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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/4

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UntitledHappy 4th everyone! Does anyone have BBQ plans for today? Unfortunately it’s going to rain where I am so my plans might get altered a little bit. But enough about me! Let’s see what’s going on in the big brother house:

  • 10:00pm- Not a whole lot going on right now. The spy girls are in the London room talking about their situation. Bronte says she can get them in a stronger place by jury. Natalie says she just needs to work her magic with James and get him talking game.
    • James comes in and the conversation breaks up.
    • James and Natalie are talking about how fat they are getting. Nat says that’s why it’s called “big” brother.
    • Now James, Nat, and Bridgette are jumping on their beds…wtf am I watching.
    • Production just told them to stop that. Thank you.
    • Meanwhile, in the have not room, Z, Day, Tiff, and Frank are talking about how the spy girls scurried like rats after Thursday and suddenly started interacting with the rest of the house.
    • Victor and Nicole are out on the hammock talking about Victor’s love life. Victor says he thinks Natalie is really immature for her age and she’s not his type.
    • Vic says that Nat is into stuff that he’s not into and then imitates her. Here is his impression of Natalie:
    • Nicole asks him if he thinks they could be together after the show and he quickly says no with a disgusted face.
  • 10:30pm- Natalie and Bronte are inside doing a talk show called Girl Talk.
    • Nicole walks in to put away laundry and looks like she really regrets it.
    • The girls pull her in as a guest star on their “show”. James is playing producer and “taking calls” from fans wanting to ask Nicole questions. The crew decides to cut to a commercial break.Untitled
    • Bridgette then does the worst Advil commercial ever.
    • James pretends that Victoria from BB16 calls in and wants to know what the big deal with Nicole and Corey is right now. This elicits screams from the girls in the room.
    • Nicole says he’s super cute but they’re just friends.
    • Now they are doing Fun Facts Thunder Round. Guys this is like a horrible car accident. It’s awful but I just can’t look away.
    • Here is James’ fun fact:Untitled
    • And because I know you’re all incredibly interested here are the rest of the fun facts:
      • Bridgette: she has a birthmark shaped like America except it’s missing Florida (sometimes she colors in Florida with a sharpie
      • Bronte: She can do a split
      • Natalie: I guess we will never know because the room erupts into screaming as they spot Paul and pull him in to be a special guest. I don’t think he’s happy.
    • Okay guys, if you want to know how Girl Talk ends get the feeds and flashback to 10:45. I have to pull myself away from this cam.
  • 11:00pm- Pillow fight in the living room quickly broken up by production.
    • Tiff and Frank in the have not room talking about the camera crew and how you get to meet them at the after party.
    • Frank is talking about what the halls look like on the other side of the mirrors in the house and he gets in trouble for talking about production.
    • A bunch of people infiltrate the HOH room and start eating Paulie’s snacks. I don’t know if I could be a generous as he is. I need my food. lol
    • Skipping ahead…nothing interesting right now.
  • 12:00am- Day and Michelle are whispering in the safari room talking about the 8-pack.
    • Day thinks they are going to try and push out Tiffany to pull in Paulie.
    • They are discussing how they need to keep the girls protected and when it comes down to the 8-pack the girls need to gun it for HOH.
    • Day says she knows everyone’s gunning for Vic but doesn’t feel like he’s coming for her or Michelle and Michelle agrees.
    • Day acknowledges that they don’t have the numbers to go against the vote for Vic but she hopes that he comes back.
      Looks like James got a makeover
  • 1:00am- Everyone’s just hanging out either in the safari room or the kitchen.
    • Lots of random conversations.
    • Paul is baking something with assistance from Bridgette.
    • In the bathroom Nicole and Day are talking about how they can’t even leave the boys alone and if they see them talking they should go sit with them to break up ideas.
    • Michelle is talking about her GI issues from eating nothing but blueberries.
    • Frank is saying he hopes they don’t do veto ceremony on the fourth of july but thinks they will.
  • 2:00am- In the london room Bronte and Natalie are talking about their game.
    • Bronte says they have to lay low until jury. Natalie said after jury they need to fight.
    • Bronte says she doesn’t want them to get blood on their hands but if she has to when she’s HOH she wants to do it by making a big move.
    • Tiffany joins them and they are talking about how they need to come up with a campaign strategy because they think Victor will campaign pretty hard to try and stay.
    • Bronte just said something about how she’s going to have to give a speech at the veto meeting and Tiffany just realizes she has to do that too and apparently complete forgot to prepare anything.
    • More random conversation continues throughout the house and some people are starting to go to bed.

I’m going to go ahead and close this out as nothing else really notable happened the rest of the night. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday today!

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