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Big Brother 17 – Thursday Live Feed Updates

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bb17-w5-jasonIt’s elimination day! I’m #teamjason what about you comment down below! I’m excited for Julia to come in! I’ll be live updating tonight’s episode so if you need to check for that tonight. So about the house guests I have wrote up a little bit about them. Becky is on the block and scared, I know she really wants to stay and is persuading people to vote for her stay. Jason basically assumes he’s going home but no one knows until tonight. Don’t forget to expect the unexpected. Shelli is very scared for double eviction cause she thinks her and Clay are a target for double eviction. Liz and Austin are very confusing to me she says she doesn’t like him but I think she does. Just admit it Liz. I’ve been reading the comments and a lot of you have been saying there gonna be friction between Liz and Julia because of Liz and Austins relationship I totally agree with anyone who thinks that. James is very homesick and he’s been sleeping a lot lately because he says that helps. Meg has been very upset and is afraid her best friend in the game Jason is going home. I can’t believe John never gets away from the Veto competition he wasn’t even on the block this week and of course he gets picked to play and then came close to winning. That’s all I have to say about the house guests for now.

  • 10:00am- The house guests got their usual wake up call at 10 am.
  • 10:30am- The live feeds were turned off. They’re saying that the house guests are playing a secret game and we won’t find out until the next episode which may or may not be tonight.
  • 1:30pm- It just clicked back on. Finally! I don’t know what they were doing hopefully we’ll find out tonight. Shelli and Clay are in the kitchen making some slop. Yum! Also Steve is in there making some real food. Austin is just getting a drink. Very quiet in the house today. Most of them are still sleeping.
  • 3:30pm- We’re back to where we started and they turned off live feeds again. (sad face) They’re now preparing for tonight’s episode. So just stay tuned for tonight’s episode live updates. By the way it’s gonna be an add on to this thread.
  • 9:20pm- The house is taking turns in the shower just trying to get cleaned up from the HOH comp. The twins are in the room talking and then Austin of course is there to invade. Becky is cooking pizzas for everyone too how sweet? Julia is calling Austin out while sh has him and Liz in the room with her. Telling him that’s wrong and he should of confronted her and of course he’s being super defensive and trying to be cool at the same time cause he’s in love with her twin.

Good night everyone! I will write up some more tomorrow for you guys. Don’t forget to watch Big Brother After Dark on your tv providers POP channel. 1 pm eastern time and 10 pm central time.

               Live Episode Updates

  • Jason is trying to keep his emotions inside him and said he is gonna fight nonstop to get off the block and not go home this week.
  • Meg is questioning Clay because she thinks that he knew but he didn’t about the plan to backdoor Jason.
  • Meg and Jackie figured out about the Sixth Sense alliance.
  • Clay and Shelli now feel like bigger targets because Vanessa is blaming putting Jason up on Shelli and Clay.
  • Jackie and Jason want Liz, Austin, Shelli, and Clay to come over to their side.
  • Live voting is beginning.
  • Austin- Jason
  • Meg- Becky
  • Liz- Jason
  • James- Becky
  • Steve- Jason
  • Jackie- Jason
  • Shelli-Jason
  • It’s official Jason will leave tonight.
  • Clay- Jason
  • Johnny Mac- Jason
  • Jason stayed so positive.
  • Julia is in the game and they are going crazy!
  • The game is resetting now which means Battle of the Block is over and only one HOH every week from now on!
  • The HOH competition has started its an endurance competition.
  • Then they ended the show in the competetion. Check the new thread for live updates of the HOH comp.
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