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Big Brother 17 – Sunday Blogging; Austin Campaigning

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Good afternoon, Junkies!  Sunday afternoon, and Austin’s personal operation of ‘Get to jury with the love of my life’ is well underway. This week is taking a turn just like last week. Around Friday, there was a specific target, and by Sunday a completely new target. This week it was Austin, but now it’s apparently going to be Becky – maybe.

Vanessa is likely going to do it in a way that gets ‘no blood on her hands’, so I’d expect another set-up situation that turns the entire house against whatever target they choose. Jackie’s name was also floated around, but because Shelli wants Becky out, I think Becky will be out.

Quick note:
You guys have been so absolutely fantastic with your support of my trip. I’m going to put my donate link up,  but only because I still need to pick up a few supplies before the trip. I heard these Airplane plugs work pretty well. Anyone have any experience?


Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Liz and Vanessa are in the HoH room. Liz says she is going to distance herself from Austin to lower the target (and because he’s losing his shit).
  • Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay are talking to Steve in the HN room. Steve is suggesting to keep Austin, and Shelli agrees.  He is too big of a target to go home now, and he’s right.  Honestly, Austin is a perfect target.  Big Brother competitions are generally more about luck or memory, so the big strong dudes are almost irrelevant, yet are always perceived threats.
  • 12:00pm – It sounds like Clay and Shelli have Steve firmly on board, and sounds like he is excited to finally work with someone. Too bad he is easily disposable, but this should buy him some time
  • Shelli is telling Steve how weird he acts, like when he comes in a room and stands there. Not in a bitchy way, but telling him why people think he is threatening.
  • 12:30pm – Clay and Shelli are in the HN room chatting, Steve is in the kitchen cooking
  • Had to change feeds when Shelli started gushing over Clay’s side profile.
  • 1:30pm – Liz is talking to Austin in the kitchen. So much for distancing herself.  Also, the house is on lockdown because they’re building something outside. They are guessing it has something to do with the Outback Steakhouse thing people got during BotB, but it is weird they’re building a huge thing for it.  Maybe Outback paid a lot for advertising.  It is pretty damn good place to eat.  There you go Outback, free plug.
  • I just watched Liz spend 5 minutes trying to take the trash bag out of the bucket. The little things that entertain me
  • 1:45pm – Vanessa is now talking to Steve about his personality. He is starting to understand how hovering around people is kind of weird.  Steve said he even heard James say the cameras give more privacy than Steve. I like Steve, he’s so socially awkward. I can relate.  I’d be the Steve in the house.
  • Vanessa speculates Johnny Mack got the phone call (from the twist).

Speaking of twist. I just thought of this last night. I have an idea for a twist that Julie should introduce this week while I’m there.  Opposite Week!

  • It starts off with battle of the block.  The winning team does get safety, but the losing HoH gets to keep power
  • For power of veto – The last person to finish gets the ability to pick one person from the contest to be winner.
  • Eviction – Whoever you vote to evict, you’re actually voting to keep.  Now, they’ll have some phonebooth type of thing mid-week that will reveal this secret to one person who can do what they want with it.  They can hide it and cause chaos on Thursday, or share it and nullify the twist.

Ok, that was my idea for a takeover twist, but it won’t happen. Back to feeds…

  • 2:20pm – Vanessa and Liz are telling Steve that Jason and Meg think he’s annoying.  Vanessa says Jason is just threatened because he sees Steve as the biggest threat because he’s smarter with BB knowledge.
  • 2:50pm – One thing Vanessa us certain abouis that Da’Vonne wasn’t the phone call person (she was). She is also getting fairly certain about the Jeff votes, but she’s wrong about that as well. However, Becky may be safe because Van will realize nobody will trust her as a pawn. However, if Becky stays, she’ll be pissed Van didn’t backdoor Austin. Vanessa is tangling herself a little web
  • 4:30pm – Took a nap break. Shelli is on the feeds with Clay, and Jackie is in the kitchen. Not much happening obviously. I’ll check twitter to see if anything happened in the past hour.
  • 4:50pm – Vanessa is REALLY busy when she’s HoH. John is up in the room now, she’s chatting with him about some ‘information’ she learned.
  • Oh boy, sounds like this information is how she figured out Jeff was the phone call guy, and apparently he removed his own vote. Vanessa’s been in the house too long
  • 5:15pm – Time to go watch the CBS episode. Nothing going on in the house anyway.
  • 6:50pm – The feeds are currently down for the Outback Steakhouse dinner
  • 8:15pm – Jason is complaining about not being able to smoke
  • Jason and Meg are talking about how they don’t like the way Austin looks. He said Austin makes his d*ck shrivel.  They then talk about whether or not Liz likes him.
  • Note: People are still outside eating, but they’re not showing that. It appears a few more went than just the winners. Clay is outside, so perhaps the losers were able to go as well (though Jackie is inside as well)
  • I am going to take a break for a little to rest. I may be back on if something happens, so I’ll keep this open for now!

Check back for more

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