nominated, she’s going to hold up her flipflop as a way to describe Becky. Sounds like Becky may be blown up this week.
  • 2:15pm – Nominations happening
  • 3:45pm – Feeds back up. Results soon
    • Shelli and Steve nominated
  • Becky is telling Shelli that she’s not the target this week, it’s Vanessa. Let’s see how long that takes to get back to Vanessa
  • Shelli is starting the ‘what-if’ situations, and Becky is playing it cool. ‘That’s for me to worry about, we’ll cross that bridge if it comes up, etc’.  Shelli is mostly wondering what happens if Vanessa wins and takes her down.  Becky is not worried about that situation right now. Plus, she has 3 easy options (Austin, Liz, Julia). Shelli just wants to worry.
  • Meanwhile, Steve is with his alliance…
  • 4:00pm – Running out to dinner, be back in a bit. Watch the feeds here
  • 6:3opm  – Back from dinner.  House is slow right now.  May be a Lifetime Movie night.
  • 8:45pm – Feeds are dull, but I’m going to be listening to them as I play a game. I’ll update if something happens.
  • Meg said that Jason got the biggest cheer ever – yea that’s right. That was my night.  We were the loudest!

Check back for updates

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