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Big Brother 17 – Re-Nom Live Update Thread

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What will Vanessa do? That is the main question of the day.  There is no sure answer just yet, but it appears she is leaning towards nominating Jason. There isn’t much to talk about that hasn’t been mentioned in my earlier thread, so I’ll jump right into the feeds…

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  • 10:00am – The house had their wake-up call, and I expect this week to have a much earlier PoV meeting than last week.
  • 10:14am – Vanessa asks Jackie and says ‘You can say you don’t want to tell me, but I’d rather you not lie. Do you know who had the phone booth access?  Was it someone other than Day?’
    Jackie – “No”
    Now the question is, will Vanessa believe Jackie or her own theories?
  • Vanessa asks more, and finds out Jason told Jackie, so she likely thinks Jason is lying
  • Vanessa is confused because they didn’t exclude Clay. Jackie thinks it’s because it was too obvious.
  • Now, the paranoia is going wild with Vanessa. She is really clueless what to do right now because of this phone booth thing and trust.
  • 11:00am – Vanessa approaches Becky and says that James indeed helped Liz with the correct spelling of Christine during the competition that would have changed the outcome of the week. Had he didn’t, Liz/James would have been on the block.  James is screwed next week.
  • 11:30am – So much paranoia in the BB house this morning. Vanessa is freaking because she thinks someone in her 8 person alliance made a leak.
  • Clay was just called to the DR, so veto meeting should be happening now.
  • 1:00pm – Feeds are back. Jason has been nominated. Meg really upset
  • Clay and Becky are trying to comfort Meg, while Vanessa is chatting with Liz/Julia in the HoH room
  • James is telling Clelli that Jason was talking bad about James, meanwhile, Jason is heading upstairs. Switching feed
  • Nevermind, Jason is doing quick rounds to tell people to vote for him and saying that Vanessa is lying about him talking bad about people
  • Meg to DR, so upstairs is on hold for now
  • I guess Vanessa is going to go with James correcting the spelling of Christine as the worst thing in the world apparently.
  • 1:30pm – Shelli, Jackie, Liz and Vanessa are in the HoH room. Vanessa is doing her best to make Jason look bad, like how Austin ‘confided in him’ about the Liz twin thing.  Yes, Austin did tell Jason, but what do they expect?
  • Vanessa is telling Jackie that she was never an option (she was)
  • The promise made to Austin is that nobody can vote for him to win if he’s in the final 2 lol
  • James tells Jason to play it dirty and say to John and Steve that if he doesn’t vote for him, his friends will come after him next week. James says ‘May as well, everyone else is playing dirty’.
    Yes James, it’s called making moves instead of sitting on your ass getting pegged off refusing to believe Audrey when she tells you there is a super strong alliance working together.
  • 2:00pm – Shelli and Clay are doing some damage control with Meg and James in the HN room. Still waiting on them to go upstairs
  • 2:15pm – Still waiting for Jason, but I have to step out for a little bit to calling hours for a friend’s sister. I will be back, hopefully fireworks happened, but Jason said he’s going to try and remain calm.
  • 7:30pm – Longer than I expected. Time to catch up on anything that happened over the past few hours. Stay with me here….
    • It looks like it was a fairly eventful afternoon. Jason had a talk with Vanessa, and he was a bit pissed that she is HoH because he coached her the night before on the potential competition (Jason, get over it. That competition was easy. Vanessa is smart. She was winning without your coaching)
    • Jason has been trying to push some attention on Clay and Shelli who have been flying under the radar. Great, but Clay and Shelli have numbers, so barring a big twist, it won’t matter unless the next HoH can somehow end up in a situation with Clay v Shelli on the block.
  • Currently, Vanessa is rambling to Clay, Shelli and Jackie.  Jackie is not really thrilled about how the week is ending up, but she’s playing along.
  • 7:50pm – Meg and Jason laying in bed talking. I have a feeling Meg is going to be mourning all week.
  • 8:12pm – Jason is laying in bed crying when Shelli comes to join with tears in her eyes
  • Shelli is denying all involvement. Meg said that’s frustrating because everyone is saying that.
  • Becky and Jackie are outside chatting about the situation. Becky feels bad, but she obviously wants to stay
  • Becky said even if she was HoH, she wouldn’t make a big move like backdoor Vanessa.  haha. Good job losing.

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