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Big Brother 18 – Overnight Notes

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Good afternoon, everyone.  Last night was a pretty slow night in the house. More of Jozea paranoia, and now Tiffany is starting to act like early game Vanessa, which was melting down over every little thing (I remembered early last season, I really thought Vanessa wasn’t going to last the entire season because she was a wreck over everything. Tiffany is apparently the same way right now). Meanwhile, the flirting between Corey and Nicole is heating up a bit, and now they’re in the shaving cream part of their relationship.

Here are some overnight notes by Amy (again, feel free to welcome to her to helping me. She’s been great so far this season)

  • 12:00am – Joz and Frank in the bedroom talking. Joz hopes America sees that he’s like the glue that sticks people together. He mentions again that he feels like the messiah. Frank sits up and gives the camera a look…pretty funny.
    • As Joz continues to talk Frank keeps shooting looks at the camera and rolling his eyes.
    • They are discussing when production might intervene and notify them of major events in the country. (They were told about the Orlando shooting) Joz is saying they better tell them if something were to happen to family members and the feeds cut to fish.
    • Day in HOH talking to Tiff, Nicole, Zak, and Michelle. Says she was talking to Joz earlier and asked what Victor’s deal with Nicole is. Joz responded “Girl he’s doing what he was told to do” (by Joz apparently)
  • 12:30am – Natalie came up to HOH and shared a Zit treatment with Nicole so now they both have white spots on their faces.
    • Michelle is complaining (again) about her pixels.
    • Guys are downstairs having a “sleepover”. Looks like they are going to bed.
    • Day, Nicole, and Zak in HOH saying they can’t tell Tiff anything because she can’t handle stressful information. Apparently Tiffany was crying over people counting bottles of wine. And she flipped out when someone clued her in about being a target to someone else. Day: “I don’t care if a damn ice cream truck pull up in the back yard. Ya’ll tell her, I ain’t tellin her shit”
  • 1:00am– Natalie, Vic, James, and Joz in kitchen talking about antioxidants in fruit and getting colonics. Very riveting conversation.
    • Paulie, Tiff, and Michelle in the safari room talking about how people will rent houses and play their own mini big brother games. Apparently there’s also a big brother fan game on twitter. (I wouldn’t know, I don’t do twitter) Tiffany and Michelle have agreed to do a 1 day cleanse tomorrow because Michelle has to look good in her pixels.
  • 1:30am – Paulie closing Tiffany into the trunk in the safari room. They must really be bored.
    • Paulie, Corey, James, Tiff, and Michelle are coming up with ideas of pranks to play on Nicole. Apparently Nicole pranked Corey earlier and he wants to get her back.
    • Nicole, Day, and Zak are in HOH spying on people in the living room via the tv.
    • Victor and Joz were throwing a ball back and forth and were told to stop from production. Nicole speculates that they must have been doing more than throwing a ball to have gotten yelled at. (I don’t think so, they got in trouble for that earlier too)
    • Michelle and Tiff in the bathroom, Tiff wants Michelle to let her know if Day tries to start anything. Tiff feels like everyone is being mean to her today. She says she gets feelings and vibes about people and she wants to trust Day but needs to keep her eyes open.
    • Nicole is laying on the floor outside the HOH room so she can hear people talking while Day is listening through the door. Sounds like she heard the planning session about playing pranks on her.
    • Zak goes downstairs and says something to Corey. Corey starts coming upstairs and Nicole runs into the HOH room. Corey tries to call truce and Nicole responds “That’s not what it sounded like with all those plans”. He calls her a brat and then they agree on a truce. He tried to go in the HOH room but Nicole playfully said she doesn’t trust him and to walk away.
  • 2:00am– Zak, Day, and Nicole go downstairs and Nicole confronts James and Paulie about the prank plans. Nicole said she declares war on everyone involved. So much for the truce lol
    • Nicole is trying to sneak into the bedroom holding a bottle of sunblock to presumably play another prank on Corey. She bursts out laughing and runs away. Nice job Nicole.
    • Nicole goes to clean up some shaving cream from earlier (her first prank?). Corey ran out at her and she runs away screaming. Nicole: “You swear truce? I’ll put you up on the block so fast” (Just to clarify, this is all in good fun, no one is actually mad here) Corey convinces her hes done and she goes back to clean up the shaving cream and he comes after her and sprays shaving cream on her head. Now theres a shaving cream/silly string fight in the kitchen and Nicole is covered in shaving cream.
    • Production announces stop that and everyone is laughing. Production again “Nicole, please put on your microphone” Yeah Nicole! Where are your priorities? lol
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-26 12-33-01

I will start an afternoon thread in a bit. Typically the PoV meeting is on Monday, but considering they pushed up the competition a day, the meeting is likely today. There is always a good chance drama unfolds when the feeds return from them because the reality sets in that one of those two (now three) are leaving the house and nothing can stop it now.


Check back in a bit!

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