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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/12

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Our only option right now...
Our only option right now…

Good morning! It looks like the feeds are fixed however some of last night’s content is still restricted to cam 1 so there might not be a whole lot of info in this recap. Let’s see what we have to work with:

  • 12:00am- Frank and Bridgette are in the HOH room talking about books that they like.
    • Ugh…you can see the the other cams at the top but when you click to switch it shuts annoying.
    • In the background you can hear cheering downstairs…would be nice to know what that’s about.
    • Bridgette is checking the TV to see what’s going on but doesn’t come to any conclusions.
    • The remote for the TV isn’t working because the batteries are dead so Frank considers taking the batteries out of his microphone.
    • Frank starts talking about how production doesn’t trust him and the feeds switch to fish.
  • 1:00am- We have full cam access now!!
    • Bridgette and Frank are still talking about nothing
    • Downstairs in the living room Paul, Z, Tiff, Michelle, and Bronte are playing charades.
    • Z is doing all the acting. It’s horrible.
    • The game breaks up and Bronte tells Paul to clean the kitchen and they start arguing over who cleans the kitchen.
    • Some people go to bed so James and Natalie come out of the bedroom and join Paul and Bronte in the kitchen.
    • Natalie asks Paul if Ozzy Osborne is his dad. She says messing with Paul is her favorite part of the day.
    • Has anyone else noticed that Paul’s response to almost everything is “pissed”. It’s really annoying me. He’s said it like 2389040923 times since I started watching this today.
    • There’s a little massage action going on between Paul and Bronte:Untitled
  • 1:30am- Cam switches to Corey and Nicole in the have not room talking in the dark.
    • They are saying they want to get Day out next week and Frank the next week.
    • Nicole said she needs to work on her relationship with James because right now they don’t have one.
    • Corey said they need to break up James and Natalie.
    • Apparently Natalie keeps telling Corey he’s sexy and Corey wants to tell James.
    • James comes in and they are asking him about things between him and Natalie.
    • Nicole is asking if they kiss and he says they just cuddle.
    • James is demonstrating with stuffed animals how they cuddle.
    • Corey takes the stuffed animals and demonstrates how he and Nicole were sleeping last night:
      Note the plastic contained he's trying to cram the stuffed animals into. (Them in the bumper car)
      Note the plastic container he’s trying to cram the stuffed animals into. (Them in the bumper car)
    • James asks how they got in the bumper car together and Corey says “We’re into that kinda freaky shit bro”
    • Then Frank comes in and break up the conversation with a fart.
  • 2:00am- Day goes into the London room with Michelle.
    • It sounds like Michelle is crying and she’s worried about having to throw HOH so Frank can go up next week.
    • Day said she has to win HOH regardless because Frank is coming after her and she won’t put her up.
    • Day is saying if they send home Paul this week they’ll have a solid 8 women in the house.
    • Michelle doesn’t think it will work and Day said they have two days to make it happen.
    • Michelle is worried that she is expendable and Day is saying people love her.
    • She’s upset that there are showmances now and she’s left out.
    • Day is saying they have to mingle with the other girls to make sure they have numbers in the house in case the showmance alliance flips.Untitled
    • Michelle is asking if she’s doing something wrong and feels like no one cares if she’s around.
    • Day is doing everything she can to calm her down.
    • Day is trying to explain to her that they need Tiffany next week to help get Frank out.
  • 2:35am- Tiffany is talking to Nicole and Corey in the have not room worrying that she’s the target.
    • Nicole says Frank might be trying to get her out but that he doesn’t tell her anything about it.
    • Nicole offered to go around and ask people tomorrow what they’re thinking for Thursday if that will make her feel better.
    • They all go to bed and feeds switch to the London room with James, Day, and Michelle.
    • James says that Bronte knows now who won the road kill.
    • Day says that they can’t tell Bridgette until after her HOH. I’m pretty sure she already knows though.
    • James is talking about how good he is at predicting what comp is coming up.
    • Paul, Paulie, and Z are out in the backyard talking about getting Frank out.
    • Paul is asking about the reasoning behind being Frank’s road kill nom the first week.
    • They are talking about how Frank uses all the weak players and convinced them that they need him.
    • Paulie says that  James planted a seed to “backdoor Paulie” so that Frank will throw the HOH.
  • 3:00am- Michelle is in the London room grilling James about who he would put up if he wins HOH next week.
    • He responds “you”. Lol
    • Day comes back from where she was consoling Tiffany in the bathroom.
    • James says they can’t tell Tiffany she’s leaving until like an hour before eviction.
    • James is saying that whoever is the one to tell Frank “take a seat” next week is going to need some big cojones. I really hope it’s Day.
    • They go to bed and feeds switch to HOH room with the spy girls.
    • They are talking about how Michelle and Z are floaters.
    • Bridgette is telling them how Frank said that Natalie and Z are the least intimidating girls in the house.
    • Natalie is saying they have to vote with the house next week but don’t know who the target will be.
    • Bridgette says they can make final 6 if they really tried (the three girls plus Paul, James, and Frank).
    • They are saying that they love Day but she is starting to show her true colors and can start drama when she needs to.Untitled
  • 3:30am– In the backyard Paul, Paulie, and Z are still talking about Frank.
    • Paul is pointing out how awful Frank would be in the jury house with no cameras because he wouldn’t be censoring himself.
    • He said when Bridgette is gone he will take over the role of baker in the house.
    • Corey comes out and joins them.
    • Paulie is saying he’s pissed that Frank says he and Corey hang out too much.
    • Paulie said personally he wants to get Natalie out because he doesn’t like how she leads on James.
    • He’s ranting about how Natalie is trying to put the spotlight on Paulie/Z and Corey/Nicole and how she keeps making flirty comments to Corey.
    • They feel bad because it’s working on James and they know he is going to get hurt.
    • Then Paul rants for a while about how idiotic Jozea and Vic were.

Check back for afternoon updates!

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