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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/1

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Good morning everyone and happy July! My cats woke me up super early today. So early in fact that some house guests are still awake! Let’s check in and see how they are dealing with Jozea’s eviction and our new HOH:


  • 11:00pm- Well this is a great way to start: Michelle, Frank, Paul, and Tiff in the bedroom talking about how the lights were flickering and how much electricity probably runs through the house. Then Frank says that one time one of the lights in the house fell on someone and killed them. Surprisingly, the feeds quickly cut to fish.
    • Bronte and Natalie are talking in the bathroom and Bronte speculates that nominees will be Victor and one of the spy girls. Sounds pretty accurate to me.
    • Natalie is talking about how much she loves Wawa and she wants to have a Wawa stand at her wedding. I mean, I love Wawa too…but I will not be having it at my wedding in November…
    • Meanwhile, Frank is in the kitchen with Day, Z, Nicole and James talking about possibly pulling a backdoor this week. However, Bronte walks in and the conversation seamlessly moves on to the differences between buttered popcorn and kettle corn.
  • 11:30pm- Nicole and Z have moved into the Tokyo room with Corey, Vic, and Paulie. Z asks Nicole what she wants to do for the last hour of her birthday. Nicole says she wants Corey, Vic, and Paulie to put on a choreographed dance.
    • The boys agree to the dance and Nicole is giving them 15 minutes to practice.
    • At 11:44 they tell her to sit in a chair and they gather an audience.
    • Then fish proceed to come on until the dance is over…that was disappointing.
    • Nicole comments how they had nice voices and they were in harmony. I guess they were singing and that’s why we couldn’t watch 🙁
      Nicole shimmying at the end of the dance
      Nicole shimmying at the end of the dance
  • 12:00am- Bronte and Paul are in the safari room discussing their options.
    • Paul thinks he can convince Paulie to put up James. He wants James to go up with Victor so Vic can win POV.
    • He said if they can survive this week and then win HOH next week then they are good.
    • Bronte points out that she and Vic won’t be able to win as long as James is in the house because he will keep throwing comps.
    • Paul asks Bronte if Natalie definitely voted on their side and Bronte assures him she did.
    • Bronte also mentions that Natalie is being a spy on the other side for them.
    • Bronte: “I can’t believe this day went so badly”
    • Bronte’s brilliant plan to convince Paulie to keep them safe is “Please just let us get to jury so we can get some money”
    • Meanwhile, Paulie and Z are on the sky deck talking about the plan for evictions.
    • Paulie says that he wants to get out the five before anything (Paul, Victor, Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie)
  • 12:20- The spy girls and Nicole are in the bathroom getting ready to wax their arm pits. Bridgette is extremely excited that she grew out her arm pits for a week in preparation for this.Untitled
    • Bridgette keeps squealing and being extremely obnoxious. Nicole, Z, and Day keep shooting each other looks and laughing when the others aren’t looking.


  • 12:34am- Hoh room time! Untitled
    • Everyone is up in Paulie’s room checking it out.
    • There is a chorus of oohing ahhing and awwing.
    • Finally everyone sits down so Paulie can read his letter from Cody. Paulie said he’s going to wait for everyone to leave the room to start crying then remembers Cody’s last line “Stop being soft and get it together”.
    • Everyone hangs out in Paulie’s room for a while and talks about random things in their lives.
  • 1:45am- Most of the house guests finally clear out of Paulie’s room. Victor, Paul, and Corey are left. Now is Paul’s chance to try and get in his head.
    • Now it is just Paulie, Paul, and Corey. Paul tells Paulie that he knew already that is was going to be 7-4 but Victor did not know that.
    • Paul explains that Victor wanted to be honest and loyal to Jozea and that he does not have any animosity toward Paulie.
    • Paul says they need to look at the bigger picture that two newbies are already gone.
    • Paulie tells Paul that out of his whole group, Paul is the most liked and that he trusts him. He says he’s not sure he trusts Victor.
    • Corey chimes in that Victor has said a lot of things about him.
    • Paulie said that he kept trying to hint things to Paul to get out of that group.
    • Paulie says that he doesn’t trust Victor because he originally acted like he wanted to work together but then quickly turned against him.
    • He flat out tells Paul that Victor is his number one target. He needs to ensure that Vic stays on the block so he is mentioning putting Paul up next to him so he can win and pull himself down. He also says that if he wins it he will pull Paul down and put up a girl.              Untitled
    • Now people keep coming in to use the bathroom and breaking up the conversation.
    • The game talk in HOH has ended for now.
  • 2:30am- James, Day, Nicole, and Corey are in the bathroom. Nicole is worrying about what Paul is saying to Paulie as things in the big brother house can change on a dime.
    • Corey is explaining what was said and assures them that the plan to get Victor out is still on track.
    • They are saying that they want Corey to win the next HOH.
    • Corey says that if he doesn’t win hoh next week that he will be 0 for 9 and jokes that he is going for the record for most losses in one season and if they bring him back next season he’ll keep his streak going.
    • Meanwhile, Natalie and Tiff are in the London room talking about how Jozea basically shot himself in the foot with the way he acted week 1.
    • Natalie says that she got sucked into some dumb shit and she didn’t like how loud he was.
  • 3:00am- Victor is spending some time in HOH but has yet to start any game talk.
    • Vic is now just talking about government conspiracy theories. He’s most likely avoiding any game talk because Frank is in the room.
    • Downstairs, the spy girls are talking about what they would do if they get road kill and how they should only tell each other.
    • Bridgette says they should put up someone tempting.
    • Bronte says if they win POV they can’t use it on Vic or Paul. Natalie says she isn’t even talking to them anymore and thinks they are trying to convince Paulie to put up Bronte.
    • They are also preparing to be have nots. They think it will be HOH choice and that they will be chosen.
  • 3:40am- Paulie and Paul are back in HOH plotting.
    • It seems like more of the same thing from earlier. Paul is trying to protect Victor and himself. Paulie is repeating that he wants Victor out and thinks his best option is to put Paul next to him.
    • Every other word out of Paulie’s mouth is “fuckin”. No exaggeration.
    • Paul is saying that he thinks Bronte is valuable.
  • 4:20am- Paulie and James are in the kitchen reviewing the conversation with Paul. He said he mentioned to Paul that he might backdoor Victor and Paul asked what a backdoor is. Omg….haha
  • 5:00am- Paulie and Frank are in HOH going over different options and plans in order to get Victor out which goes on for a while until they finally go to sleep.

Stick around for nominations! Should be happening today or tomorrow!

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