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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/23

Never Miss A Post Update:

I always wonder if the house guests will see these pics when they get out and get upset that someone posted unflattering pics of them..
I always wonder if the house guests will see these pics when they get out and get upset that someone posted unflattering pics of them..

Good morning everyone! I had a really weird dream that Bronte lived by me and we were hanging out and she was making us have GT and a lipsync battle. It was strange and I’m so glad it wasn’t reality. On to the feeds:

  • 12:00am- A group is in the kitchen eating and Natalie is saying she really wanted to win so she wouldn’t be a have not. Then asks James if it’s really worth it.
    • They all start counting down to midnight and then Natalie dives in on a cheeseburger.
    • They mention that when people on the wall started making deals the camera men woke up.
    • Random conversation while people eat.
    • Nicole is studying a bracelet because Victor made a deal with her. She studies it for 5 minutes and then he asks her questions about it. If she gets them right he will be her servant tomorrow and if not she has to make him breakfast.Untitled
    • Her five minutes are up, let’s see how she does!
    • Nicole gets all questions correct and wins Victor as her servant tomorrow, he seems pretty happy about this:Untitled
  • 12:30am- Feeds are a bit messed up…we finally have a second location to view (HOH room) but only have sound from the kitchen.
    • James is digging through his HOH fridge.
    • The audio solution was to just put all cams back in the kitchen where nothing is happening.
    • Cam 3 starts scrolling through shots of all the stuffed animals in the house…really weird.
    • Feeds switch to Nicole and Corey in bed which I think we’ve had quite enough of lately.
    • They are whispering about something but it’s pretty much impossible to hear.
  • 1:10am- Victor and Michelle are talking in the safari room.
    • He’s telling her how Frank came to him trying to secure him as a vote if he gets off the block.
    • Michelle’s only concern is whether or not Frank said anything about her.
    • She asks him if Victor saw his goodbye speech (he didn’t). Apparently Frank is worried he saw it because it was really bad.
    • Michelle is retelling the whole Frank/Tiffany drama from the past two weeks.
    • He tells her about the comment Tiffany made to him after their battle back round about how Frank is the only one he can trust.
    • Victor says that Paul gave him the whole rundown so he’s up to speed on Frank and Bridgette being the masterminds of the house.
    • He says he expected to be put on the block right away and Michelle says he’s lucky because there are some huge targets in the house still.
    • Michelle is telling him about the eyebrow thing from weeks ago and that’s when she started not liking her.
    • She says she wants to win HOH and nominate Bridgette next week so she can give her a speech about why she doesn’t like her.
    • Michelle catches him up on all the shady stuff Bridgette has done and how the house compared notes against Frank and caught him telling everyone different things.
  • 1:35am- Paulie joins them and jokes that if he wins veto he’s pulling Frank off and they just laugh.
    • Michelle is talking about how strong Frank is and they mention how his dad is Sid Vicious  (WWE champion)…That’s interesting, I never knew that.
    • Michelle says them being on the block is redemption. Paulie looks confused and says more like judgement day. Michelle says “Oh, true. What does redemption mean?”
    • Paul joins them and is ranting about Bridgette playing victim and crying and saying everyone is bullying her when she was talking shit on everyone else last week.
    • Guys I think he’s “pissed”.
    • He’s saying he was really close to blowing up on them.

      Here's a rare photo of a pissed Paul.
      Here’s a rare photo of a pissed Paul.
    • Again, Michelle just wants to know if they said anything about her.
    • Paul points out that Frank is stronger than Bridgette because she started crying and he just laughed off the nomination and went right back to manipulating people.
    • They think there’s a chance that Bridgette would use the veto on Frank if she won it. Honestly I wouldn’t put it past Frank to make that happen.
    • Paul is telling them that he actually threw the spices veto to Bridgette because he wanted to see Bridgette replace her homegirl (Bronte) with her other homegirl (Natalie) and he trusted he wasn’t going home that week.
  • 2:20am- The group in the safari room continues to relive event in the house with Victor.
    • Meanwhile, Nicole and Corey are fooling around again.
    • Paulie and Paul move to the kitchen and Z replaces them in the safari room.
    • Z is talking about how she knew Bronte wasn’t in childcare and wasn’t surprised to learn that she had a college education.
    • Paulie and Paul are discussing future scenarios for different comps. They’re planning to have other people win stuff to do their dirty work. Paulie also mentions that they need to break up Nicole and Corey at some point.
    • Frank comes by followed by Corey shortly after so their conversation breaks up.
  • 3:00am- Vic, Paulie, and Paul telling random stories in the kitchen.
    • Nicole and Corey join them.
    • Meanwhile, James and Natalie are flirting in the HOH bed.
    • The lights turn on in the fish tank and Natalie is instantly mesmerized: “Wooooow!”
    • Now they are discussing how well the fish camouflage themselves.
    • In the safari room we now have Michelle, Z, Paulie, Victor, and Paul.
    • Victor is explaining the problem with man buns. Why does that even need to be explained. They are very clearly wrong.
    • Nicole and Corey join them.
    • They are all laughing because Victor asks them what the designs on the pillow look like:Untitled
  • 3:30am- They are talking about who might be have nots. I guess they didn’t get picked yet.
    • They tell Paulie to cuddle Z extra good tonight in case one of them is a have not.
    • Victor is talking about dating apps and how he hates when he goes to meet a girl and she looks totally different from her picture because it’s clearly from 4 years ago and says “What happened to your waist line?!”
    • Nicole yells at him and says what if she’s the coolest girl ever and you don’t get to know her because her waistline got bigger!!
    • He said it doesn’t matter because she’s a liar.
    • Corey points out that Nicole always says looks don’t matter but she never dated an ugly guy and she’s always looking at herself in the mirror and she starts turning red.
    • She says how do you know who I’ve dated and Corey says she told him that she never dated an ugly guy and she starts yelling that she never said that.
    • Corey starts pointing at the cameras and says to production “Pull it up!”
    • They continue talking about good looking guys and dating for a while.
    • Paul mentions that he’d bone Corey.
    • Michelle says if she were to have a showmance from anyone from last season it would be Johnny Mac.
  • 4:30am- Not much going on anymore. It’s down to Paul, Z, and Michelle just having random conversation. More stuff about dating and guys.
    • Corey and Nicole are back in bed cuddling. Someone on camera crew really enjoys watching them hook up.
  • 5:00am- Paulie and Z are alone in safari now flirting.
    • Michelle comes back and cock blocks them.
    • Around 5:40 everyone finally goes to bed.

Check back later for afternoon updates!

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