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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/14

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Watch out Frank.
Watch out Frank.

Good morning and happy eviction day! I’m really excited for tonight because for the first time in a while we will have an eviction that isn’t easy to predict with 99.9% accuracy. In recent seasons we had been getting tons of unanimous votes and that just isn’t any fun.  Let’s see how thing developed overnight with less than 24 hours until eviction.

  • 12:00am- Z, Day, Paulie, and Paul are in the bathroom laughing about funny it will be when Frank gets nominated.
    • Paul is telling Paulie to talk to Frank and convince him to let Michelle have the HOH (who is going to throw it)
    • Day leaves and Michelle comes in and they are telling her to start talking about how she’s suspicious of Day when she’s around Frank so that he will believe he wants to put her up.
    • Paul is complaining about have to pack tomorrow. Guess how he feels about it? Pissed.
    • Tiffany joins them and they begin throwing around facts about the house and the memory wall to prepare for the comp.
  • 12:35am- Tiffany is asking them true or false questions. It sounds like they were given silly pictures of everyone and that’s what they have been studying.
    • Lots of studying and quizzing each other for a while.
    • Paulie and Z are talking about how Bronte will react when she sees that the votes switched. Sounds like this flip might actually happen.
    • Paulie said the votes need to be 5-4 to keep Tiff.
    • This could be an early night…everyone is heading off to bed.
  • 1:35am- Everyone was just sleeping for a while and then Corey joins Paulie in the safari room
    • Corey is really confused that it’s only 1:30. He thought it was 5 or 6.
      I'd say this is an accurate portrayal of Corey most of the time.
      I’d say this is an accurate portrayal of Corey most of the time.
    • Paulie is telling Corey about the 5-4 plan so that Frank doesn’t know what’s going on.
    • He is talking about whether or not to tell Day and James about the plan or just let them vote for Tiffany and act like they don’t know what happened.
    • Paulie says it’s smart to keep Tiffany because if for some reason Frank does win he will go after her and not him and Corey.
    • They are worried that if they don’t tell Day about the plan she will feel left out and freak out.
    • Tiffany comes in to talk to them but then gets called out to put on her microphone basically alerting the whole house that she’s in there with them.
    • Paulie is telling Corey that the order he wants people to go next is Frank,  Bridgette, and Day.
    • Tiffany comes back from the bathroom and poses her eviction speech to them: “I’ve realized over the last few weeks in this house that dictatorships seldom work as a means of decision making in the house and in the real world and what I noticed this week is this to be especially true when said person is spewing out cow manure that smells worse than the gas that they excrete on a daily basis. So with that said if you want to keep me just know that I’m targeting said person and you should be safe moving forward.”Untitled
    • Paulie and Corey get a good laugh out of that.
    • She also considers throwing in a line about his army of little minions.
    • They love her speech and say it will be perfect in combination with Paul’s friendship speech.
    • Tiffany leaves and goes back to bed.
  • 2:00am- Frank joins Paulie and Corey in the safari room and they are talking about the pictures they studied.
    • They are just studying and quizzing each other for a little bit.
    • They are speculating about who might win the comp.
    • Paulie is telling him that Michelle and Day aren’t doing well with remembering the pictures and that he thinks Natalie and Bronte will be out first.
    • Frank thinks James will do pretty well.
    • Corey’s contribution to the conversation is that he wants to dress up like a nerd for the comp.
    • Paulie says he thinks the strongest girl in the house is Bridgette which leads Frank to brag about how well she did following his directions.
    • More repetitive conversation about the HOH comp. Paulie keeps saying that Tiff will be gone.
    • Now they are deciding who should be one slop.
  • 3:00am- Paulie has left. Corey and Frank are talking about how Big Brother is the longest game show in the US (3 months).
    • Corey wants to see more cash prizes, unitards, and silly punishments. He goes on to say that he’d wear a thong for a week before being a have not.
    • Paulie comes back and they are talking about Taco Bell.
    • They start talking about HOH again and Corey says the only reason he’d want to win is to get a letter from his family.
    • After a brief conversation about how nasty slop is James joins them.
    • They start talking about what they eat on Survivor. I could never ever do that..I know someone who was on survivor and I just can’t even comprehend how she did it!
    • They’re talking about how hard it is to open a Chick Fil A. Apparently it costs like a half a million dollars and they interview you extensively and interview members of your church too.
    • Corey said he almost bought a Crossfit but some guy outbid him at the last minute.
  • 3:45am- Frank says he’s jealous that Glenn, Jozea, and Vic get to travel all over Europe while they’re stuck in the house. (Does anyone know anything about that?)
    • James predicts that the first big endurance comp will be after double eviction and that there won’t be teams anymore.
    • Frank thinks there will be a pre-jury buy back in that same competition. He says if that’s true that they are probably in a condo or something somewhere and then we get fish.
    • Conversation breaks up and they start to head to bed.
    • Apparently James trashed the bathroom as another prank. He’s now putting ketchup on a tampon to put in there.Untitled
  • 4:15am- Nicole, Corey, and Paulie are in the bathroom and Paulie is retelling to Nicole how Tiffany came and talked to them and then Frank came in.
    • Nicole learns that Day and James have no idea that the vote has flipped and is wondering how they are going to take it.
    • They decide that Day should probably know and Nicole volunteers to be the one to explain to her the 5-4 plan.
    • James comes back from being in the DR and said they told him “Sorry for interrupting prank time”.
    • Tiffany comes in to wash her face and all game talk is pretty much over.
    • There’s lots of random conversation and joking around for hours. I don’t understand how these people function on no sleep.
    • Current BBT is 7:26 and James and Corey are still up talking. Aren’t they worried that being tired will interfere with their competitive abilities?

That’s all for now. The rest of the day will most likely be a lot of fish and prepping for tonight. Stay tuned for eviction prediction and live eviction thread!

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