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Big Brother 19 – Eviction And Endurance HoH

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Good evening, everyone!  Tonight is the big night in the Big Brother house where Christmas gets to officially finish off her huge move of getting out the guy who is completely alone in the house.

Sure, most people would have possibly used Mark to help get rid of the power couples and the complete power player (Paul), but Christmas doesn’t need Mark! Her broken foot and Josh’s complete inability to win competitions makes them a very formidable duo heading into the final stretch of the season. Oh wait, that’s right. They have Paul – just like everyone else in the house. Sure, what they do have is an incredibly weak pairing that will likely be dragged to the finals because Paul knows he can beat them, but being beaten in the finals is always a good thing… right?  Especially 3rd place.  Who doesn’t want to spend their entire summer inside a smelly house full of awful people only to earn the same exact amount someone like Cody is going to earn for spending his next month getting paid to vacation in a mansion. Sure, there is cash for second place, so maybe Christmas has a plan to talk Paul or Jason into taking them because she sure as shit isn’t winning her way in.  If it’s anything like recent years, she’ll sit out both round 1 and 2 which means Paul or Josh will square off in round 3. Paul will easily win and decide if he wants to take the most hated person in the house with him to the final 2, or someone who can be seen as a fighter.

Yes, this was a long and sarcastic paragraph just to laugh at the lack of foresight Christmas has with her alliance to Josh and Paul. Josh? He’s not winning $500k, but he is easily the favorite to take home the second place prize which is pretty damn good for the guy who took the golden apple because he was scared of going home in week 1.


I’m not sure how much there will be to blog about during the episode. Mark is going to jury. That means this will probably also turn into the HoH competition thread as it is endurance based tonight. Any guesses on the comp?  My guess is the chicken coop which will require a ton of dexterity giving Paul, Jason, and Alex an advantage.

HoH Results –   (detailed updates below)

You can also watch the competition play out here

  • Remaining…..
    • Raven
    • Alex
    • Jason
    • Josh
    • Paul
    • Kevin
    • Matt


  • Julie is still pretending Matt may be leaving
  • Highlights of the week
    • Showing Paul with his 3 alliances that are too stupid to talk to each other
    • They keep hyping the potential of getting Matt out because they have no material this week
    • They show highlights of the veto comp. Mark casually says ‘that was a bad final comp for me’. I guess the Matt hype is already gone
  • Votes
  • Well, speeches first
    • Matt says some stuff about zzzzzzzzz
    • Mark talks like he knows he’s going home. He pretends he’s going to throw people under the bus but calls Jason a good guy
  • Votes for real
    • Raven – Mark
    • Josh – Mark
    • Kevin – Mark
    • Jason – Matt
    • Alex – Matt
    • Paul – Mark
  • Raven and Matt seem surprised about the 2 votes but don’t say anything yet
  • The peak of the endurance comp and they have to hang on to giant hotdog buns. Guess they’re not ready for the eggs.
  • So this competition will be good for Alex, Raven, and maybe Jason.  I’ll be shocked if anyone else wins
    • Pretty simple endurance comp. It may go on awhile – but then again it may not with this crew.  A crew like the BBOTT cast would make this one last like 4 hours
  • 7:10 pm – Feeds finally back. All still hanging
    • Kevin down
  • 7:14 pm – Matt down. Unreal.  Only 5 people remaining 15 minutes into the competition.
    • Here is a random Raven
    • 7:40 pm Josh has fallen down at some point
    • 7:47 pm – Paul fell
      • Ravel fell
  • 7:50 pm – Jason and Alex are working on some dumb deal before they go in
    • Alex asks for safety and a jury vote if she jumps.
    • Alex jumps, Jason wins HoH


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