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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap 8/18 – Introducing Vicsus

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Good morning everyone!  The highlights of the overnight were the Baldwin roasts and the welcoming of Vicsus into the house.  Sure, there was game discussion and the nightly bashing of houseguests, but Baldwin and then Vicsus made the night.  Check out 10-11 p.m. in the flashback for Baldwin and start at 2:50 a.m. for Vicsus.  I promise you will laugh as much, or maybe more, than their audiences.  The only other news of the night was maybe Victor, James, Nat, & Paul sound like they are in for final four.  And Paulie, bless his heart, is still trying to sway the votes his way.



  • 8:45 p.m. –
    • Kitchen: James, Corey, & Nicole – Talking game.  Nicole says “in front of America”, I’m not putting James up.  James is telling them how he can tell Natalie who he is voting for and she will vote the same.  They are talking about how this is the best week to try to get HoH because Vic can’t play and what kind of comp it might be.
    • London: Michelle, Vic, Paul, & Nat – Making fun of things Paulie said to try to stay and just general slams
  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • Kitchen: Paulie & Corey perfecting their 100-mile stare until Corey says it’s time for bed.  James comes in the kitchen for something and ends up taking Baldwin the eagle back to London.  Paulie says thinking about asking for a Zzquil and is then called to the DR.  Corey checks to see if Nicole is asleep in the bumper cars (she is). Nat joins Corey and tells him she feels sorry for Paulie but that Corey has never done anything to offend her. They tell each other they are going to try hard to win the HoH.
    • London: Paul, Vic, James, Nat, & Michelle with general chit-chat until James comes back with Baldwin, then they start doing puppet shows.  Very funny…
  • 9:30 p.m. –
    • London: Nat having GT with America.  James comes in and wants to paint her toes and settles for massaging her.  Pal comes back in looking for his water bottle.  Vic pups his head in the door and then  leaves.  Paul discusses the plan going forward.  Baldwin comes back yelling about James owing him money.  Extremely funny…
    • RED ALERT – You know what that means.  Still funny but one of the things I’ve disliked about Paul since the beginning is that he’s so freaking loud….red alerts bring that back.
    • Kitchen: Vic, Corey, Paulie, Paul, & Michelle – Hungry houseguests, Paulie baking, and Paul shouting
  • 10:00 p.m. –
    • Living room: All except Nat – Paul suggested going in the living room and letting Baldwin roast the houseguests.  This is super funny and I hope they show this during the live show.
    • IMG_1364
  • 10:30 p.m. –
    • Living room: Nat has joined the group in the living room.  Vic does this hilarious bit about James owing him $5000 (same as what he did in the London doorway earlier but lots more.  If you have the feeds, watching between 10 & 11 is perfect time to watch.  If you don’t have the feeds, this hour alone is worth the cost of AllAccess, trust me…3 months worth of live feeds is less than what you’d spend at your local comedy club.  You even get one week free!!
    • Check it out here: https://www.cbs.com/all-access/
    • IMG_1365
  • 11:00 p.m. –
    • Living room: General discussion of what they are going to miss, production, etc.  Then Corey gives them a less in craps.  His advice is actually pretty good (I dealt blackjack in a past life and I love playing craps)Kitchen: Nicole getting something to eat and then heads to the bathroom before heading back to her bumper car
  • 11:45 p.m. –
    • London:  James & Nat – She’s saying how she misses Lauren.  Paul pops in the room to say he’d like their votes but he understands, that he’s accepted what’s going to happen.
  • 12:00 a.m. –
    • Safari:  Michelle, Paulie, Corey, & Natalie
    • London:  James, Nat, Paul, Vic – Vic says the four of them are final four and the rest all say if they make it to final four, they will be happy if any of the four of them wins.  Vic thinks if Paulie doesn’t have RT, BB will keep it going for one more week and if that person doesn’t have it then there will be a return-er just because.  Then he thinks the week after that will be a double eviction.  Personal opinion- that is a lot of machination to set up a double eviction…just sayin’
  • 12:30 a.m. –
    • Safari: Paulie, Corey, Nicole, & Michelle –
    • London: James, Nat, Paul, & Vic -Talking about Zakiyah
  • 1:00 a.m. –
    • London: Vic & Nat chatting about how smart the other is when Paul comes in and says Paulie said he thought Vic was going to bed.  Nat says Paulie is always keeping tabs.
    • Safari: Paulie & Michelle – Talking game.  Michelle saying he & Corey were the only ones who told her that Frank had dropped her name.  He says that DaVonne was the only one who ever told him that Frank dropped his name.  Michelle tells him that Frank told her, also.  They move on to Z.
  • 2:30 a.m. –
    • London – James, Nat, & Vic – They are discussing what is likely to happen.  James explaining battle back.  Vic talking about a reset & double eviction.  Paul comes in & Vic says he’s going to take a shower and asks where Michelle is.  Paul says she & Paulie are boning in the Safari room.  Nat says Michelle is just trying to be nice to Paulie, being nice to him before he goes out.  She says Michelle is being smart because if he has the RT, he might let her off.
  • 2:50 a.m. –
    • Safari:  Michelle & Paulie – Michelle asks Paulie if it’s okay for her to go to bed so they both get up and leave the room to head to bed.  She goes to brush her teeth and he goes to put something in the fridge.  She finds pee on the toilet and runs to use Victor’s, saying someone else has to put their butt on it first.  Paulie gets called to the DR.
    • London:  Victor, Paul, James, & Nat – They are talking about how Paulie had four votes all along until Z was voted out and that’s why he needed her.  They think about Michelle going to that side and Vic says all they have to do is bring up how they betrayed her.  Michelle comes in and says “What part of save me do you not understand?” to Nat & Paul.  Michelle tells them she told Paulie she was going to bed but now, “he’s going to come out of DR and know I didn’t.”  Feeds go to fishes and when they come back, Paulie has joined the group.  He asks if Vic straightened his hair and Vic says the pony tail does that for him.  Paul says “you look like Jesus, bro” and then the craziness broke loose…
    • Vicsus 6 In the beginning…there was the hair…
    • Vicsus 12 And the cloak…
    • Vicsus 19 And the adoration…
    • Vicsus 4 And the laughter…
    • Vicsus 14 It’s Vicsus!
  • 3:30 a.m. – Asleep kind of early this night.  Big day ahead.
  • 4:00 a.m. – Catching zzzzz’s
  • 4:30 a.m. – Checking their eyelids for leaks
  • 5:00 a.m. – Mr. Sandman is delivering those dreams
  • 5:30 a.m. – Snow White’s got nothing on these houseguests
  • 6:00 a.m. – Not a creature was stirring, not even an eagle


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