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Big Brother 18- Overnight Recap 8/4

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*Self high five* "You're doing great Paulie! Thanks Paulie I thought so too!"
*Self high five* “You’re the man Paulie! Thanks Paulie I thought so too!”

Good morning junkies and happy eviction day! Unfortunately I don’t think we can hope for too much excitement until the house guests start playing for themselves. I loved that we weren’t getting unanimous votes in the beginning of the season but it looks like that’s what were moving back to.


Here are the updates:

  • 12:00am- Nicole and Corey are doing one of their favorite hobbies, sitting in bed and arguing.
    • Michelle and Natalie are in bed in the London room and Michelle is complaining about Victor.
    • James pops in to say goodnight to Natalie.
    • When he leaves Natalie starts talking about how nervous she is for the comps because everyone is smarter and more athletic than her.
    • They start talking about how crazy it is that they’re already on week 8.
    • Jeff loops come on for a little bit. I think they just forgot to switch it back to fish.
    • When they return cam has switched to the bathroom where Day is getting ready for bed.
  • 12:30am- Nicorey update: They have made up and are now cuddling in the Tokyo bed.
    • Back in the London room Victor has joined Michelle and Natalie has disappeared.
    • Michelle tells him she wasn’t pleased with him that he repeated things she said to him.
    • He explains that he didn’t say it in a malicious way but that’s how other people took it and apologizes to her.
    • She says she’s not mad but she didn’t appreciate it then leaves the room.
    • Natalie comes back to go to bed and brings her trusty wooden spoon with her.
    • Vic warns her that he will be farting a lot tonight because he ate a lot of pizza, then says “Oh that one smelled real bad” and Natalie flips out:Untitled
    • She runs out of the room saying she’s going to throw up.
    • In the bathroom Day and Michelle are talking about how big of a day tomorrow is and that’s why everyone is going to sleep earlier.
    • Michelle takes a can of hair spray into the bathroom as reading material.
    • Day goes into the London room and says Oh my god victor! and starts spraying deodorant around the room.
    • We have night cams for a while since most people are sleeping.
  • 1:00am- Paulie and Paul are hanging out in the HOH room.
    • Paul says that he’s been peppering up Bridgette and feeding her shit about the girls.
    • Paulie mentions that everyone that’s been singled out from the plan think that Bridgette is being evicted and Paul says he’s surprised they were able to keep it that way.
    • Paulie says that James told Corey he’s not going to try to win HOH at all and this pisses off Paul.
    • They are saying that they don’t know if they can trust Victor and that if he’s going to bark as much as he does he better be able to back it up.
    • They talk about Nicole and Corey and and how Nicole is realizing that she’s in deep with him. Paul thinks she’s going to try and get rid of Corey so she isn’t distracted anymore.
    • Apparently Nicole is really feeling badly about falling for a guy again when she swore she wouldn’t.
    • They discuss that it’s getting to be time to get rid of Michelle but Paul is afraid that if they get rid of Bridgette’s targets that Bridgette will turn around and come after them.
    • Now they are saying they will get rid of Bridgette during the double eviction and then put up Z and Michelle.
    • Paul worries if they do that they will be left with strong players but Paulie says so what we’re stronger.Untitled
    • I like that Paul actually takes the time to think about possible errors with their plans instead of just relying on his ego to get through the game. As annoying as he is I think he is actually a pretty smart player most of the time. (That’s just my two cents..)
    • He is saying that they need to rope in Victor closer so he will act as a shield to him and Paulie.
  • 1:30am- They are shooting out different ideas about pretty much everyone in the house for a while.
    • They think Corey’s in the best position in the house.
    • Their plan is pretty much to clip anyone they think is targeting them.
    • Paul is asking how much Paulie thinks he could get in Z’s head if she won and Paulie thinks he’d be on the block.
    • Apparently Z said she’s going to start beasting it out like Rachel Reilly and win everything.
    • They then talk about getting out the girls first and in the same breath say they’re getting rid of Nicole and James.
    • I swear they have a new plan every two minutes.
  • 2:00am- More plotting for a while and then Paul says he wants pizza.
    • Corey comes up and when Paul comes back they start talking about Victor and how he gravitates toward anything he thinks has power.
    • Corey only stays for a few minutes and then says he’s going to bed so he can win the HOH. Paul says bro please win.
    • Ugh…Paulie is eating trail mix and making the most disgusting sounds into the microphone.
    • Z comes up looking sad as usual and they start talking about random things.
    • Day also joins them. They are talking about pizza.
    • Day brings up how she’s nervous for the double eviction tomorrow:Untitled
    • Paul says he can’t even play and to think about how he feels. (That’s a little cold considering he’s planning on her not even being there.)
    • They are talking about what possible strategies they could use during double eviction but it sounds like they are just humoring Day at the moment.
  • 2:30am- They are talking about how it isn’t a good idea for Victor to win HOH because he’s a loose canon and they want to prevent him from playing in the HOH. Yet 10 minutes ago PP (Paulie/Paul) was discussing keeping him around to use him to take shots at people.
    • They are trying to figure out what kind of competitions they might be in for.
    • Random conversation for a while about past seasons and earlier days in this season.
    • Day leaves after a while to go to bed and the rest of them are talking about Disney movies.
    • They probably don’t want to talk game since Z is in the room.
  • 3:30am- James comes up but they are still talking about random things.
    • Right now the topic is The Ellen Show.
    • Then they start talking about their instagram names.
    • More speculation about what kind of comps they will have.
    • The guys start talking about blow jobs they have had.
    • Someone finally figured out the difference between Jeff and fish and now we have fish like every 5 minutes.
    • Oh here’s an interesting moment: They are discussing how corn looks the same coming out as it did going in.   -_-
    • They head off to bed around 4:45 but Natalie and James are still up in the kitchen eating pizza.
    • They stay up talking for a while but the conversation is nearly impossible to hear.

That’s all for now. Check back later for Steve’s eviction prediction thread!

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