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Big Brother 17 – Veto Day Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone. It’s veto day, and typically around this time, and moving forward, it’s certainly the most important comp. Don’t get me wrong, winning safety with HoH is always nice, but winning veto is just as crucial because there aren’t many people to pick from. And, in the case of today, it can really mess with the HoH’s plans if the wrong person wins the competition. For example, if Julia wins today, she can save Liz and Steve will be forced to nominate Vanessa or John. There are no other options. That is why I am personally rooting for Julia to win, simply because that will cause the most drama going forward.

Alright, I’ll jump into the updates. Veto competitions are usually pretty long, and the house is mostly dead right now, so this could be a very small update page until the competition is over and we see the results…

  • 11:45am – Austin is in the bathroom getting ready for the day
  • 1:15pm – Came back from McDonalds (yes, I eat healthy), and feeds are down.
  • 3:00pm – Veto comp still going on
  • Scratch that. 5 minutes later they’re back up…
    • Austin won the PoV
    • Vanessa crying in the bathroom for whatever reason
    • Steve tries to come in and the twins say ‘not now. go away’
    • Apparently something happened during veto comp. Vanessa was accused of something
    • Vanessa to Julia – If Austin had his way, you’d be on the block this week next to your sister.  I swear to everything that I’m looking out for you. If you think Austin would have thrown it to you, you’re wrong.
    • I guess Austin called out Julia and Vanessa during the competition. He thought something was shady. They had one of those head to head competitions, and someone picked two people to play (and Austin thought it was weird)
    • Vanessa keeps telling Julia she is so close to spilling the beans on Austin
    • Meanwhile, Austin is trying to convince Liz that Vanessa wouldn’t have thrown it to Julia (he is right, she wouldn’t have)
    • Vanessa is shocked anyone thinks she’s capable of playing dirty (lol)
    • Austin is going to try to get Steve to renom Vanessa
  • 3:25pm – Timestamp check
    • Liz says what she learned today is that Austin is really selfish and that he’s no Clay.  He’s no ‘knight in shining armor’.  (kill me)
    • Vanessa is playing her -I’m going to keep saying I know something, but I’m no rat so I’ll look loyal but you’ll also think the opposite of whatever you’re thinking- card. What Vanessa knows is that she’s behind it all and she is doing massive damage control
    • Julia – That’s why when he was nominated, he was acting cool as a cucumber. Because he knew he wasn’t the target
    • In another room, Austin and John are realizing that Vanessa is playing both sides of the house
    • Austin comes into the bathroom to confront Vanessa.  Vanessa is saying what she said during the competition was only because Julia asked her advice
    • (I can’t wait to see this veto competition)
    • Vanessa has her crocodile tears going. Austin apparently felt
    • Austin said his plan was to throw it to Julia if it was just him and the twins remaining because that was their plan. He said he hoped he’d be able to strong arm Steve into putting up Johnny.
    • Vanessa is still denying any involvement in anything shady. She’s such a clean player apparently!
  • 3:45pm – Austin requests to speak with Vanessa alone
    • Austin – What are you saying to them?
    • Vanessa – I did defend you even though I think  you’re a piece of shit right now
    • Vanessa points out how if he had indeed thrown it to Julia, she would have been sitting on the block next to him. That’s why she’s so pissed at him right now
    • Austin thinks Vanessa was playing up her anger and asks if they should keep it up so people will think they hate each other. Vanessa says she is pretty pissed at him
    • He tells her how heard Vanessa told Julia that she had a lot of Austin and was holding it in. Austin keeps backing down to anything she replies. He is seriously still willing to keep a f2 with her
  • 4:00pm – Austin’s chat with Liz has broken down to him still kissing her ass, while Julia and Liz are in the other room realizing they may be split up this week
    • Vanessa slips in ‘don’t say anything  bad about me to them, because I’ve been a real friend to them’ (and because it may screw her game)
    • Vanessa mentions how Liz thought he would use the veto on her. He is a bit shocked lol
    • Liz is in another room saying she can’t trust Austin and can’t look at him. Liz is going to be staring at the floor for the rest of the season at this rate. First Steve, now Austin?
    • Liz off to sleep. Austin and Vanessa talking to Steve in the kitchen
  • 4:28pm – Austin was sitting with Liz for awhile in complete silence.  Vanessa came in and gave a speech how she shouldn’t be mad at him.  More silence. Austin leaves and Liz is now crying saying how embarrassing this is
    • Liz gets called to the DR and is grumbling about that. Goes to the bathroom to clean up and tells Julia who yells ‘can you call someone else, please’
  • 5:00pm – After some gushing over Jesse (Mr Pectacular) who hosted the PoV contest from Julia, they break up conversation and Liz is back in bed. Everyone else mulling around the house

Check back for updates

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