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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 6/30

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It’s Nicole’s Birthday! Looks like she will be getting exactly what she wants for her birthday tonight: Jossiah out the door!

Here are last night’s updates:

  • 12:00am- Everyone shouts happy birthday to Nicole and various people tell her happy birthday in different languages.
    • Nicole is wondering what Julie will say and what kind of questions she will ask during the live eviction.
    • People in the living room are now talking about what radio stations they listen to. I have to mention that Jozea called out Q102. That’s my fave, shoutout to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!Untitled
    • The camera keeps panning to Natalie’s feet. This must be a reference to last night’s argument about Victor commenting about her feet and pants being dirty.
    • Frank keeps playing that game where you make the okay sign with your fingers and if you get someone to look at it then you get to punch them. I can’t believe this is still a thing….people played that when I was in middle school.
    • Nicole is in the bathroom with Corey telling him that if Bronte wins HOH she is going to put the two of them up together. It’s really going to be interesting to see how things shift if someone from the other side wins.
    • Michelle is in the safari room with Paulie pointing out how Bronte was right in the room when everyone said happy birthday and she didn’t say anything. Michelle says that Nicole got her birthday present on time this year. Hey girl! That was my joke!
    •  Paulie is telling Michelle about how Frank told the girls that he wasn’t voting his team mate  out. Michelle is now freaking out saying this wasn’t the plan. I think all the newbies are going to have a rude awakening that plans don’t last very long in the big brother house.
    • Nicole joins them and is now worried that Frank is trying to bring the spy girls onto their side. Paulie said that is not the case.
    • Tiffany is now with them saying they need to have a group meeting and agree that going forward the plans will not be repeated to anyone not included. She says that it won’t really hurt them anyway though.
    • Paulie points out that they wanted it to be kept a secret just so they can selfishly see the look on their faces when Jozea gets evicted.
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette is asking the spy girls not to repeat anything she tells them.
  • 12:30am- Most people have dispersed and are eating now.
    • Flashback to 12:38 to hear Jozea chewing really loudly. Its gross.
    • Paul and Bronte are in the storage room. Bronte tells him that Bridgette and Natalie are freaking out thinking that Jozea is going home but he’s not (he is.)
    • Paul says in the event that he does go home they need to go rambo mode and win HOH. That’s plan A. Plan B is they’re fucked. Nice problem solving Paul.
    • Jozea walks in and Paul shadily leaves immediately.
    • Jozea tells Bronte that everything is fine, Paulie is still going home. He just warns her not to let James get in their heads.
    • Meanwhile, Frank is in HOH with Nicole, Zaki, Michelle, and Tiff explaining that it will still be a blindside because even though they know they don’t have his vote, they think they have Z’s vote.
  • 1:00am- Day is in the HOH with Corey, Z and Frank talking about how she can’t handle all these girls and their drama.
    Here is Day's "I can't even" face.
    Here is Day’s “I can’t even” face.
    • Oh boy here we go….Tiff is in the London room crying over the way Frank spoke to her. Z, James, and Day are trying to calm her down.
    • Tiffany is saying she automatically trusts people more than she should and it’s probably her fault.
    • Tiff starts laughing and asking why she’s even crying and Day says she had her time too. Day says Tiff will get her crying montage which makes Tiffany apologize to Vanessa.
      "Sorry sista"
      “Sorry sista”
  • 1:30am- Victor is once again counting all the votes that they have and telling Jozea to stop freaking out.
    • Up in the HOH room Day is upset that Tiffany made references to her sister while Bridgette was in the room. She says it won’t be long before everyone knows she’s Vanessa’s sister. Honestly I think they only reason it isn’t common knowledge yet is that the newbies are completely clueless and know nothing about big brother.
    • Nicole is saying Bronte is a brat for not saying happy birthday to her.
    • Michelle wants to know if this is like clockwork where the night before eviction a bunch of shit goes down.
    • Day says Oh yeah! You ready for this every wednesday?!
    • Z is just now realizing that Jossiah’s followers are going to hate her tomorrow.
  • 1:45am- Frank and Paul are in the Tokyo room speculating about what kind of questions Julie might ask during the live show. They joke that Paul won’t get any questions since he has such a potty mouth.
    • Now they are for some reason joking that next week Frank will be all three nominees. Hilarious.
    • Jossiah is saying he’s starting to get really nervous for eviction. Then follows that up with how he ate 17 cookies today.
    • Paul is saying something about a scenic photo and waking up and having no nipples and dad dying and then sucking on his chest so it looks like you have nipples…wtf…I am so thoroughly confused.
    • On another note, I would just like to say that Natalie looks like Smokey the Bear wearing this hat:
      Only you can prevent forest fires!
    • James and Natalie are on the sky deck throwing grapes down at Nicole. Nicole responds with “Jaaymessssuh!”
  • 2:15am- There is mostly just a lot of people retelling recent events: Frank revealing his vote, Tiffany freaking out and crying, counting votes, constantly reassuring each other.
    • Things are winding down. Nothing really new happening..just more of the same stuff.
    • Smokey the Bear is still talking to James. James is trying to give her advice on how to stay in the house until at least jury. He said he’s going to do everything he can to try and keep her off people’s radar but says there’s only so much he can do.
  • 3:10am- James is telling Corey and Frank that Natalie is willing to vote how they need her to in the future and doesn’t really want to work with Victor and Paul anymore. She did tell him that Bronte is her best friend though.

I hope everyone is excited for tonight! It should be an interesting eviction and I can’t wait to see who wins HOH!

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