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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/13

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Good morning everyone! Sounds like the plans for tomorrow night’s eviction might be changing. I still have a feeling Tiffany will go home but let’s check in on the house and see if they’ve decided anything overnight.

  • 12:00am- Paul and Nicole are on the hammock talking about James and Natalie
    • Paul is saying they need to get rid of her and Nicole is wondering if there’s any point in breaking his heart right now.
    • Paul is now talking about the next HOH comp and how it would be better for a guy to win it and get out Frank because they’re least likely to crack under pressure. Wtf is that supposed to mean…
    • Frank joins them and Paul very smoothly changes the conversation.
    • Nicole tells him to get outta here because he’s tipping the hammock and he tells her to shut her mouth.
    • Meanwhile, Tiff and Paulie are in the safari room talking about how Paulie knows Boogie.
    • Cut to fish for a while
    • When feeds return Z and Michelle are in the bathroom staring into space and a group is in the kitchen snacking.
  • 12:30am- The group in the kitchen is talking about random things like mustaches.
    • Frank and Nicole move to the backyard.
    • Frank said he was talking to James and asking him if he was throwing HOH.
    • James apparently played dumb and asked who they wanted to win this week.
    • Frank wants to tell James to throw it so they can put Natalie and Bronte up to get Bronte out. Oh Frank if only you knew…
    • He wants to pose it to Paul that they are trying to get Natalie out to separate her from James but really he wants Bronte out.
    • Meanwhile, in the Tokyo room Paulie, James, and Day are talking about putting up Frank and Bridgette next week.
    • Day says she wants to be the one to get him out.
    • James says he really doesn’t think Frank would put one of them up next week and that it’s too early to get him out.
    • Tiffany comes in an James transitions into talking about the spare sheets and the thread count, everyone is laughing. Smooth James…Untitled
  • 1:00am- Frank, Nicole, and Michelle are outside talking about weather in different parts of the country.
    • After some fish and random conversation James, Bridgette, and Day join them.
    • Michelle, James, and Nicole start a massage train. Nicole tries to lay back on James but he won’t  let her because “it looks bad” to be surrounded by girls when Nat Nat is upstairs sleeping.Untitled
    • Day moves inside to the safari room with Z.
    • Day is telling her that she wants to win HOH and put up all strong people that way they can just have fun in the veto, she can win it, and then backdoor Frank. (But what if Frank plays and wins??)
    • Day said Frank told her he wants to put up Paulie and Corey but that he’s telling them to come after her.
    • Nicole comes in and Day tells her that she asked Michelle to be a pawn during her HOH and that Frank went right to her after and said she’s trying to set her up and send her home.
    • Z is just now coming to the realization that he’s telling everything different things trying to making them paranoid.
    • Nicole says she doesn’t want James’ team to win HOH so they can be backup for noms.
    • Day is worried that Frank will win RK again and put her up but Nicole is telling her that even if she does go up she’d be safe.
    • Feeds cut to fish and when they return Corey is with them and they’re all laughing about something.
    • Corey is telling a story about one time when Paulie was asleep and Tiffany was staring at him like this:Untitled
    • Then Tiffany says to Corey that she wants to crack his knuckles and proceeded to do so waking up Paulie in the…ok…moving on..
  • 1:30am- Back outside, Bridgette is talking about astral projection and how she once separated herself from her body. (Not gonna lie, I used to try to do that..never worked)
    • Frank keeps making fun of how she says figure (figger)
    • Bridgette and Michelle are talking about how doctors do studies on people who have had complication during surgery and when they wake up they somehow know things that they couldn’t have possibly known unless they really did have an out of body experience.
    • Frank is saying he thinks it’s all horseshit. Bridgette says she doesn’t think so and that there are things in the world that we don’t understand and Frank says “yeah, like menstrual cycles”
    • Inside, the group in the safari room is making fun of Jozea’s big meeting he had in the first week and how he was comparing himself to Obama while wearing a dog costume.
    • Apparently he had tarot cards read and it said he was the keeper of the children and said that the house guests were his
    • I have to say he sure was entertaining…I’m kind of hoping he gets back in the house for that reason…haha
  • 2:00am- Bronte joins them in the safari room and is just now finding out about the whole Messiah thing and is appalled.
    • Some more Jozea talk and random conversation.
    • Outside, Michelle is sucking up to Frank and talking shit on Paulie and Z.
    • Frank asks her what her gut feeling about Day is and she says she trusts her but is scared now about Day wanting her to be a pawn.
    • Frank said he thinks Day might be the bigger target next week and Michelle said she’s fine with that as long as it’s not her.
    • Michelle asks Frank if he thinks he’s going up. Seriously Michelle??
    • Bridgette says she thinks he could be a target and then Michelle starts trying convince them that he isn’t.
    • Frank is telling them about his Natalie/Bronte plan. We’ll see if Bridgette tells them about it.
    • Inside they are talking about which past house guests could be on survivor. They are saying Meg and Shelly.
  • 3:00am- Frank and Bridgette are discussing more possible nomination combinations. I think Frank has suggested putting up everyone in the house at this point.
    • Nicole, James, Day, and Michelle are in the bathroom.
    • Michelle is checking out her sunburn.
    • She is worried about getting boob wrinkles.
    • They tell her she needs to start wearing sunblock and she said she wants to get tan (I’m so guilty of this…)
    • James goes upstairs to cuddle with Natalie. He is rubbing her back and stroking her hair while she sleeps.
    • Michelle is in the London room with Day and Nicole telling them about how Frank and Bridgette want to get out Day.
    • Michelle said Frank told her that Nicole is in on it and Nicole plays dumb. Day is just laughing.
    • Nicole is pissed that Frank pulled her name into it.
      Here's Nicole's mad face.
      Here’s Nicole’s mad face.
    • Michelle is telling them everything Frank and Bridgette were saying outside.
    • Day is saying how she and Bridgette were just outside talking about their grandmother’s passing away and says “Bitch we bonded over the dead, I’m gonna kick her ass”.
  • 3:30am- They are talking about keeping Tiffany as another vote to get out Frank next week.
    • They think it’s strange that Paulie wants to get rid of Tiffany so badly and thinks he’s scared of her for some reason.
    • Nicole said she needs to tell Corey that Frank was throwing their names around and goes to get him.
    • When she leaves Day says they can’t tell her anything else and they are wondering why she blew up like that.
    • Day is suspicious of Nicole being so adamant about trying to prove that she wasn’t in on the plan to get Day out.
    • Corey comes in and Michelle tells him what was going on and Corey’s like yeah you knew that like two days ago (to Nicole)….Nicole is really digging herself into a hole….
    • Corey says “At this rate freakin Natalie’s gonna win big brother” hahaha
    • Day tells Corey that he needs to tell Paul that Frank is coming after him and to not throw HOH but Corey says he already talked to him and he’s going to play as hard as he can.
    • Michelle is saying that she’ll keep playing nice with Frank and be their mole.
    • Michelle tells them her big secret that she thinks Paul is cute and is starting to like him
    • Day says “Pissed” haha
    • Michelle wants to send home Bronte so she can move in on Paul
  • 4:00am- Paul comes in and they warn him that Frank is trying to put him up.
    • Paul says not to worry and that he will win and put him up.
    • He said please let him win because the things he will say to him will be hilarious and it will be television gold.
    • He’s talking about everything he hates about Frank and said if they were in real life he would punch him in his face.
    • James joins them and said he was just talking to Frank. He also told him that he wants to get Day out.
    • In the HOH room Bronte is telling Natalie that Paul said her relationship with James was just for game.
    • Natalie is pissed and Bronte says she squashed that and told him how much Natalie loves being with James.
    • Apparently Paul asked Bronte if she thought Natalie was shallow.
    • Natalie says she is the least shallow human being in this house and she’s liked James since before Victor left.
    • She goes on a rant about how she doesn’t date toolbags, guys with long hair or guys with 6-packs. She dates guys with dad bods and guys that aren’t cute. She said James is perfect because he’s sweet and has the perfect personality.Untitled
  • 4:30am- Down in the London room Day, Michelle, Nicole, Corey, and Paul are talking to James about putting up Bronte and Natalie.
    • James says “Natalie is not a threat. What’s she gonna win? A cheerleading competition?”
    • He said when the time is right they can do it.
    • They are saying they need to put up people that will make sense to Frank so he doesn’t get suspicious before they back door him.
    • They are saying they want him to leave pre-jury but if there’s a buy back he could end up back in the house.
    • James says right now they just need to worry about Paulie and Michelle throwing the comp so Frank isn’t safe.
    • They talk for a while just throwing around different scenarios and options for the Get Frank Out plan.
    • There’s some random conversation before most people go to bed.
    • James and Paul talk to Paulie about throwing the comp around 5:45am.

At this point I’m really not sure who will be leaving tomorrow. I still feel like it could be Tiffany but it does seem that things are starting to shift the other way. All I know is I’m excited to see Get Frank Out Take 2! Stay tuned for updates!

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