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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Fill In Updates

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Well, what is there to do at 2am when you need to leave for a flight at 4am?  I guess start a new post to prepare for the new day.  This won’t be long, but I am mostly setting it up for my temporary writer Haley who will likely introduce herself when she gets going on this post sometime in the afternoon.  I have a feeling wordpress is going to mess up and not let her publish her own post if I allow her to create it, so that’s why I’m doing it – plus, I’m bored.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to fill in these next two days. Haley’s current free time fit the best with the schedule, but I do appreciate all the offers!

(Btw Tom Brady is getting the massive screwjob whether you’re a Pats fan or not. This isn’t Watergate. He possibly knew of ballboys deflating footballs 1lb, which was never even proven correct in the report. He destroys his phone because he has a supermodel wife and doesn’t want some Apple employee having access. Ok, rant over. Screw Goodell)


With that said, it’s time for me to check out for about 24 hours or so, so Steve out, Haley in…

Hello everyone! I’m Haley and i’ll be taking over for Steve while he’s in LA with his wife. He’ll also be blogging about his experience but i’ll be live updating you throughout the next 3 days. If you’re wondering about power ranking Steve uploaded them last night! So go check that out! There’s a new person on the big number one spot! I will be live updating the episode tonight also! So if you have any questions or comments don’t be afraid to put them down below. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day! Keep checking back for more updates throughout the day!

  • 10:30am- They had a wake up call most of the house ignored it, but some of the house guests got up and are getting ready for the day. Meg is in the diary room doing who knows what. Jackie got up and went to the HOH bathroom got ready and now went back to bed. Shelli is in the downstairs bathroom getting ready. Vanessa is just hanging in her room now waiting for someone to go up their and talk game cause we know that’s what she loves to do best. Everyone else is sleeping and hasn’t got up once. That’s really it for now they’re pretty boring in the morning.
  • 11:30am- More house guests woke up and then there’s the lazy ones who are still sleeping. Johnny Mac and Liz are in the kitchen talking he’s asking questions about the twins and she’s not holding back. Big defensive Austin just joined in. Meg went back to sleep after the diary room. Clay woke up and joined Vanessa and Shelli in the HOH. Can you guess what there talking about? Vanessa’s there of course there talking game. I don’t for see James waking up anytime soon because he’s very homesick and sleeping helps him he slept till really late yesterday too.
  • 12:30pm- Shelli and Clay just left Vanessa to get ready for the day and joined Liz, Johnny Mac, and Austin downstairs in the kitchen. The house isn’t doing much today. Everyone else still remains sleeping. There talking about food and snoring and apparently the only one in the house that snores is Clay.
  • 1:30pm- Clay and Johnny Mac are upstairs playing chess while Becky and Shelli are watching not much talking though. Vanessa, Liz, and Austin are up in the HOH room talking about production and there getting onto them because there not allowed to talk about production if you didn’t know. I’m very surprised because whenever Vanessa talks it’s always about game but she’s not now. That’s really it stay tuned!
  • 2:15pm- The house still remains very quiet. Most of the house is still sleeping but Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz are all upstairs playing chess. That’s about it I don’t know where Becky went but Johnny Mac playing with the hula hoop in the kitchen.
  • 4:00pm- Sorry for not updating I had to cook dinner for my family and eat. I am on eastern time schedule too so ehh but I do update the time for big brother in central time. Anyways, enough about me the house is all awake I assume by now but Jason and James are in the bathroom not saying much to each other and Johnny Mac is taking a shower. Upstairs in the HOH room is Vanessa and Jackie there not saying anything special to be honest.
  • 8:00pm- Liz and Austin are in the kitchen cooking. Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, and Meg are all up in the HOH room talking about dogs. Now Meg was just called to the diary room. Steve just joined Liz and Austin in the kitchen also. Sorry for the slow updates tonight I’ve been a little busy. Shelli and Clay said they don’t want to be romantic on camera. Steve and Johnny Mac are talking. Becky and Jason have packed their bags up because they’re ready to expect the unexpected. Vanessa was now called into the diary room. Becky has now joined them in the HOH room.
  • 9:00pm- Shelli, Clay, Becky, Jackie, and Vanessa are up in the HOH room talking about tomorrows episode i’m so excited! #savejason Meg, Jason, and James are in their room talking about how they’re gonna announce the twin twist tomorrow. I’m so excited I love Julia! It’s finally time!

Well i’m done for tonight have a wonderful rest of your night and don’t forget to tune into big brother after dark live right now on your cable company’s POP channel! Talk to you all tomorrow morning!


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