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Big Brother 17 – So, You’re Telling Me There Is A Chance?

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After the veto ceremony yesterday, the week was done. Vanessa was going to jury and they were already preparing for a potential double eviction  (which is happening this week). Time for me to take a break and come back on Thursday night, right?  Wrong.

Last night, the James crew started overthinking the situation quite a bit and are now tossing around the idea of keeping Vanessa over Shelli. Why?  Why not! There is nothing else to do other than relax and enjoy the week knowing you’re eliminating someone who has had their hand in nearly every eviction. The logic is that Vanessa will only go after Becky, but Shelli is open season for any of them. While that is true, Shelli may have her sights set on everyone, but she has almost nobody behind her. Vanessa, on the other hand, still has numbers if she remains.

I know that sounds weird considering they’re on the same side, but reality is that Vanessa was the leader of the group while Shelli was up Clay’s butt the last 50somewhat days. Shelli may be the stronger competitor and may be a loose cannon, but she is also nowhere near as smart as Vanessa.  There is still a long week to go, but if last night is any indication, this house could sway back and forth numerous times before the actual eviction.


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Updates –

  • 9:00am – Still sleepy time in the Big Brother house
  • 10:30am – Some are up. John is sitting outside alone. The house feels lonely without Jason in his smoking spot.
  • 11:00am – John is hanging out on the hammock, Shelli just finished showering.
  • 11:40am – Vanessa has emerged from the bedroom today. She is in the bathroom chatting with Shelli
  • Vanessa is talking like a robot mocking Becky
  • Most of the house is now up. Hard life
  • 12:00pm – People are getting ready to spend the day near the pool
  • Vanessa tells Steve that it’s going to be very obvious that she is going after Becky
  • 12:45pm – Houseguests are still doing HoH pictures
  • 1:30pm – James and his girls were talking about how they’re going to get through a few more days of havenot, meanwhile, John is chatting with Steve outside near the pool
  • 2:00pm – Meg to James “Becky has to go sooner rather than later too”
  • 3:00pm –  I am listening to the feeds from bed. Not much going on, but I keep hearing Liz and/or Julia whine something out. Why do they do that?
  • 4:30pm – James, Meg and Austin are outside, while Steve, Shelli and a few others are in the bedroom.  I turn to Shelli’s feed to hear her say she enjoys hand caressing. Quickly switched back. While they repeat brass tacks often, listening to James and Austin talk is much more fun
  • I just looked at my updates today. Wow, what a slow day
  • 5:00pm – Austin is in the hammock with Liz, Julia is hanging out with Vanessa.  Many are sleeping.  James is with John somewhere.  Really, really boring afternoon.
  • 6:30pm – Vanessa is outside with Austin and James going off about Becky again. Ugh.
  • Speaking of dumb drama, I just watched Dance Moms for the first time in like 3 years. That show is so weird now. It was pretty weird before, but now it feels completely fake.
  • James is saying Vanessa sold him (not a surprise). We’ll see what he actually says when he goes back to Jackie and Meg
  • Vanessa is now talking to the whiners and Shelli joins.
  • Vanessa is preaching the bible to the group
  • 8:00pm – Vanessa has been working the house pretty well and it sounds like she’s staying – for now
  • James, Jackie and Meg agree to vote out Shelli.  Ok then.
  • 9:00pm – Taking another hour off to watch TV. I’ll update on house shortly
  • 10:30pm – Shelli is talking to Lizulia in the bathroom and has noticed some scampering going on.  Meg is planning on telling Becky about the new plan to keep Vanessa on Thursday morning, so this Thursday may be another busy day. Don’t they know that’s what Wednesday’s are for??
  • More recent updates:
  • Steve has been having a tough time. He told Shelli if she goes, he’s screwed.
  • Austin complains they got a small booze delivery  (4 beers and 1 bottle of wine)
  • So, the lines are clearly being drawn. Meg, Jackie and James are becoming more obvious as a group and will become major targets sooner rather than later. However, Austin, Liz and Julia have another group that will need to be broken up.
  • 10:36pm – Vanessa is outside talking to the gremlins (James, Jackie, Meg) about Becky. She just wants to hammer the nail.
  • In the kitchen, someone sang the theme song to the generals insurance commercial in front of Becky. This is because of the alliance Becky suggested with Vanessa (to name it the generals)
  • Vanessa’s story is the same exact story she has told this group about 3x already. And we have another few days of this.
  • Johnny Mack joins the conversation and Vanessa changes the subject and Meg walks away. We’re safe for now
  • 10:54pm – I don’t know if I can take much more of Vanessa tonight, so I’ll recap anything that happens overnight tomorrow

Check back for updates

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