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Big Brother 17 Week 3 Nomination Feed Updates

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How the mighty have fallen.

James won the dreaded first Big Brother HoH competition, and he is now fighting for his life in the game.  Winning week 1 is dangerous for many reasons, and one of them being the first person to shoot an arrow in the house. People do not forget it, especially seeing as the person is HoH for usually two weeks (remember, they enter the house about a week prior to the first episode).

This week, Austin and/or Vanessa will be the HoH, but it won’t matter which one because they’ve been working together since the beginning. This is absolutely bad news for the guy who got out Austin’s early ally, but also bad news for other guys in the house who are perceived as threats (like Jeff).


As it stands right now, John/James will be going up with John again throwing the BotB against Jeff/Meg.  The feeds will be going down any minute to do the ceremony, so we will have confirmation as soon as they return and update this thread!

  • 11:30am – Feeds still down for the nomination ceremony
  • 11:53am – Feeds back up, getting nominations shortly
  • Austin nominated Jason and Meg
  • Vanessa nominated James and John
  • Austin is telling Jason and Meg that ‘Audrey’ is the target – she’s not
  • John is telling Vanessa he will throw the Botb competition.  One of these times it is going to come back to bite him
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa is still going over the ‘throw BotB’ plan with John
  • Feeds are on Liz chatting with Vanessa and Austin about Jeff constantly harassing her about possibly being a twin or not. He apparently keeps questioning her on random stuff when he sees her.  Vanessa tells her not to worry, he only has 5 more days in the house
  • 2:00pm – Long time between update. Not much happening except people anticipating, worrying about battle of the block and the week to come.  Austin and Vanessa put some cards down on the table with these noms, so now the worrying begins.
  • Apparently Audrey told Jason that she was the vote for Day, who then ran and told Vanessa. However, Audrey denied it to Vanessa
  • Vanessa is also 95% sure that Audrey is a psychic outside the house
  • Austin has a crush on Liz (not Julia), so Vanessa is telling Liz she needs to confront the situation. Liz isn’t too interested in him, and isn’t very impressed that he said he had a girlfriend when he came in (doubtful he still does)
  • 2:50pm – Feeds down, likely for botb
  • 3:45pm – Feeds are still down.  This idle time is making me nervous about the flight. Come on feeds, come back
  • 5:00pm – Still down for the BotB
  • 5:30pm – Still down
  • 6:30pm – Long competition, feeds still down
  • 6:45pm – Feeds back, looks like John successfully threw the competition once again
  • James and John remain on the block.  Barring PoV, James is going home.  The only situation that could mess things up is if Jeff wins, and uses on James, but he won’t. He won’t want to risk Jackie being the replacement.
  • Audrey and Shelli are in the pantry talking when Clay comes in. Shelli is clearly buzzed from the alcohol at the competition. Audrey is a little flirty with him, but also says she thought he was gay when she first met him
  • I guess Paris Hilton was part of the competition. Glad she recovered from her “prank”.. or maybe someone who they nicknamed Paris Hilton
  • 7:10pm – Jeff’s investigating skills for Liz is checking out the size of her ass.
  • Meg is apologizing to James for acting crazy earlier. She was upset about being nominated, but she’s clearly relaxed now
  • James: Big Brother 17 is all new comps, well sort of.  (By all new comps, he means all the same comps?)  He highlighted the spelling comp as the big change because now you spell with score rather than longest.  Big difference lol
  • With that, I am taking a small break for a bit

Check back for updates

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