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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 7/9

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Good morning all! I’m going to jump right into the feeds today (I got to sleep really late last night because I went to a late show of impractical jokers!)

  • 12:00am- James in in the London room talking on the phone with Natalie. Frank comes in an asks him if he was planning on coming to help cook the burgers and then tells him he’s grounded and to get off the phone.
    • A lot people are in the kitchen making food for the out going have nots.
    • Natalie and Bronte go into the storage room and are saying that they are safe as long Bridgette doesn’t open her mouth to Frank.
    • Bronte said if she has to choose someone to compete in veto she is picking Natalie.
    • They are trying to figure out who the road kill winner would nominate if Bronte comes down.
    • Natalie says they can’t talk game anymore with anyone and they just need to be really social.
    • Bronte said she wants to show America that girls can trust each other.
    • They go back to the kitchen and everyone is eating.
  • 12:35am- Nicole is freaking out because she ate a burger and and some of it was raw.
    • Here is Frank’s impression of her:Untitled
    • Nicole keeps worrying about vomiting.
    • Various people in the Tokyo room and the kitchen have random conversations.
    • James is saying he wants to be on Survivor and Day wants to be on BBUK.
    • Natalie announces to America that her diet starts tomorrow. She said she says this everyday.
    • James is cuddling with Nicole in bed. Natalie better watch her back!
  • 1:20am- Paul says he has nighttime wood and can’t go anywhere.
    • Up in the HOH room Bronte, Natalie and James are talking about memory comps.
    • A lot of people have gone to bed so our only cam option is Z and Paulie in the kitchen.
    • They move to the safari room and they are talking about whatever it is going on between them.
    • Z is saying that his family is probably thinking that he’s just using her and Paulie tells her to stop talking like that.
    • Paulie said she wants to pick her little ass up and body slam her into the pool. Wow that’s nice.
    • Paulie is staring at her smiling and Z hides her face and says she’s bashful.
    • Meanwhile, in the HOH room, Paul, Bronte, and Bridgette are talking.
    • Paul is saying he just likes to mind his own business and not really cause any ripples because he’s always on the block.
    • Bronte says once she gets to jury she will pull out the big guns and make big moves.
    • Paul says next week they need to win HOH because if Tiffany goes home, he and Bronte will be right back up on the block.
    • Bridgette is laying down banging the wooden spoon on the bed basically having a temper tantrum about Bronte being on the block.
  • 2:10am- Natalie joins them in the HOH room and Paul leaves. They are all saying that they’re pretty sure Tiffany is the target and they should just continue to follow Frank’s plan.
    • Natalie says she’s really not sure if she trusts Frank.
    • Bridgette yells that she trusts frank.
    • Bronte mentions the girls alliance thing and Bridgette doesn’t want to work with Nicole.
    • Bridgette is getting really frustrated that plans seem to be flip flopping. Sorry Bridge…that’s how this game works.
    • Natalie tells her that she’s not changing her mind about anything. She’s just hearing different things.
      Here we have a pissed off Bridgette.
      Here we have a pissed off Bridgette.
    • Paul comes back and is ranting about how Tiffany is telling him about her sister secret again he doesn’t care.
    • Bridgette says it was obvious cause they have the same hands and kneecaps. I wouldn’t say those things were the most immediately recognizable but okay.
  • 2:55am- Looks like it’s time for another episode of Girl TalkUntitled
    • Which also means it’s time to switch cameras…
    • Z and Paulie are still in the safari room doing some light flirting.
    • This goes on for a while before any kind of game talk starts around 3:30.
    • Paulie is just saying that right now they just need to figure out the odds until they get to 5 or 6 people. Then you really have to start winning comps.
    • Paulie is pretty sure that Tiffany is going to crumble on the block this week and then wants to backdoor Frank next week.

And that’s all folks. As Steve mentioned, he will not be around later today so I will try and get you veto info as soon as I can. I have an appointment with the florist for my wedding in the afternoon but hopefully it won’t conflict with the feeds! Stay tuned!

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