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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone. Only one day until the house has a very dramatic change in flow with the double eviction about 30 hours away. One of my favorite eviction episodes of the season are the double evictions, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow night!  Even though Becky will likely be walking out the door shortly after Shelli, it should still be a pretty fun episode to watch.

On the feeds today, I expect a 50/50 shot at drama as Becky is starting to notice the flow changing, so it’s only a matter of time until she confronts the situation and learns the truth.  I covered a lot in the update this morning, so I’m going to jump right into the updates…

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  • 11:50am – The whiners are outside together talking about the house…
    • They are talking about how weird it is that Johnny Mack sleeps all day, yet gets called to the DR a lot (it’s because he’s entertaining)
    • They called Becky a witch and can go back to Denver. They’re upset Becky wanted to target them
    • Shelli hasn’t really been talking to them since Clay left, so she’s on their list now.
    • Austin comes out and of course doesn’t have his mic higher, so I hear mumbles.
    • They want to tell Shelli she is safe so she doesn’t go crazy over the next day
    • They’re wondering why Becky’s roommate is talking about how her room is so clean now that she’s gone. They think Becky’s cleaning personality in the house is super fake
    • The three say they’ll never vote for John in the final 2 because he will eventually be earning 6 figures as a dentist.  (check Vanessa’s bank account)
  • Note – I kind of like the format of doing a second level for updates with the first level using the time stamp. Thoughts?
  • 12:09pm – Jackie is in the hoh room with Becky…
    • Becky says Shelli is better in the house because she’s more independent right now (she is). Vanessa is more dangerous
    • Becky also said her group is protected from Vanessa anyway because she made herself a target
    • Jackie is laying the groundwork for her reveal to Becky about keeping Vanessa.  She keeps saying she wouldn’t mind Shelli going home.
    • Becky is confident that Steve wouldn’t target their group
    • The talk goes on for a little while. Becky says the twins are at summer camp and would never win, but they are a power force
    • The two start studying for a comp
  • 12:35pm – Austin is downstairs cooking for Liz
    • Liz makes fun of him for the smelly barbarian and Austin speculates that production tried to make that up.
    • He said at the beginning of the season, the DR asked him if Jace looks like pee-wee herman. To stir up jokes
  • 1:10pm – Liz tells Julia she has a hickey on her neck /puke
  • 1:30pm – Liz, Austin, Julia, and Jackie are outside talking
    • Austin said he thinks John is a cop posing as a dentist
    • Austin is saying they need to protect Jackie’s 3 because then they’ll (Austizulia) be the target
    • They’re talking about how Becky refused to have a conversation with Vanessa after the nominations. She said Becky should treat them  like humans
    • The group is saying that the 6 need to just stick together and vote together and they’ll have the numbers until everyone else is gone
  • 2:00pm – Indoor lockdown begins.
  • 3:45pm – There has been some game talk mixed with mentions if brass tacks sprinkled with some vanessa bible studies. I have to step out, but I will update when I return.
  • 6:45pm – Home. Going to watch big brother on CBS then update you on feeds
    • Here are some highlights of this afternoon….
    • Becky had a talk with Meg and Jackie and is now getting the feeling Vanessa is staying.  They are convinced Vanessa will go right after Shelli, but that’s just stupid. Sorry. If you want to do back to back, you get out the one you REALLY want out first because the second isn’t a guarantee. I would laugh if someone told me that in the house. Kind of like how they laughed at Vanessa when she said she wants to keep Shelli, but target her next week (sure)
    • The CBS episode was kind of dull. Sorry, production, I give it a D+  this week.  I feel they had a lot of potential with the weird James clips, but then just got it off to something else. Scratch that, I’ll bump it up a grade to C+ simply because the comics were awesome. But the rest of the episode was dull.  That’s ok, calm before the storm. I expect tomorrow night to be crazy.
  • 7:50pm – House update – Vanessa is packing, and a few in the kitchen.
  • 8:30pm – Vanessa is having some whispers with John…
    • Vanessa is doing some ass kissing to John. She is telling him about Audrey’s dream that he won
    • She is mostly talking his head off, and he has his very bored face going
  • 9:00pm – The gremlins or goblins or w/e are in the HoH room studying
  • 9:30pm – Mostly studying by both groups. Will there be drama later on or tomorrow?

Check back for updates

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