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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/16

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Good morning! Things are definitely heating up in the big brother house! I’m glad things are finally getting interesting. It was nice to see that Frank didn’t win road kill again and that Tiffany didn’t throw away her win on a wasted nominee.

  • 10:00pm- Paul, Frank, and Corey are in the safari room talking about how various people did in the roadkill comp.
    • Natalie and James are in the storage room getting some chips,
    • Natalie asks him if he’s mad at her and why he’s being weird. He blames it on having just woken up.
    • She asks him if she can trust him and starts talking about how she feels nervous because she doesn’t know what’s going on in the house.
    • Michelle comes in and is comparing Tiffany to Audrey last season. Apparently Tiffany said that she knows James comforted Audrey when she had her breakdown and she is trying to make James feel sorry for her.
  • 10:30pm- Frank and Michelle are in the bathroom talking about how they missed all the drama last night.
    • Michelle said it was a horrible decision for people not to vote out Tiffany and acts like she voted for her.
    • They are talking about a fight between Paulie and Tiffany that apparently happened around the time of the roadkill noms. Frank thinks Paulie’s true colors were shown but Michelle doesn’t think he was that bad.
    • Apparently Paulie said to Tiffany “You can’t beat me, I’m bred for this”
    • Frank is talking about how a bunch of people lied to him and Michelle said she’s just accepted that everyone is going to lie to her. Frank says he never lied to her.
    • Michelle says she feels betrayed by him because she wanted to work with him but he took Bridgette under his wing instead.
    • Michelle is trying to figure out who put up Corey and thinks it was Tiffany.
    • Meanwhile, Nicole and Corey are in the Tokyo room also trying to guess who won. Corey thinks it was Frank or Day.
  • 11:00pm- Frank and Paulie have replaced Nicole in the room with Corey. They are counting the votes Corey would have to stay.
    • Everyone is now just laying around or cooking.

      Paul is becoming quite the chef.
      Paul is becoming quite the chef.
  • 12:00am- There is a mini celebration for have nots being able to eat again.
    • Paul and  Z made some fries and chicken and Paul said “Fuck Chick fil a, they ain’t got shit and ZnPaul Fil a”….
    • Everyone is eating. I’m hungry…
  • 12:30am- Paulie, Paul, and Michelle are in the HOH room talking about all the drama between Day and Frank.
    • Paul says he feels like they are two kids who both got caught doing something and they’re both just doing this:

      Pretty accurate...
      Pretty accurate…
    • Meawhile, James and Day are talking in the London room.
    • Apparently Day isn’t feeling well or has a headache or something but can’t take Advil because she’s allergic.
    • James said that Frank was trying to work with him and is trying to get people on his side to get Corey out.
    • Day said that she told Frank he has a big mouth and she’s not telling him any of her moves anymore.
    • James said he doesn’t think they should claim either side and just tell Frank if he needs them to throw it out there.
    • James said Z is gonna ride all the way to the end and no one’s going to check her.
    • Nicole comes in and Day is telling her bits of the conversation but when she leaves she tells James she doesn’t tell her too much because she will run to Corey and tell him everything.
    • Day said for that reason he wouldn’t mind Corey leaving.
    • James agrees and says if Corey leaves they’ll get Nicole back.
    • James is talking to the live feeders giving people a run down of the house but is mostly joking.
    • He said there have been fights breaking out all over the big brother house and he’s scared to talk to people and has to look over his shoulder.Untitled
    • Natalie wants everyone to know that she doesn’t like James today.
  • 1:00am- Michelle, Z, and Nicole are on the sky deck doing some more vote counting.
    • Nicole is telling them about how horrible double eviction is.
    • Paul joins them and then James walks by wearing a shirt that apparently they can’t take him seriously in.
    • James takes a pillow over to the camera and holds it up trying to block it.
    • Paul then jokes “James shut it down” (in the announcer voice) and then the announcer guy comes on a says the same thing. It’s pretty funny. Here’s their reaction:Untitled
    • Meanwhile, Corey and Paulie are in the HOH room preparing for the veto comp (they think it’s the dice comp).
  • 1:30am- James is talking to Paul and Z about Steve last year. He is saying that all he did was walk around juggling oranges, stay up late, and talk to his mommy on the camera.
    • Frank goes into the have not room with Tiffany.
    • He tells her that Corey thinks it’s impossible that she won roadkill.
    • Tiffany tells him that a lot of people think he won.
    • Nicole and James come in and Frank tells them that everyone thinks he won and thinks he’s a liar.
    • He’s saying that if he really wanted her and Corey out he could have made it happen last week and he didn’t.
    • Nicole is saying she doesn’t think it was him and he said he needs her to help him convince everyone else of that.
    • Michelle interrupts and says Natalie is looking for James because she has a present for him.
    • James says it better be her naked.
    • Nicole tells Frank she thinks it’s hilarious that Tiffany attacked him and then ran to work with him and thinks she’s going to do that to every person in the house.
  • 2:00am- Nicole tells James to go see what his present is and he said he’s gonna let her come to him.
    • Nicole and Frank are complaining about how long DR sessions are on Fridays.
    • Natalie comes in and Nicole asks what the present is. Natalie says “me”.
    • James asks when he gets to unwrap it.
    • Everyone else leaves the room and Natalie gets in the bumper car with James. They are talking about how they were upset with each other today because they needed each other but neither one was talking to the other.
    • Natalie said she wasn’t ignoring him, she was trying to figure out what the block was.
    • They talk for a while and around 2:50 he looks like he’s trying really hard to kiss her and she just keeps laughing and pushing him away.
  • 3:00am- A large group in the HOH room is talking about Tiffany. I guess this is the trending topic for the week.
    • They’re bashing her competitive skills and how antisocial she’s being.
    • They’re making shoutouts to Tiffany’s mom and sister because Tiffany apparently told Day that they are watching and will tell her everything everyone said.
    • Meanwhile, Frank and Bridgette are in the Tokyo room debating whether or not to trust Tiffany.
    • Tiffany joins them and they are trying to figure out who they can flip to their side.
    • Natalie walks by after her DR. She’s talking about how she almost threw up during Roadkill because it apparently smelled really bad.
    • The HOH room group is practicing for the the dice game again.
    • Paul goes into the safari room and says to the live feeders that he can’t sleep so he’s going to hook us up with one on one friendship time with him.
    • He says the whole house has lost their marbles and he’s going to keep tossing a bunch of wrenches into the mix and piss everyone off except for the people that count.
    • He says he’s not gonna practice for the dice comp and if that’s what it is he’s just going to fumble around and hope it goes well. He doesn’t think it’s a dice game anyway because everything they thought was going to happen hasn’t happened.
    • Okay I can’t listen to this…
    • Back upstairs Z and Paulie are talking about putting Day up if Tiffany wins veto and pulls herself down because she’s the only other person Frank will try to whisper to.
    • Z is talking about how smart of a person she is.
    • Everyone has gone to bed so that’s all for now!

Veto comp today! Check back later for updates!

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