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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap, 8/17

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Good evening/morning!  I want to start by addressing some of the comments about the overnight recaps.  First, I am the new overnight blogger and I appreciate both the positive comments and constructive criticisms.  I am still acclimating to how much or how little to post.  I tend to get wordy and caught up in exactly what is said, which tends to slow me down and puts me behind.  On the other hand, I didn’t necessarily like the way I broke it down by room last night.  Second, I posted overnight on Saturday morning, Monday morning & this morning and each had it’s own issues.  Last night, half the house was asleep by 10:15BBT and the other half was engaged in incredibly dull chit-chat, except when Paulie told Corey & Nicole to be careful with Paul.  There was no real game play conversation except that.  All that being said, I ask a little more indulgence while I find that happy medium that satisfies as many folks as possible.  I’ll get better, I promise!



I think it’s going to be another exciting night in BB land!  As of now, Vic, Paul, & Michelle are in the Safari room.  The rest of the crew is crashed in the London room…or at least they were!  BIG Corey/Nicole convo going on now….let me listen and then I’ll share!  I’ve shared and it’s quite a bit.



Check out the P&P 2.0 convo highlights that start around 3:30 a.m.  Some very interestng stuff there.



  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • Safari room – Vic, Paul & Michelle
    • London room – Paulie, James, Nat, Corey & Nicole
  • 9:28 p.m. –
    • Safari room – Vic, Paul & Michelle
    • London room – Paulie, James, Nat, Corey & Nicole all sleeping until Corey & Nicole suddenly get up and leave the room
    • Tokyo room – (Note:  Be aware that Nicole comes out of the room without her mic and you can hardly hear her unless she is right by Corey…WARNING:  Turn your sound down when Nicole goes to find her mic in the London room because it is in the covers and she flaps them to find it; it is VERY loud)
      • This is fairly long but it has a lot of interesting info and if you aren’t actually watching the feeds, maybe you want to see something like this sometimes.  I won’t do it often.  “He” in the following exchange is James, except where indicated by italics.  Italics = Paulie
      • Nicole – (after finding mic) He always does that when he talks on accident but there’s real truth to it like when he did that today he did it to Tiffany
      • IMG_1357
      • Corey – I wonder why though
      • Nicole – Because they would want you to go. There’s so many reasons when I’m sitting here thinking about it. There’s so many plus you would get the care package
      • Corey – Paulie would get a care package
      • Nicole – No, he won’t
      • Corey – You don’t think so?
      • Nicole – Not with how he’s been acting.  I’m talking like literally I will freak out
      • Corey – I feel like there’s no way James would vote me out
      • Nicole – Really?
      • Corey – I don’t know
      • Nicole – That’s why he might have said “Well if you put Natalie up I’d understand, it’s a game.”  ’cause he’s gonna want me to understand.  And, strategically, it doesn’t make sense.  Paulie’s gonna win and come after all of them.
      • Corey – Yeah, or maybe he’s thinking Paulie would go straight after Vic, which I would, too.  Actually, no, Paulie would probably want to go after James, too, though.
      • Nicole – Yeah, he would.  He’s mad at James. Like why did Vic go to James that one night and then go to Paul? That was before veto.  They would be so unintelligent to get rid of you.
      • Corey – Yeah, I know.  I think we’re just paranoid.
      • Nicole – Okay
      • Corey – I don’t know.  We’ll talk to James.
      • Nicole – Yeah, we need to talk to people.  The way he just said there’s gonna be four have nots and only two haves if someone with a have wins HoH.  It’s like, okay, so you weren’t just including the whole house, you’re taking Corey out of the situation.  You asked where’s Corey’s cardboard cutout.  And you said the couple comment.  That’s three things in 24 hours.
      • Corey – Yeah.
      • Nicole – That’s three things.  I’m not reading into ’em.  They’re very…
      • Corey – Well, maybe Paulie’s trying to stick by my side for a reason, so I can’t go ask or something
      • Nicole – That’s true.  Have you talked to Michelle or anyone?
      • Corey – I haven’t even gotten a chance to talk to any of them.
      • Nicole – ’cause he won’t leave you alone
      • Corey – Right
      • Nicole – That’s what Frank did to Bridgette
      • Corey – It would be such a dumb move, like, strategically that’s stupid
      • Nicole – I need to drill into Michelle’s head that Paulie would get a care package, ’cause she asked me about that the day you guys were nominated and I was like, I wanted her to go up at that point so I thought she using that as strategy against the guys to be like, “well, I’ll get a care package”.  Now I’m gonna be like (to Michelle), “yeah, he was shouting out to his people last night to send him a care package if he stays, so, yeah
      • Corey – Yeah
      • Nicole – All Cody’s followers, Terry’s followers, Frankie’s followers.  I’m gonna have to start playing dirty.  You’re not leaving the house this week.  I’ll be so mad.  I will not be mad.  I will get this emotion that I’ve never felt before and I will freak out.
      • IMG_1361
      • Corey – I’ll try to talk to James.  Yeah, it’s very strange the comments he’s making.
      • Nicole – Three comments.  Like “I can’t believe you guys let the showmances get this far.  The outside world’s like you guys are idiots type thing”. I’m like why would you say that, especially when you have Natalie.
      • Corey – I don’t get it either.
      • Nicole – Unless Victor told him, he’s mad at me ’cause Victor told him that I confirmed that it came out of his mouth but my back was against the wall at that point
      • Corey – What came out of your mouth?
      • Nicole – Remember when Victor  was like “who said to backdoor me” and he already knew the situation.  So then I just confirmed that it was James that said B and then V, which he did. And he was threatening to put me up if I didn’t tell him and he said swear to God that I told him no new information, that he already knew all of it and he just wanted to make sure it was true.  So maybe he told James that and James is pissed at me.
  • 3:30 a.m. –
    • Safari room – Paulie & Paul chatting about the blueprint for life and how you get caught trying to satisfy that because it’s the expected instead of chasing your dream.  Paul saying that he was all set to go to law school but realized the dreams of his clothing company.  He explains the meaning behind his torso tattoo, which was also released as a t-shirt.  Paul describes another “live free” t-shirt that has a key and handcuffs and he explains that it is a decision you have to make whether you wish to use the key to break out of the box you’re in and live free.  Both the torso tattoo t-shirt and the live free t-shirt are pointing to the same thing – break out of the everyday box and live free.  (Okay, that’s what I got out of this part of the convo)  Paulie might have been trying to make it seem that he cared about what Paul was saying but it looked more like a combination of trying to figure out when to jump in and bring gameplay into it.
  • 3:50 a.m. –
    • This is the flip side of the convo between Nicole & Corey and might fill in some things.  I’m not going to do the same thing I did with their convo but hit the major bullet points.  Let me know which way you like best and I’ll focus on that way.  If you are going to watch the feeds to see the entire conversation, you might start about 3:45-cameras 3&4.  Paulie slips in at the very end of that explanation with a very clumsy segway.
      • Paulie jumps in with both feet, saying he’s always been interested in clothing and that he will help out (if he wins?) that regardless of gameplay, he was closest to Paul & Corey.  Paul agrees.  Paulie says he’s friends with everybody but that outside the house, it would be those two.  He says in this situation, he knows Paul has to be upstairs and hang around with Vic (does Paulie really believe what he’s saying to Paul or is this just him trying to convince Paul to believe it?)
      • Paulie is putting forth the only reason this week has been so hard for him & he’s been campaigning to stay is that if he goes to the jury house this week, he will be without Paul & Corey.  (Seriously?)
      • He’s saying it’s a game and shit happens and Paul comes back with “bra, I wouldn’t be sitting here with you right now if I was a butt-heard betty” (wtf does that mean?)
      • Paulie say his game got blown up, not because he was lying but because he had two sides within his own alliance, that both Paul and Corey knew he wanted it to go a certain way.  He considered the other two “outskirts” they could use.
      • He says he’s been thinking about who is going to be able to beat Vic.  He tells Paul that he can’t show his hand and take that shot because if he misses, he becomes the next target.  He things people might keep him because he would remain a target for Vic.
      • Paulie says he’s just thinking out loud, not campaigning.  He says he knows why Michelle is always hanging around Vic (I do, too, and as much as she wanted to say she never wanted romance with him in an earlier conversation, that’s a lie.  She missed out on a showmance and that would be the pinnacle of the super fan experience for her.)  He says the reason Michelle is hanging around Vic is because he and Paul wanted that to happen.  Vic did that.
      • He says Paul is sitting in a good position because if Vic won out everything (comps), he would still take Paul to the end and Paulie would vote for him because of PP and would campaign as much as he could for him.  He’d say that Vic battled his way back but the money should go to Paul because he played the game.
      • He tells Paul that if he & Vic make it to the end, Paul should win because he’s the strategist.  He says if it was he and Paul, Paul would win because people liked him better.  He also said that Paul has made sure people go to the jury house happy while Paulie hasn’t cared.  He tells Paul that they had no idea of his involvement.  They looked to me for that.  He said that’s what happened in Cody’s season, Derrick had everyone thinking the blood was all on Cody’s hands.
      • Now he’s throwing Corey under the bus, saying that if Corey is final two, he might win because he hasn’t rubbed anyone the wrong way.
      • Paulie saying that they had a plan for final five and they were on track to do that and Paul says, “hands down, abosolutely”. (the strategist playing Paulie or does he really mean this?)
      • Paulie says people are still trying to figure out his “ride or die”.  People think Corey because they hooked up early but they don’t know about PP existed. His argument is that they still don’t know and Paulie could be like secret agent man for Paul.  He says that people would just think his wings are clipped because he has noone if Corey goes and Paul says, “makes sense”
      • Paulie says that if it makes sense, maybe tomorrow he will start talking to people.  (Like he hasn’t been talking to people since the nomination?)
      • He’s telling Paul that he would want to know if it was going to be 5-0, honestly.  If he would have Paul’s support and if not, he would go to the people he talked to and tell them it wasn’t worth it.
      • Paulie asks Paul if he is willing to do the PP thing again.  Paul says it’s up to Corey, that he has to do the work but he can’t commit without hurting himself.  Paulie says he’s not going to use Paul’s name in his conversations with others.
      • I doubt Paul is believing all this but there is a certain logic if nobody really knows about PP.  The secret agent man angle is interesting.  Honestly, I can’t remember if Paul told Vic about it.  This convo lasted a bit longer.  Check it out if you have the feeds because watching Paulie work is actually sort of impressive.  I wouldn’t hire him because I can recognize a bs artist pretty well, but I’m old and have seen some of the best, even dated them.
  • 4:40 a.m. – The children were nestled all snug in their bed, while hopes of a miracle danced in their heads (Paulie & Corey)
  • 5:00 a.m. – Cradled in the arms of Morpheus
  • 5:30 a.m. – Sleeping like a big baby
  • 6:00 a.m. – Sleeping beauties
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