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Big Brother 19 Late Night PoV And Drama

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So last night I decided to take a break around 1am my time and randomly checked twitter to see that the house was doing a surprise PoV competition.  I went to my computer to double check it wasn’t a prank on twitter, but it was real.  I guess because of the Battle Back this week, production needs as much backyard time as they can so the house had to do the PoV asap, and that asap was last night around 10pm (their time).

I waited as long as I could, but passed out during the competition. No big deal, anyway. They were going to come back on feeds all tired and go right to sleep… right?  Wrong.


Before I forget, Jason won the PoV.

Anyway, this morning I turn on the feeds to see Alex, Paul, Josh, and Elena still in the HoH room talking about the drama that unfolded last night.   So much for going right to sleep!  I found a good time to flashback and will begin blogging that period…

  • 5:45 am – Dom is called to the HOH room where Paul makes a bunch of references about him being a snake. I guess she called someone a snake and he thought it was him
    • Dom is defending herself and saying she told two people (Paul and Elena) some information that got back to her
    • Paul says it wasn’t him. Then they ask Elena about it and she said she heard it from Alex.
    • Paul jumps in and mentions how this is the season of temptations and the only reason he’s in the house right now is because someone pushed that button (but let’s be real, he was going to be in somehow)
    • He also claims he is playing an honest game and tells her to pull everyone in the room for proof.
    • Dom asks how she got blamed for not voting for Cody… hinky votes are coming back to cause drama. I love it
    • Dom continues and insists she never called Paul a snake.
    • She is annoyed how she has been a target for some reason
  • 6:00 am – Paul and Dom are going on about how Dom is getting spoilers from god.  I guess she thinks god is rooting for her to win and slipping her private information
    • Paul says it’s silly to bring religion into this
    • Dom says Paul is going home sooner rather than later. Paul says that’s real smart coming from the person on the block
    • Paul keeps saying how America has his back. Very confident
  • They call Christmas and Jason into the room for no reason
    • Dom keeps saying she didn’t specifically call Paul a snake but he says she implied it.
    • Paul says she is causing discomfort in this house.
    • Josh jumps in to say he is in the room because nobody talks to him and that’s why he’s in the room not wanting to be involved.  Bro, just stay quiet and let the house blow up around you.  Jesus, Josh.
  • 6:15 am – This is going back and forth
    • Paul gives Christmas a long recap about it really hammering home the point that he is great at controlling the house (not his words, mine)
    • This entire thing is because Dom implied Paul is a snake and he is having none of that
  • 6:30 am – Raven and Matt join the conversation
    • And now a long recap to Matt and Raven.  Nothing is really moving forward right now

Note – I am going away for a few days.  Amy is a bit busy this weekend, so you guys are going to have to comment on this thread for a few hours until I can do another recap tonight.  Don’t worry, you’ll still get info in the house but I just won’t be able to live blog for a few days.

  • Drinking game for this conversation.  Take a shot when the term ‘One team, one fight’ is said.  Enjoy alcohol poisoning

Ok I need to get ready.  I’m not sure what’s on tap today. I’d guess they would have the veto ceremony tomorrow because they typically wait a day, and it’s really no rush at this point.  They only rushed the veto comp because they need the backyard, so the ceremony may be today, tomorrow, or Monday really.  Again, I will post later to recap the day. Hopefully it is exciting as it was last night.  You can always join the feeds for free and watch along while I’m away!

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