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Big Brother 17 – Power Of Veto Day Blogging

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I’d love for a professional to read their body language

Good afternoon, everyone!  Sorry about the late start, feeling a bit under the weather, so I slept longer than expected.

A quick summary of yesterday…

Vanessa put Clay and Becky on the block because they’re two strong competitors. Jackie put Liz and James up because they’re not.  The plan was for the former to win with ease, be safe from the block and keep Liz up. When the feeds returned, there was an unhappy looking Clay, so we instantly knew what happened. Based on everything I’ve heard, Liz essentially had to carry James through the competition, so I’m sure the CBS episode will play it up like they did when Caleb threw it and Frankie won it alone. (The difference is, James wasn’t AS obvious.. close, though)

This means the twin twist will happen, and Julia is guaranteed to enter the house this Thursday night after the 5th eviction. This also means they increased the chances of Austin not going home. Granted, it was pretty much only doubling the chances, and they were slim to begin with. Had Liz remained on the block, she was guaranteed to play PoV. Now, she’s not. However, had she won, she was guaranteed to use it on herself. Now, she’s guaranteed to not use it.


When you look at it that way, it’s almost better that Liz won because her odds to play and win shrunk tremendously. I think. My statistics professor would be upset with me over this. Had she been on the block, her chances were 1:6 that she’d win and save herself, which would have been good for the house. Now, there is a 1:10 chance (counting houseguest choice) her name will be draw, and then a 1:6 chance she could win, which would then be bad.  (Note: the 1:10 changes every draw).   Perhaps someone who is much smarter in statistics can calculate her odds of playing and winning now that she’s off the block.

Enough rambling. If Austin or Liz win the POV today, the plan is foiled. Anything else, and Austin will probably walk out the door.

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  • 10:57am – The house is up and getting ready to draw names for veto.
  • 11:30am – Feeds down for veto drawing.
  • 12:15pm – Players picked:
    • Vanessa, Becky, Clay, Liz, John, Shelli
  • Things are not looking good for Austin, but Liz can win. If she does, it will probably be a dull week as Austin doesn’t know he’s a target anyway
  • 12:30pm – Feeds went down again with Jeff Loops.  It would be weird for the veto to start this soon after drawing, but never know. We’ll monitor how long they’re down for
  • 12:54pm – Feeds back, Havenot choice (3). They also get to enjoy ‘slopcorn’
    • Shelli, Clay, Steve (Steve volunteered, the other two haven’t been HN yet)
  • 1:15pm – Shelli, Becky, Jackie, Jason are talking about Liz/Julia and Austin. They’re still comparing notes on the two twins, because apparently the confession of Austin wasn’t enough.
  • 1:30pm – The HoH room talking about how they need to get Steve out sooner rather than later. They compare him to Ian. Then they start talking about how the bbtakeover disappeared.
  • 1:50pm – Becky is talking to John, and they realize that Vanessa (and crew)’s plan is to put people on the block. They’ll say one is safe, but one is really more expendable than the other. Neither are happy about the situation in the house, but they’re not exactly doing anything.
  • Becky is talking about how Vanessa never wants blood on her hands. Definitely a theme for Vanessa this season
  • 1:54pm – PoV time I believe. Jason was called to the DR, and now we’re on Jeff Loops. Should be a few hours
  • 4:15pm – Was laying down for a bit, but the feeds returned about 20 minutes ago. PoV reveal:
    • Clay won the PoV
  • The big question is whether or not Vanessa will go through with her plan of backdooring Austin or not.
  • 5:00pm – I am in a panic. This under the weather feeling has turned into a temp of 100+. I will be devastated if I don’t go this week. Is flying while sick a bad idea?
  • In Big Brother news, Shelli is speculating Becky threw botb because she wanted clay out. Paranoia indeed.
  • 7:12pm – Austin is pleading for his Big Brother life to Vanessa. Shelli is pushing for Becky to go home. I will be pretty sad if Becky goes home this week. Not because she’s boring, but because she really does seem like a nice person, and I’d like to see her make it to jury.  Honestly, nobody in the house really bothers me to see them go home the week before jury. They should have cast more villains.
  • Vanessa asks Austin how does she know he’s not America’s Player. He said he can’t prove it, just have to trust.  I personally would have said something like ‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll be a puppet for you to prove it.’.. not like that guarantees anything.
  • 7:40pm  – Austin is spilling the beans to Clay/Shelli about his conversation with Jason. He keeps throwing around how he’s in love with Liz.  oh boy
  • Shelli mentions Austin should stay, and someone should go up who would send Becky home.
  • 8:07pm – Everyone leaves, Austin returns to room with Jason.
  • Meanwhile, Clay/Shelli go upstairs to talk to Vanessa
  • 8:30pm – Shelli, Clay, Vanessa and Liz are still up in the HoH room. They are discussing the options, but it sounds like they want to keep Austin for a week

Check back for more

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