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Big Brother 18 – Calm Before The Storm 6/29

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We’re about to hit our first live eviction episode of the season, and we could be set up for a good one. Unlike years past where they were mostly unanimous, I think this one could either one down to the wire, or Jozea may be heading home.  Here is the situation: There are 3 people nominated, and 1 HoH. With 15 people remaining, that’s 11 votes and a 6 vote requirement to stay in the house.  Now, here are the current locks (barring any last minute flips where people realize one person is doomed, so they back off and vote with the house):

For Jozea to go: Frank, James, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Corey
For Paulie to go: Natalie, Victor, Bronte, Paul
On the fence: Michelle, Tiffany

I know people feel real comfortable with Michelle and Tiffany, and they probably should be, but there is something about them that I don’t fully trust yet. I think the votes will end up going with Michelle and Tiffany to vote out Jozea with a 7-4 elimination, but at this point I am not completely certain Tiffany would want to get out Jozea. Over the next 20 or so hours, there is a chance she could realize this decision swings the balance of the house, and she could stay with newbies. That said, even if she does, she still needs to bring Michelle with her. Like I said, I would bet on Jozea leaving, but I’m going to keep an eye on the Tiffany situation tonight and tomorrow

  • 8:05pm – In the kitchen, Natalie asks Nicole if Victor was flirting with her. Nicole said ‘kind of’, but she thinks it was strategic. She actually heard Victor was supposed to flirt with her to try to gain favor. This isn’t a tense situation, as I think Natalie is gauging whether or not she should keep trying for someone who isn’t interested in her.
    • Nicole – “I don’t care if you don’t care, which I do, but I don’t”.  Got that?
    • Meanwhile, Frank goes into the pantry with James and Corey to re-tell the story about how Frank spilled the beans on Victor. I didn’t hear the conversation (too lazy to flashback that far), but he told Victor that he’s been lying and saying things like the girls are expendable, etc
  • 8:17pm – Frank re-tells the story to Day and Zaki.  I am feeling bad for Natalie because she really likes him (Vic) for some reason
    • On the other feed, Natalie is chatting with Van2.0 about the Victor situation.
  • 8:41pm – Bronte joins Nat and Van2. Before she joined, Natalie was just saying how she doesn’t feel anything for Victor
    • When Van2 left the room, Bronte told Nat that Jozea apparently made a deal with Van2 about keeping him and promising her power… but didn’t sound like he would hold that deal up. Note – Jozea told her about the deal, so she was possibly humoring him
    • Natalie starts talking about Venezuela and stuff, so the game talk stopped for now.
  • 9:00pm – In the safari room, Corey and Nicole are chatting. Neither trust Bridgette, but Frank does and Nicole doesn’t know why
    • Switching over to Van2 cam, and she is telling the veteran crew about the Jozea conversation. This puts Jozea at 99.98% going home.
  • 9:30pm – Frank and Day are talking about Tiffany. They say she’s acting weird and they don’t even want her to go to jury.
    • Frank says she needs to chill out on the hats. She is looking silly now. It’s like she’s trying to tell everyone who her sister is, but they (Day/Frank) are beginning to think most of the newbies don’t even know Vanessa.
    • screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-30 00-43-14
    • At the same time, Paul is talking to Jozea and Bronte about a few things.  They mentioned the HoH room, and Jozea said when he gets up there, he’s going to clean it up (it’s apparently messy with ants)
    • Jozea wants all their generals to go (Corey, Tiffany) and then the vets will be weak. James is apparently also the glue holding everything together (Frank really is).
    • The first two to put up, James and Corey.  Bronte wants to put up Nicole and Corey, but the guys (Vic is there as well) want to get James out first
    • They keep talking for a bit, and Bronte jumps in with Nicole on the block again.  Paul wonders if ‘their’ vets will worry if/when James and Nicole are targeted. Paul seems to think they won’t mind.  Wow
    • Paul wonders why James is so confident and messing with Victor.  Victor thinks it’s because he’s safe behind Victor.
    • Bronte is boggled by it…  “Isn’t he supposed to be good at this game??”
  • 9:42pm – Why did they put up Paulie? They must want  him out?
    • Paul – “There is no way they could have planned this grandiose scheme in 2 days”.  Nicole has to be going against Paulie because Jozea would be the obvious choice.
    • Jozea – “I hate his (James) country-ass accent. I have nothing against country people, but his annoys me”.  They all keep wondering how James won America’s Favorite
    • They continue to bash James how creepy he has been, like asking why Joz can see Natalie naked but he can’t.
  • 9:48pm – Ironically, the feeds switch and Frank, Day, and Nicole are talking about James. They’re not bashing him as hard as the newbies are, but they are questioning his game strategy.
    • screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-30 01-11-22
    • Frank leaves and the girls (Day, Zaki, Van2, and Nicole) mention how they have to get their guys in check. They’re apparently not only questioning James, but Frank
    • The group splits up to keep Frank from convincing Natalie from voting to keep Paulie. The girls want a blindside
  • 9:53pm – Dumb is telling dumber about the history of BB. He (Joz) is saying how there have been twists where like half the cast have returned. He also said every season there is a red button that completely changes the game.
    • Van2.0 comes in and Joz asks if she’d push the red button. She goes along with it, but then when he says a red button is coming any day, she’s like “wtf?”.  When he says there is always a red button, she tells him no. Jozea says “a majority of seasons had the red button.. like season 16”.  They all laugh because his ‘majority’ is one season. From what I recall, wasn’t it also season 14, and it was just the mentors pushing it?
    • Van2 leaves and Zaki comes in. She is telling the group what they want to hear. She is still playing off that her and Day are team newbie.
    • Zaki also says how she is flirting and playing Paulie, and here is Bronte’s reaction…
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-30 01-26-17
  • 10:10pm – Jozea goes on and on describing his strategy through the season. It sounds so brilliantly easy. Just win comps, and if you have the majority, you will probably win.  Then m&m’s to choose nominations
  • 10:27pm – After Jozea is done revealing his entire weird strat to Zaki, she leaves and goes to re-tell the people in the living room.
  • 10:57pm – Frank, Bronte and Natalie are in the bathroom chatting
    • Nothing really exciting. I expected more, but Frank was just telling him about past seasons, good-bye messages, etc
  • 11:50pm – Been watching the feeds, just some slight scrambling. Natalie is having a minor freakout because she is the most aware newbie. She thinks Zaki is flipping (she is), and Joz may go home (he is), and they’re gunning for Victor (they are). Natalie is the newbies smartest player so far.
  • 12:00pm – Happy Birthday to Nicole! With that, I’m off to bed

Overnight in the morning

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