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Big Brother 18 – Kick Them Out Early; Live Eviction

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Using an old school Frank photo

Big Brother 18 is off to a blazing start, with someone being kicked out in the first week. It will be someone from the Freakazoids (Glenn), and early indications are that it was some sort of endurance challenge again (Glenn), so I think we know who is least likely to survive that (Glenn). Seriously though, I don’t know who was kicked, but I’ll be shocked if it’s anyone but Glenn.

Also, the live feeds begin tonight!!  They will turn on at 1am est, so be sure to get them now….

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Ok, I don’t have much time because I was trying to get the live update plugin to work, but couldn’t yet, so I have to post this before the show airs. Just remember, the feeds begin tonight, so I’ll likely have all the spoilers from the last week by tomorrow.. assuming the players are nice and update us when the feeds turn on. Seeing as they know exactly when that is, they’d better.

  • 9:00pm – And we’re underway!
    • Voiceover announces that the remaining 3 from the Freakazoids will decide who is HoH
    • Paul is talking again about getting the vets out, but Corey has doubts and may want to work with them. So it begins
    • Nicole is working Corey into being the next HoH already. I think Corey has cartoon hearts for Nicole, hence the reservation about the vets
  • 9:15pm – Eviction challenge
    • They are on their own island. They need to climb a tree and pull coconuts from the tree and put them each into letters spelling SOS. The island moves, so it’s not a lock for anyone.
    • Loser goes home
    • Tiffany has a smart strategy early, we’ll see if it pays off
    • Frank notices all the newbies are cheering everyone on, but Nicole. So he knows the vets are a target
    • Corey is in last place heading into the commercial break
  • Results:
    • First Place – Nicole
    • Second Place – Tiffany
    • Third Place – photo finish – Corey
    • Evicted – Glenn
  • 9:30pm – The three remaining people pool together and decide on who is next HoH.
    • Tiffany and Corey basically ask Nicole, even though she wanted it
    • Nicole wins HoH
    • Paul is clearly upset in the pantry, but doesn’t show it to Corey yet. He is upset Corey allowed Nicole to be HoH, and knows one of the newbies are going home next
    • Paulie is sucking up to the veterans. Tiffany confessed to Da’Vonne earlier in the episode. This means the veterans are picking up numbers already.
    • Victor throws Jozea under the bus to Nicole and says he’s coming after the vets.  And yes, this is my first ‘thrown under the bus’ reference this season.
  • 9:40pm – James pretends to be Victor while Nicole is in the shower. He asks if she has a problem with him. He is already playing pranks.
    • “Victor” tells Nicole the newbies are coming after the vets.
    • James then tells Nicole the truth. He should have carried it on longer.
    • Big Sister gets their slop, and havenot room reveal…
    • It is a carnival/circus theme and the beds are bumper cars
    • Jozea is talking to Da’Vonne and she gets him to tell her that the newbies are indeed after the vets, and they want to take out Nicole first. I am shocked how bad these newbies are
    • Nicole has nearly guaranteed Jozea as the first nominee. She is discussing putting Paulie up as a pawn
  • 9:50pm – A few more clips discussing who to put up
    • Nicole asks Paulie about being a pawn
    • All four vets are working Paulie, and he knows it. He is shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Frank asks him ‘would you go to bat, man?’. Frank is still pretty damn cool.
  • Nominations – Jozea / Paulie
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