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Big Brother 18 – Wednesday Afternoon Feeds 6/29

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Ok, here we are. Only one more day before the big blindside of the Big Brother 18 season. It was a very slow week, but as we get closer and closer to nominations, things are finally heating up. For instance, James has been playing not only both sides of the house, but also playing his pranks on people, and the newbies are getting sick of both. Last night, James put about 9 slices of bread in Corey’s pillow, and some of the newbies (Victor) have been fuming over it.  The vets are asking why they’re so upset, it’s not like they’re being charged from their stipend for the food.  I’m going to jump right into the feeds because Bronte is already rolling, but here is a quick plug..

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  • 11:28am – Aaryn alert! Aaryn alert!
    • Bronte has been sitting with Natalie for about 10 minutes bitching about things like James, the vets, and how they have to win HoH. She then goes in more on James and whispers about him “You little fucktard. I want to kick his little Asian ass back to Hong Kong or wherever he came from”. Nothing like a little racism to spice up your Wednesday!
    • Bronte seems to think today is eviction day because they put the suitcases out already, and Frank said they only do that on eviction days. She thinks it’s because of the Olympics.
    • Note – At 11:35, Bronte did say she felt bad for what she said about James, but she’s just so upset at him. Take that for what you will
  • 11:35am – As noted, Bronte said she felt sorry. Whatever. Moving on.
    • Bridgette said she doesn’t think there is an eviction today because according to the manual they received, they would have been given a vacuum and told to clean things up for the live show.
  • 12:10pm – The crap talk stopped and now the spy girls are in the kitchen making some delicious looking treats.  Paul is upstairs with Nicole playing chess, and you can hear him in the background. The dude is loud
    • Bridgette starts talking about Giada and how she loves her food, but she heard she’s mean. Natalie doesn’t believe it because she’s successful and you ‘can’t make it that far in life and be an asshole’. Oh yes you can haha.
  • 12:18pm – Nicole, Corey and James are talking about a little confrontation James had with Victor.
    • Corey said as he (Vic) was walking up to James, he was telling himself “Don’t threaten him. Don’t punch him” over and over
    • James says he’s going to throw the HoH to prevent Victor from winning
  • 1:20pm – Sleepy time for the house
    • screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-29 16-24-11
  • 4:10pm – Had to run to my college for something. I’m back and feeds are down. Looks like they’ve been down for 30+ minutes. I wonder why.
  • 4:30pm – Feeds back, no clue why they were down, I’ll see if something happened
    • The big group of vets was upstairs when the feeds returned, mostly re-telling the story about Victor and Natalie kind of having an argument, and Victor being annoyed at James with James egging him on
    • Frank’s group can finally wear normal clothes, but someone forgot to tell Frank and Paulie
      screenshot-www cbs com 2016-06-29 19-55-36
    • And Bronte gets called to the DR, likely to get her reaction to Paulie’s bare butt. She has only been drooling over him all week
  • 5:00pm – Frank, Day, Zaki, and Nicole meet up to chat a bit.
    • Day says that Joz plans on flipping his shit if things don’t go his way tomorrow. Well, he’ll be flipping his shit at home
    • Apparently Jozea plans on bringing some girls to the wrap party to fight if he gets evicted hahahahaha.
    • Frank is talking about how he is starting to feel bad for Natalie because Vic keeps bringing her down, but she keeps going back to him for some reason
    • Paulie joins and says he thinks Natalie and Victor are probably acting
  • 5:50pm – Paulie wants to whisper something like ‘Tell Julie I said hi’ after the last vote is cast so he can get into his head. He also wants to approach Bronte right before the show and give her a hug. Then whisper in her ear “I’m coming for you next”

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