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Big Brother 17 – Veto Meeting Live Blogging

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Today is the moment of truth for Shay. James has all the power in the house for the next few hours, and can really alter the flow of the season of the Big Brother season.  Right now, Shelli and Clay are on the block, James is HoH and veto holder. He can replace anyone he wants with pretty much anyone else he wants (since nobody else is technically safe). Right now, he has his sights set on getting either of Shay out, but he did drop a Vanessa hint shortly before he went to bed this morning. One thing I do know, that sleeper cell is starting to crumble.


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  • 10:50am – James is up and has been talking to Austin for a little while. He is kind of making an informal alliance with him, and it’s not a bad idea. Vanessa showed her cards to Austin then backed out. Probably her biggest mistake of the season because now Austin knows he is on her list of being booted whenever she feels. She either should never have told him, or got him out. Never pull out a gun unless you’re going to use it.
  • 11:08am – Meg is talking to Shelli and Clay who are still in bed, and Shelli is a bit worked up James was talking to Austin
  • 11:20am – Feeds down for meeting
  • 12:00pm – Feeds back up. Quick meeting. Veto NOT used, so Shelli or Clay will be leaving the house this Thursday.  No more Shay
  • I finally found a nickname I like for them, and they’re splitting up, boo!   Now, the big question will be … who?
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  • 1:40pm – Oops, I zonked. Anyway, Vanessa is outside talking to his girls. She is telling them how Shelli threw everyone under the bus and how she outed the whole Judas thing.
  • However, she is saying Shelli is going to apologize. They need to accept her apology and move on, for now.
  • Now the twins are outside on a little bash session of Clay. Nothing major, just how he never really talked to them, and had very little interaction. It could be because Shelli would have ripped his penis off, but that’s none of my business.
  • 2:00pm – Shelli comes out for her apology to the twins
  • Shelli is not going to ‘campaign against him’ BUT she’d love the twins vote
  • Note – If James ever reads this. Good for him for trying to make a move, but he completely f’d up two weeks ago when Audrey told him about the power alliance and he ran right to Clay about it. I explained how that was the tipping point because they still had a chance (and numbers) if they united.  Now, it’s pointless. Vanessa has Derrick’d the house, so even when James causes a rift, she locks it down. They’re accepting the loss and moving on instead of shattering.
  • 2:35pm – Vanessa is still on the clock. She is working Steve even though she has absolutely no reason to right now.  This is why she’s going to win.
  • Steve is shocked to learn he is the floater. They said aka Ian (not picking sides) and Steve said no, not Ian at all.  Actually, yes, Ian was. While Ian wasn’t a Spencer type of floater, he was someone who played an extremely neutral game. When battle lines were drawn, Ian was on the sidelines until the final few weeks of the season.  Steve, on the other hand, isn’t even on the field during the battle.  He is indeed floating.

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  • 2:56pm – Liz and Julia are talking to Steve and one of them called him Steve Beans.  Hey wait, that’s ME!
  • 3:15pm – Steve is still blown away that he’s considered a floater.  Poor Steve.
  • 3:30pm – The twins leave and Steve tells Vanessa how he’s into Julia, and thinks she’s flirting with him
  • 3:50pm – James had a brief conversation with Meg in the pantry. He thinks they have Steve, but that’s a big NO. Right now it’s basically:
    Shelli/Clay, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin with floater votes Steve and John vs Meg, James and Jackie.  I didn’t forget Becky, she has an alliance with the sun
  • 4:00pm – Taking a break, be back in a bit
  • 6:15pm – I’m back, not much going on. Austin is working out while Meg is napping outside (she’s going to get yelled at for that soon)
  • 7:00pm – Perhaps I misread Austin, as he is bashing Shelli with Liz right now, but I still feel Vanessa will keep them all together long enough to secure more than enough numbers to get herself to the final 3
  • Yea, Austin is pretty upset with Shay, as he’s now talking to John about them (knowing it will get back to them)
  • 7:40pm – John is pretty sure the house is going to vote out Shelli, which would be funny.
  • 8:15pm – John and Julia are having a long, long talk. She is saying she wants to be a tourist when she gets out and see stuff like the walk of fame. Nanana, I got to see it!
  • 8:30pm – The gang is now Austin, Liz and Julia talking about Shay. Now they’re talking about how Shelli and Clay never kiss.
  • 9:15pm – Clay has been talking to Vanessa and thinks he’s staying, and thinks it’s unanimous. Well, this week may get interesting now that self preservation is kicking in over feelings for someone you just met a month ago
  • 9:50pm – I’m about to head to bed, but Liz and Julia are really disgusted with Clay, so expect something to happen before the end of the week.  Get your live feeds here

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