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Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap, 8/20

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Good morning, everyone!  It has been an eventful 24 hours, both in the house and out.  Thanks to all the commenters and to Brianna for wonderful info.  I fell asleep on Jeff last night (something I never thought I’d do!) and missed when the HoH ended.  Back on track and it seems there’s something afoot in the HoH with all houseguests at different times.



When I came in to start at 9 p.m., like normal, I realized they were in the middle of a conversation in the HoH, so I went back to 8 p.m.  There’s a lot of stuff flying back and forth right now.  Seriously, if you have the feeds, it would be worthwhile to watch Camera 1/2 around 11:30 p.m.  What Paul wouldn’t say in the 8 p.m. conversation, he does at 11:30 p.m.  I just can’t bring myself to actually report what Paul said because it is quite graphic and Nat actually counters with something equally distasteful Paulie said about Z.



  • 8:00 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, Michelle, James & Paul – Paul is doing a dance and it’s actually working because he’s got Natalie crying.  They’ve asked him to leave and just won’t go.  He’s saying they were lied to by them.  Paul is saying Corey said stuff about Natalie and they are asking him what and he will not say.  Now he’s saying its about Nat and James together.  A rude comment about her “sleeping her way” to the top.  He keeps saying he’s not a liar and not a manipulator.  “My intentions were never to lie or manipulate anyone.”  (Seriously?)  Nat says now she wants to backdoor Corey.
  • 8:30 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, Michelle, & James – Discussing what Paul was just saying.  Not much discussion before Corey & Nicole join them.  The tension was fairly palpable until it Nicole finally said something that seemed to settle everybody a little.  Talk turned to baskets and what Michelle got.  She simply had to have some veggie chicken strips and went downstairs to heat some.  Nice story.  As soon as she leaves, James/Nat & Corey/Nicole start talking about how it’s all working.  Then, Vic enters the HoH.  Nicole asks if he saw Michelle in the kitchen.  Sweet Vic, who is with Corey in the slow boat, sometimes, says, “She wasn’t in the kitchen” and almost immediately realizes what he’s done.
    • London: Paul & Michelle (who should be cooking veggie chicken) – She is assuring him that they are still on board and then, not sure if her “slip” was showing when she said, “we just need to get James on board” and that past winners didn’t have to win comps.  (editorial – I said this might be a slip because I’m still not sure where she fits into all of this nomination stuff.  If she’s smart, she realizes if Paul is allowed to move forward unchecked, he will win BB18.  I also think, she is smart enough to know that she needs to keep Paul & Victor happy enough to believe they aren’t the targets.  The slip comes if she is only trying to make him think they are on board but hasn’t taken time to work out the back story.  Or, she’s a total nut and is willing to allow someone to use her as a step to $500K.  I doubt she will win, regardless, but she never will if she doesn’t at least try.  I hope this thing with Paul is strategy.)
  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • Bumper Cars:  Nicole & Michelle (having just left Paul in London) – Michelle saying she trusts Corey.  She says she doesn’t throw anybody under the bus just to be doing it.  Michelle says that Natalie knew things that she has no idea how.  Michelle says she’s never had a final 3 or final 2.  Nicole saying she was never targeting Michelle.  Nicole is talking about how strong Paul & Victor are as a team.  Nicole tells her that if anyone is trying to feed her any bullcrap, just come to her and ask.  Michelle says the same.  Michelle says that Victor is really good at the comps but he has no social game.  Nicole says either one of them is fine with her and she will go however they (Michelle & Nat) want her to go.
    • London: Paul & Victor – Paul tells Victor he has talked to Michelle and “they” are on board with trying to backdoor Corey but thought he or Victor would come back with a vengeance or something.  Meeting at midnight to talk.  Paul saying he cleaned up big time.
  • 10:00 p.m. –
    • Safari: Michelle, Paul, & Vic – Michelle is trying to explain the strategy of putting both of them on the block.  They are asking her if J/N on board with the plan to put them up. They go get James to come in and hit him with Paul calling Corey & Nicole.  They are putting it to James that he will definitely be on the block if Paul or Victor goes home.  James is being James, meaning just vague enough that you don’t know what he’s really thinking.  He’s letting them do all the talking.  Evidently Michelle said Paul goes from side to side during her nomination speech.  He said he was getting “boned” from one side and “boned” from the other side, etc.  Paul asks James if he trusts him.  He says Nat was upset over the comment to/about Nicole and she also had that on her mind when she made her decision.  (Remember how earlier in the week, Nicole & Corey were supposing that James had flipped and that Paulie was sticking to Corey like glue for some reason?  Look for that same behavior from Paul this week, i.e. sticking to J/N/M to make sure C/N don’t influence further.  This conversation sort of proves he plays both sides against the middle and I think that is what I have always found so disingenuous about him.  It is gameplay and he’s good at it, which is why he should win if he makes it past Thursday.  However, Paulie was right to warn Corey & Nicole.  He saw what Paul was doing, not to have blood on his hands, i.e. making the evicted houseguest feel good about themselves.  He wasn’t tossing a vote to a friend with DaVonne, he was paying for her vote on the jury.  He is a manipulator.) 
  • 10:30 p.m. –
    • Safari: Vic & Paul – Discussing how bleak the situation is and going over the plan to backdoor Corey.  Vic says he will go home if he’s up next to Paul.  Paul says he doesn’t think so and there will be huge target on Vic’s back.  Vic says if they are able to backdoor Corey and he gets sent home (provided the 5-person alliance stays true) then that will work.  Paul says they have three days to campaign and that’s what they do.  Vic says they should stick to Corey & Nicole everywhere and interrupt them and accuse them of trying to lie all the time until they are too uncomfortable to say anything.
  • 11:00 p.m. –
    • Kitchen: Paul, Vic, Corey & Nicole – Paul confronting Corey & Nicole about things that were said in the nomination ceremony about him.  As anyone who has witnessed his debate technique before will attest, his style is shouting-interrupting-cow.  I think only someone who is as bombastic as he is could ever hold their own with him.  Put him across from sweet Nicole (I know, she’s not all that sweet) and Bambi, and they don’t have a shot, even if they are innocent.  He said in that last overnight with Paulie that he had been about to go to law school when he decided to start his clothing business.  I get that.  End result of this argument – Paul is victorious, at least in his own mind.  I’ll give Nicole a smidgen of credit because she kind of held her own and there’s no arguing with a bullhorn.  Corey and Vic actually had a civilized conversation about the same things after Paul and Nicole departed the area.
  • 11:30 p.m. –
    • HoH: Nat, James, Michelle, Paul, Vic – This is the midnight meeting Paul referred to when talking to Vic in London earlier.  This is basically a rehash of the Safari meeting but with the addition of Natalie.  At this point, it’s a little hard to decipher who is lying to whom.
  • 12:00 a.m. –
    • HoH: James & Nat (Paul in shower) – The are talking about Corey and that Paul caught him in a lie about throwing comps (he said that in the jacuzzi and Nat told Paul).  She says at the end of the day, Corey lied to Nicole.  She says he also said (vulgar comment) and she doesn’t respect that.  James tells her that he will get his but at the end of the day, he will get it.  She asks about them winning and putting her and James up.  James says Nicole & Corey won’t put them up.  He says if he doesn’t have Corey, he has Nicole and vice versa and they are with each other.  James says he will pull on Nicole’s heartstrings if he has to, that her family likes him and she likes him…  (Sounds like one of the boys is going home, regardless of POV)
    • FullSizeRender
  • There was some sort of “Weather Report” about a storm.  They’ve worked out that each storm is for a houseguest whose left.  For example, the storm from the Northeast refers to Glenn.  So, heads up if you are watching the feeds because these are likely to be going all through the day and may be POV but could be the next HoH.
  • 1:00 a.m. – on
    • HoH: Vic, Paul, Nat, James, Michelle – working on memorizing the weather report(s).  I don’t think these HoHs are going to get much peace this week.




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