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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/21

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Good morning and happy eviction day! Personally I am really excited for tomorrow’s battle back special. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  • 12:00am- A group in the Tokyo room is playing with these weird little things that looked like they’re sculpted out of tin foil and they hit it against their hand and it flies across the room.
    • Nicole is giving Paul a strange massage where she is pulling on his skin on his back. It looks kind of painful…
    • In the kitchen, people are eating and James is carrying around a giant lollipop from the veto comp.
    • Nicole, Michelle, and James go into the safari room.
    • James awkwardly offers to leave because he thinks the girls want to talk and starts to get up and they beg him to stay so he sits back down.
    • Fish come on because Michelle is singing and when feeds return Nicole and James have turned into Z.
    • Michelle is making goofy faces in a magnifying glass:Untitled
    • On the other cam we have Paul giving Bridgette a massage.
  • 12:30am- Corey, Nicole, James, and Natalie are whispering up on the sky deck.
    • James is suggesting keeping Tiffany and jumping onto Frank’s side next week.
    • Nicole and Corey are humoring his ideas but don’t really sound convinced it’s a good idea.
    • Corey points out that at least they know what Day is really like now.
    • Nicole wants to warn Tiffany that she’s going home because she doesn’t want to blindside her but they are worried about her blowing up again.
    • Nicole tells Corey he needs to get some sleep this time so he can do well in the HOH comp.
    • They all agree to vote out Tiffany and the group breaks up.
    • Nicole and Corey go to the kitchen and start talking to Frank.
    • They’re saying that the house regrets keeping Tiffany and she is probably leaving this week.
    • Frank points out that the drama this week was Day’s fault and not Tiffany’s. Nicole agrees and says she wants Day out but doesn’t want to make the house mad.
    • Frank is saying he knows he’s going on the block if Day wins HOH.
    • Frank doesn’t want to win HOH and Nicole offers to do it. She asks who to put up and he jokes “I’d be alright with Corey”
    • They are worried about Day being in jury with Z and Michelle and spending that whole time swaying their votes for the end.
    • Nicole says you aren’t allowed to talk game in jury and Frank says they did it the whole time his season.
  • 1:00am- Frank and Nicole have moved to the bathroom and he is trying to get her to vote Day out tomorrow.
    • She says again that she wants to but she’s scared to go against the house.
    • He tells her to sleep on it and they’ll talk in the morning.
    • Michelle calls Nicole into the safari room to ask her what disney character she thinks Paul looks like:Untitled
    • Michelle says he looks like the little monkey from Aladdin.
    • Meanwhile, Tiff is in the have not telling Paulie about all the final two deals that Day has made.
    • Paulie said he thinks she uses information that she doesn’t know to be 100% true and tries to spin it in her favor.
    • Tiff is telling him that Day said she wants to go after him because he is in a showmance.
    • Now she is speculating that Day is a saboteur. Paulie shoots that theory down pretty quickly.
    • Tiff promises him that he would never regret keeping her. At least she’s finally campaigning.
    • Frank and James are talking in the living room. Frank is trying to campaign against Day with him too.
    • James said the house pretty much just doesn’t want to vote on the wrong side.
    • He says he doesn’t care either way. He just wants to vote with the majority.
    • Frank is now talking about how Michelle and Z are mean to everyone.
    • Frank is worried that if Day or Z wins HOH that a guy will go up next week.
    • Day walks by and they wrap up their conversation.
    • Nicole and Corey are cuddling in the Tokyo room and Frank comes in and starts giving them couple names like Norey, Nicorey, Nicoco.
    • Feeds switch to the kitchen where Paul is hiding under the table. Natalie walks by and he pushes a chair out at her and she screams and then starts hitting him with the giant lollipop.
  • 1:30am- Tiff and Paulie are wrapping up their conversation in the have not room. She is still telling him that she would never come after him.
    • Tiff agrees that she and Frank will keep him safe for the next two weeks.
    • He acknowledges that Day is coming after him. He points out that Day is turning on all the guys because they are taking the girls away from her.
    • Paulie mentions that Frank doesn’t want Day in the jury house and he agrees with that point.
    • Tiff might have a chance to stay again…we’ll see.

      She looks pretty confident in the conversation they had...
      She looks pretty confident in the conversation they had…
    • Paulie goes into the safari room with James to tell him about the conversation he had with Tiffany.
    • James asks what the plan is and Paulie says he thinks everyone’s voting Tiffany out and if it comes to a tie he’s sending Tiffany home.
    • Paulie says he doesn’t believe that Day is actually coming after him. He thinks this whole campaign is because of Frank not wanting Day in jury.
    • James points out that Frank wanted Paulie out in the beginning of the week and now suddenly he’s telling him he’s safe.
    • Paul comes in and James ask him how he’s voting and he says Tiff and gets offended that he even has to ask him.
    • Paul confirms that Corey and Nicole are also voting Tiff.
    • Meanwhile, back in the have not room, Natalie appears to be having a conversation with herself but is actually talking to Michelle who has crammed herself inside the cabinet…what on earth is she doing in there??Untitled
    • Michelle asks Natalie to lead James over to the have not room. I guess she’s planning to scare him.
    • She comes back and tells her she’s scared to go get him because they’re all talking in the safari room. Then James comes in and she quickly gets up and moves trying to act innocent.Untitled
    • James comments how he went straight into his fighting stance and Michelle is really proud to have pranked the prankster.
    • Paulie and Paul come in to see what was going on.
  • 2:00am- Michelle, Paulie, and Paul go upstairs and the Pauls are playing chess.
    • Meanwhile Nicole and Corey are getting super close in bed. There’s lots of moving under the covers and heavy breathing.
    • Nicole says that she needs a ten second break. They’re definitely doing something.
    • He asks why she needs a break and she said she needs to calm down and accuses him of being excited or whatever and he says he’s really not.
    • She reaches down and touches him and says see?
    • She stops things and he keeps asking her why she needs a break and she is avoiding talking about it.
    • Corey is clearly very disappointed.
    • She tells him finally that she wanted to kiss him and stuff really bad but she can’t do that. Then she says okay goodnight and he gets upset.
    • They go under the covers a few times but she says she’s scared.
    • Finally the just go to sleep.
  • 2:30am- Tiffany and Natalie are planning their eviction speeches for tomorrow.
    • Tiffany is basically just giving her suggestions and she’s repeating everything she’s saying.
    • She’s wondering if she should have a bin next to the couch in case she throws up during the live show.
    • She practices over and over again and starts to get sick and explains how terrified she is of public speaking.
    • Tiffany says she will prep her before the show and tell her she’s just having a normal conversation with the house and no one can see her.
    • They wrap up the practice session and go to bed.
  • 3:50am- Michelle is talking to herself in the safari room. If you’re interested go watch it. I’m not listening to it.

Well it sounds like Tiffany is still the favorite to leave tonight barring any last minute flips today which is unlikely. The feeds will most likely be down most of the day and all of tomorrow until after the battle back special but check back in case of any last minute updates!

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