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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/3

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This is how I feel right now

Hello everyone! I’m going to go ahead and warn you now that this post will be less than spectacular. I did a little too much drinking last night and currently feel like crap so don’t judge me. 🙂

  • 12:30am- Victor, Frank, and Paulie are in the HOH room talking about farting.
    • Z is up in HOH with them waiting to be called to DR
    • Victor decides to leave and go to bed and Frank says “Crisis averted”. I almost feel bad that literally no one wants to spend time with Victor.
    • Paulie and Frank are talking about how they will feel a little bad when Victor gets evicted. Z says she don’t feel no type of way when people leave.
    • Z then says “He helped me out with the swiffer and everything. I don’t care” and then makes this face:Untitled
    • Frank is saying that even though they have clear targets moving forward, once Victor is gone the atmosphere will be better.
    • Z points out that they will have more groceries and they start talking about how much he eats.
    • Meanwhile, Tiff and Bridgette are in the safari room talking about how Bronte wants to shake things up in the house because if they don’t, the two guys running the house (Frank and James) are going to pick them off one by one
    • Tiffany is saying that Day is also willing to make bold moves and to shake things up and one of those two guys needs to go.
    • Bridgette thinks Paul won’t be evicted anytime soon because Frank and James will use him until they don’t need him anymore.
  • 1:00am- Natalie has joined Tiff and Bridgette and they are all talking about getting the girls to the end.
    • Natalie says she just wants a girl to win and doesn’t care if it’s not her.
    • Up in the HOH room Frank, Paulie, and Z are talking about what the next HOH comp might be and coming up with different scenarios on who should win.
    • Frank says that pretty much any team has a chance at a puzzle comp except for Big Sister because they have Z on their team. (joking)
    • There is also some interesting flirting happening between Paulie and Z:Untitled
    • Frank wants Paulie to say “pop a squat” to Victor when he backdoors him because that’s what Frank said to Brittany on his first season.
    • Back downstairs in the kitchen Natalie and Bridgette are dancing around and making weird faces at the camera. Then Natalie started getting really worried because she thought she saw real mold on the fake orange.
    • They are drinking water out of giant cups and giggling obnoxiously. Why am I still on this cam?
  • 1:30am- Frank and Paulie are upstairs talking about how they need to make sure they still have number when it comes time to get Day and James out.
    • Paulie is saying they have time to figure it out because they still have five more people to pick off first (Paul, Bridgette, Natalie, Bronte, and Tiffany)
    • Frank is now talking about how Michelle apparently has a crush on him. She was bummed when she found out he had a girlfriend.
    • They are discussing how worked up and paranoid Tiffany has been recently. They think she is over analyzing things because she has a degree in psychology.
    • They go downstairs into the kitchen where Bronte, Nic, James, Bridgette, and Z are having an ice cream social.
    • Day joins them and they are now sitting at the island talking about random things.
  • 4:00am- Everyone stayed in the kitchen talking for a while. Frank and Paulie are now back in HOH talking in bed.
    • Paulie said that people kept telling him that he had big shoes to fill because his brother made it to final 2.
    • He says that Cody told him to just have fun and not get caught up in thinking about every little thing. Cody was telling him that when he was in the house he felt like he was in college just hanging out and having fun.
    • The conversation again switches to Tiffany being worried about being evicted.

And that about wraps it up. Time to go nurse this headache. Check back later for afternoon updates!

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