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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Hi, Becky. We're bored, too.
Hi, Becky. We’re bored, too.

Good afternoon, everyone. Guess what today is!  I’ll give you a hint….



Although, in the Big Brother world, it is either Saturday or Sunday depending on what you consider a new week. Tomorrow is eviction, and Audrey will be going home. Did she have a shot at staying?  Well, last Thursday night she was 100% safe. That slowly deteriorated the more she hounded Shelli until the big blowup on Sunday. After that, she became 0% safe and has done just as much to remain in the game. While Vanessa did toss around the idea of keeping her, the three of them (her, Shelli and Clay) quickly shot it down simply because Audrey has been in the have-not room since Sunday night.


She skipped out on the PoV meeting, which you’ll see tonight on CBS. She has only really been out to go to the bathroom, and I assume get something to drink/eat, although we haven’t really been able to see that. While I’m sure many feel bad for Audrey, as do I, just remember how many people want to play this game. We had a very similar situation last year in week 4 where Brittany was guaranteed to go home, but was even given insult to injury when she was forced to kick 2,400 soccer balls in a net from the POV competition. She could have skipped it and gave Big Brother the big FU considering she knew she was gone, but she did it and will forever go down in BB history as a classy player.

So, that leads us to today. The biggest questions will be how long Jason sits in his smoking corner, and just how far up Liz’s ass Austin can go.


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  • 11:50am – Austin was working out for awhile, and stopped to go into bed with Liz. They chatted for a bit before Liz got up for the day. Around the house, Becky, John and Clay have also been up and about, and Jason is now up eating breakfast. Hopefully his seat is warmed up!
  • Oh, looks like Van is up and now she’s outside talking to Clay. She said last night she was the last one up and saw Jason talking to Jackie, and it is all making sense now. Because both people lost someone in the house, Vanessa assumes they’re 100% together. She speculates Jason, Meg and Jackie as a solid 3.
  • Shelli is out there as well, listening about this secret power alliance lol
  • 12:20pm – Shelli, Jason and Clay are talking about the idea of just throwing HoH to Steve to see him pick a side. They won’t really, but they are curious where he stands
  • 12:30pm – Voice comes over the speaker “Housesguests, can you hear me?” (female voice). Feeds cut, return and they’re saying 20 more minutes. Probably to lockdown.
  • Austin is talking to Liz about how ‘Judas’ is going to vote for Audrey to stay and they’ll blame Steve
  • 1:15pm – Indoor lockdown is underway, and there is a whole group of people in one room just not talking. This is going to be a long day
  • Nevermind, they are talking. Meg’s mouth is moving (shocker). Sound must be bonked for now
  • 2:55pm – I was laying in bed listening to the feeds, then zonked out. Shelli yelled something across the house, and freaked me out lol. Anyway, not a lot going on. With Audrey just waiting for tomorrow, I don’t think there will be much going on. Hopefully the do something fun
  • 4:50pm – Back from dinner. While eating, I remembered last week at this time I couldn’t even watch the CBS show on time because there was so much going on.  Now, nothing. Shelli was laying with Clay in the HoH (he went to the DR), and surprise surprise – Austin is with Liz.
  • 5:00pm – Audrey emerged!   She is talking to Shelli.
  • Audrey couldn’t remember Jackie’s name, blamed meds. Audrey is still basically upset about the crap tactic that Vanessa used (the setup prior to PoV to ‘give them a reason’ to put them up)
  • Audrey is pressing for answers.  Shelli says that she knew Audrey/John had a final 2 deal (who the hell didn’t have one?).  Shelli confirms John says it. Audrey denies it and says they were just looking out for each other.
  • Shelli is mentioning the comments she’s heard from Audrey saying that she and Clay need to go up.
  • Audrey says they’re being way too naive around Vanessa (she’s right. Vanessa is a powerful force in the house)
  • (Audrey says she has so much ativan in her system)
  • Shelli says it’s unfair that Audrey wants specific names.  She knows Audrey could potentially blow the house up in the next 24 hours.
  • Audrey keeps pushing, Shelli says “Why don’t you ask the people in the house? Why are you making me incriminate myself?”. It’s a good point, and it’s why having this discussion at all is bad for Shelli’s game.
  • 6:00pm  – The conversation is still going on, but not as exciting.  I am going to watch the CBS episode and come back to see if Audrey blows up the house.
  • 8:20pm – Well, that was a weird episode. I know they only have a limited amount of time, but it’s shocking how much they cut. Perhaps they’ll go more into Audrey’s meltdown tomorrow night
  • Meanwhile in the house, people are playing ‘Cereal Bowling’ using cereal boxes as bowling pins.
  • 9:05pm – Vanessa is in the HN room talking to Audrey a little. Audrey apologized for ignoring her yesterday. They start talking about the meds she is on (Ativan) and the feeds cut
  • 9:42pm – Audrey came out of the room wearing a wig and yelled ‘BB Takeover!’ and read some standard BB sign as a joke.  I am glad to see she’s out of the room!
  • Audrey has disappeared just as fast as she came back. I don’t think she felt welcome. She stood there awkwardly for awhile.  Kind of frustrating they didn’t include her
  • 10:15pm – The house is all sitting around the living room. No mention of the Audrey-shun

Check back for more updates

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