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Big Brother 18 – Tuesday Night Feeds 6/28

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I went to the gym today in case anyone was working out, so that I wouldn’t feel like a sluggish worm, but it looks like I had nothing to worry about, since everyone is just sitting around.



  • 6:08pm – Random fact: Bronte has “Raynaud’s Disease,” which means that, when it’s really cold out, her capillaries close and restrict blood flow to her fingers.
    • Why is Jozea still walking around in his underwear?
    • Bronte, Natalie, Victor, and Jozea came across a pair of grippy shoes in the pantry and are spending a LOT of time trying to figure out why they’re there. They assume it’s for a competition. Natalie is speculating a double eviction.
    • Their team is the only one that got the shoes and they were informed that they will be using them within the next couple of days. James has joined the others in the pantry and the conspiracies are flying now.
    • Jozea, put pants on.

grip shoes

Discussing the mysterious shoes

  • 6:23pm – Nicole and Tiffany are outside talking. Nicole thinks Tiffany is mad at her and Tiffany is being evasive, saying she’s pissed, but not at Nicole and none of the other girls. She said she’ll tell her eventually. She is reminding me more and more of Vanessa every day.
    • Tiffany is now working James, trying to get information from him, to make sure they’re all voting the same way. Tiffany: “Sometimes I think you look at me and see my sister or something. I mean, I’m so not her.” James said that their mannerisms are so similar. You can say it, James. We all the think the same thing…they’re basically the same person.
  • 6:33pm – Switching over to the cam with Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Zakiyah. Zakiyah wishes there was no social media, because it’s been the problem of all her relationships and Nicole is going on and on about how she wants a flip phone. Is she even old enough to ever own a flip phone? I just said the other day that I wish I still had my flip phone.
    • Nicole and Zak are discussing how shady Tiffany is. Zak said she makes her nervous.
  • 6:43pm – Frank solved the mystery of the shoes. Team Unicorn is the only team that got them now, because they were the only team that didn’t compete in the sandcastle comp. The other teams already have the shoes, since they competed and those were the shoes they used.
    • They’re being put on lockdown early tomorrow. Frank thinks it’s the first part of the HoH comp. He’s also bragging to everyone how he figured out the shoe mystery.
  • 7:04pm – Da’Vonne and Brunette Nicole are talking about how to get the boys out, namely Paul and Paulie. Da’Vonne says she knows the next comp will be physical, because of the shoes (those damn shoes!). Brunette Nicole: “James scares me the most.” Da’Vonne said James is going to throw the comp so that they can put Victor up. They agree that James is a good social player and none of them would be able to win when up against him.
    • Brunette Nicole is still saying she’s voting for a girl “hands down.” Okay, why do these women have such a hard on about voting for a girl? Yeah, I get girls don’t usually win BB, but shouldn’t they vote for the best player? I want to jump the wall, sneak into the house, and yell at them at all.
    • Listening to Brunette Nicole eat her cereal is making me want to rip my ears out.
    • I think I have anger issues.
    • Da’Vonne and Brunette Nicole (I’ll probably start calling her Michelle again, since I’m confusing myself and starting to think I’m talking about Blonde Nicole) are going over what they think the comp will be. They are sure it’s a physical comp, but not a “crapshoot,” since they would give them something to practice with.
    • Da’Vonne is saying how Nicole made a really good comeback and Michelle mentioned how everyone likes Nicole now.
    • Da’Vonne: “I hate this game.” Umm, you didn’t have to agree to do it again.
    • Michelle really wants to go to jury and mentioned trying Evel Dick’s strategy and be sooooo hated.
    • OMG, MICHELLE, FINISH YOUR DAMN CEREAL! You’ve been eating it for like two hours.


  • 7:20pm – James to Frank and Bridgette: “What if your punishment is wearing those pixels all season?” That would be kind of funny, since Frank has been talking repeatedly tonight about how he can’t wait to get rid of the pixel costume. (In case you were wondering, I just couldn’t listen to Michelle chew anymore.)
    • Frank to Bridgette and James: “If I could trade teammates, I would trade Zakiyah for Bridgette if you’re still around after this week. Listen, Bridgette, you need to get up and clean or something. I mean, you are on the block. You should bake me something.” Ha!
  • 7:34pm – Zakiyah taught Nicole a dance routine that they performed for everyone. Nicole kept saying how embarrassing it was. She was actually pretty good though.


  • 7:38pm – Jozea is STILL in his underwear. I’m glad he’s not the one who was dancing.

Ok, Melinda is done. Time for Steve to take back over.

  • 7:55pm – Let’s check on the feeds. Nicole, Paulie and Michelle are outside. Nicole doesn’t want to go inside to get food because she says things are uncomfortable. You know what that means, right? Tension level increasing! Bring it, I’m ready!
    • Nicole – “I’ve been falling asleep at night”.  All right then. Most people do.  That reminds me of the Chris Rock bit where he talks about medical conditions… “Do you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning??”  Nicole has that!
  • 8:24pm – Nicole, Day and Zaki (I like Zaki as a nickname, I will use that) are running laps around the yard. That’s about all the excitement in the house
    • Nicole is running by and said something about passing out during burpees. Paul and Bronte whisper to each other how dumb Nicole is acting, and they’re wondering if it is an act or she really is that way.
    • As soon as they went inside, Bronte broke out laughing at their workout (Nicole, Day, Zaki). She made fun of how that was basically a warm-up for other people. Kind of bitchy.  No… very bitchy.
      Making fun of Nicole's workout
      Making fun of Nicole’s workout
  • 8:56pm – Zaki, and Nicole are up in the HoH room feeling awkward about dinner. Day went downstairs and ate dinner, then asked if there was any for Nicole. Apparently Bronte was staring at her, so Day walked outside and slammed the sliding door. Things getting heated! But, none of the guys seemed to even notice because it wasn’t really a loud slam
    • Da’Vonne is outside and says Van2.0 needs to hold it together otherwise they’re going to have a ‘come to Jesus moment’
  • 9:24pm – Bronte comes into the bathroom like a ‘mean girl’ and reports on how bad of a workout Nicole had. She was apparently out there counting squats and they feel they have any endurance competition in the bag.
  • 9:49pm – Jozea is outside telling Day how everyone likes him, and everyone likes Bridgette, so Thursday should be a breeze
  • 10:00pm – The house got a booze delivery, and a big portion of the house is playing ‘never have I ever’ in the kitchen.
  • 10:50pm – The 8pack is pretty tipsy right now. Zaki is rapping with some help from James
    • screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-29 01-49-22
  • 11:08pm –  Bridgette, Joz, Vic, Paul, and Bronte are outside talking…
    • I thought I heard Bronte talking crap about people, but it may have been something else.  However, Paul has been rubbing her back and now massaging her neck.
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-29 02-24-04

Ok, I’m heading to bed.  Overnight recap in the morning!

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